If there is anything I cannot stand, it is people who go around spreading lies about this site.

Originally Posted by Edward Elric on SPPf
Oh please. Stop right there. PokeBeach is NOT an accurate source. –; The dude’s known for making up crap and acting like he has information when he doesn’t. I highly doubt they have “normal people” looking at the internet to see every single letter, e-mail and website forum dedicated to this franchise.

Originally Posted by MidnightScott on SPPf
Like he would have time to talk to all of those people. They were there doing their jobs, I seriously doubt they ALL had the time to talk to his pathetic ***.

He’s just making up ******** so he can be “the first” for once. I don’t care about that ****. Where’s your proof, show me a recording, timestamp, etc. Give me a phone number, a name.

I’m not gonna believe someone on just merely what they put on their site.

As recently, I still agree with Ed. That person is a liar.

Now tell me Malocide, was I not there at the event asking questions left and right with you? Were we not working together to get information about the topics I posted about yesterday? Tell me regular visitors of this site, do I go around making up things on here out of the blue? People like the above make me sick – they do not visit the site and know nothing about it. What I posted up yesterday was all REAL, and was by no means made-up, for those of you who think so. I will put up the reputation of this entire site to back up what I posted yesterday. Why on earth would I want to, all of a sudden, make up such stories and tarnish the reputation of this site? And over some converstations with people? That just does not make sense.

Tomorrow we will have two new EX Holon Phantoms images.