EX HP Scans

EDIT: New EX Holon Phantoms info added, card review news story added, wallpaper news story added.

There hasn’t been any real TCG news these past few days, so I didn’t really have anything worthwhile to post up. Luckily, we now have some news.

English EX Holon Phantoms Scans and Info – And once again, we have some set scans early – this time being Mightyena ex, Mew, Exeggutor, and all of the holo basic energy! Click the thumbnails below for much larger images.

EX Holon Phantoms: Mew, Mightyena ex, Exeggutor
EX Holon Phantoms Energy
EX Holon Phantoms Energy

So, we have Exeggutor as the pre-release promo. Mew, who is a reprint of the Expedition Mew (which I will assume is now legal), is the boxtopper. Mightyena ex confirms to us that the Japanese Mew / Lucario tin cards will be included in this set, which you can see scans/translations of on our EX Holon Phantoms page. It also looks like we will be getting holo basic energy, just like the Japanese Holon Phantom. Trainers that will be in the set include Mr. Stone’s Project, Professor Cosmo’s Discovery, Rare Candy, Holon Adventurer, Holon Fossil, and Holon Lake. Root, Claw, and Mysterious Fossil will also be in the set, along with Darkness, Metal, Dark Metal, and Multi Energy. At the pre-releases, the deck boxes will feature Zangoose (from the booster box). There will only be three exs in the set (Mightyena, Crawdaunt, Mew) and three Pokemon-* (Pikachu, Mewtwo, Gyarados). We should have a ton of scans (yes, 2000 pounds) up on Saturday or Sunday (maybe even earlier…), so be sure to keep checking PokeBeach for any new content!

Card Review: Medicham ex – Our PokeBeach Strategists have reviewed Medicham ex this week, including the popular Espeon and Turn Two combos. We have eleven reviews this week, in which you can read by clicking here. Next week’s card review will be on Pidgeot (Delta Species) from EX Holon Phantoms (Strategists, please see the forum for more details). If you would like to become a PokeBeach Strategist, feel free to drop me a PM or e-mail as to why you think you should be one and any qualifications you have.

Water Pokemon Wallpaper – The official Japanese Pokemon movie website has posted a water Pokemon wallpaper featuring Manaphy, Wailord, Sharpedo, Tamanta, Mantine, etc. It’s probably the best Pokemon wallpaper I have ever seen, and one I actually want to use for my Desktop (although I might be a little biased since it’s water Pokemon and all…). Thanks go to Malocide for informing us of this. Click the thumbnail below for the full-sized wallpaper, right click the image, and depending on your browser, click either “Set as Background” in Internet Explorer or “Set as Desktop Background” in Firefox.

Manaphy Wallpaper