Kanto Eps, Manaphy Movie

Vacation’s where I wanna be… Buddy on the beach where the fun is free… We don’t need a holiday to start to celebrate… *cries* … vacation’s almost over and the idea of going back to school tomorrow is dancing around in my head. :( Anyways, today we have a very anime-ey update, since there has been no real TCG news as of late.

Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea: ManaphyNew Manaphy Trailer – The official Japanese Pokemon movie website has been updated with a new “Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea: Manaphy” movie trailer. The trailer reveals to us new scenes in the movie, as well as that Manaphy will be like Celebi and Mew in that in can only say its own name (so there will be no “Hello human, my name is Manaphy,” but instead “Man! Man-uh-manaphy!”). And once again, that red moon appears again, with Kyogre swimming in red water. I’m telling you all, the moon will play a big role in this movie (probably like the Kabuto Orange Islands episode)! Also, it looks as if the pirate does in fact have a Perrapu, and that he possesses great strength (or he somehow got the strength from something else). Anyways, to view the trailer, open up the website, click the third link on the left (the first link that has “New!” next to it), and then click either the first orange link (which is 9.8 megabytes) or the 2nd orange link (which is 1.84 megabytes) to watch the trailer.

Today is Easter! – Forgetting all of the Sees candies and Easter egg hunts today, do not forget what Easter is really all about! *coughcoughDayJesusRosecoughcough*