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AP, IB, and SAT testing is upon us. Everyone run away while you still can! Also, when oh when is the next Japanese set going to be revealed?

Two EX Holon Phantoms Images – And they are… Latias and Delta Rainbow Energy! Looks like Benlugia has some list revisions to do. :p Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Latias EX Holon Phantoms Delta Rainbow Energy EX Holon Phantoms

PokeBeach in Pokemon World Magazine – Wow, we were mentioned in a magazine. I did not think it would hold through when one of the publishers contacted me months ago, but I guess they really do work on their magazines months in advance. Check it out by clicking the link below. Thanks to cute-mew for notifying us of this and scanning the image!

Pokemon World Magazine Article Clip

“Slash” and Manyula – After talking to another source today, I have discovered that Manyula’s American name no longer has to do with the word “slash,” and is now outdated. Apparently, the name was recently changed, and now has nothing to do with the word “slash.” The source briefly mentioned that the name would slightly resemble a name we already know, which I interpretted as being either Manyula’s Japanese name or Sneasel’s English name, but this is just speculation. The name, as stated before, is still subject to change at this point.