EX HP List, D/P Names

Tomorrow is the last weekend for Regionals, so if you haven’t won one yet, you better get to one! I won’t be going anywhere tomorrow (unfortunately), so I will be home for most of the day. If you scan any cards tomorrow, I should be able to put them up right away, so feel free to e-mail me or post on our forums any scans you get!

Manaphy, Tamanta, Perap, Buoysel, PikachuEX Holon Phantoms Set List – We have obtained an EX Holon Phantoms set list. You can view it by clicking here. I have not added in the types yet since I am about to leave, so those will be added in tomorrow. The list should be filled up with scans by tomorrow, so be sure to check back!

Diamond and Pearl Pokemon Names – Officially Romanized – The official Japanese Pokemon Center website has officially romanized Manaphy, Tamanta, Buizeru, and Perappu’s Japanese names on one of their t-shirts. The image on the right (click for a larger version) confirms that Manaphy is still Manaphy (and not Manafi), that Tamanta is Tamanta, Perappu is Perap, and Buizeru is Buoysel. Pikachu’s name has also been confirmed as being Pikachu, incase there was any doubt in the past ten years of Pokemon that its name was spelled like that. Now all we need are the English names for these Pokemon and we are set! EDIT: Come to think of it, Buoysel will probably be the English name for Buoysel. A “buoy” is a floating device you often can see in harbors, which is the yellow circle around Buoysel’s neck, and the “easel” seems to be referring to a “weasel,” even though Buoysel seems to be more of a sea otter than anything. Anyways, you pronounce it boo-ee-zul, and since both parts of the Japanese name are English words, it’s probably safe to say that the English name will be exactly the same or at least similar to the Japanese name.