COTD, POP Scans, Stuff Updated

Heh, we went down a couple of times today. If we experience anymore downtime, take note that it is only temporary.

Card Review – Steelix ex – Our PokeBeach Strategists have reviewed Steelix ex for our first Card Review, and we have fourteen reviews in total! To read their articles on Steelix ex, click here. Our next Card Review will be on Medicham ex (PokeBeach Strategists – please go to the PokeBeach Strategist forum for details). Thank you PokeBeach Strategists for all of your hard work in writing those reviews!

Two More POP 3 Scans – I have absolutely no idea who sent these scans to me since I totally reorganized both my laptop’s files and e-mail inbox today, so if it was you, feel free to drop me an e-mail so I can credit you. As for you site visitors, click the thumbnails below for larger scans. The earlier POP 3 scans we had on the site can be seen two news stories down. If you have any of the cards that we have not posted, we would greatly appreciate it if you could scan and send them to us (or type up their spoilers) by clicking my name below!

POP 3 Combusken POP 3 Pichu Bros.

Site Updates – Right menu, completely updated – new polls, episode listings, and upcoming events and dates. Left menu – added “The Furthest Ends of Offense and Defense” page, plus I updated the EX Holon Phantoms page with everything we currently know. Site header – clear your cache if you see (a) a coral reef background, (b) a Manaphy, and/or (c) a Tamanta. If you see a Buizeru over a sunset ocean background without a Tamanta in the picture at all, then you are set to go (use Firefox if you are using Internet Explorer).

Join the Forums! – Time for my monthly “Join the forums” post. Just visiting the main page of PokeBeach and reading the news doesn’t involve you with the site at all! Join in on the discussions for news stories such as these, rate and post decks, post news you find on the internet! Be PART of PokeBeach, not just an inactive reader! Our forums are pretty cool – we allow practically anything and everything – avatar uploads, freedom with signatures, attachments, polls, etc. We have a great community too, and we need to expand it so that PokeBeach expands too! Try out our forums today – join in on the discussions, post with your intellect, and learn more about Pokemon in general! You can join our forums by either clicking “Join” on the image at the top of this page or by clicking here. If you have any problems with anything, feel free to Private Message me on the forums.