JAA Convos

Yesterday at the Los Angeles Journey Across America event was one of the most fun Pokemon events I have ever been to. I actually placed high in a tournament for once! :p If you have not decided to go to one, then you should, or you will be missing out.

Anyways, while at the event yesterday, Malocide (from our forums) and I talked to many people working for Pokemon USA and Nintendo for a long time and learned a TON of information. I am going to divide everything we learned below into sections.

Saving our Voice Actors – Pokemon USA has received our letters, and they have been reading them. They are 100% aware of our situation, and have actually read every single letter (and posts from forums) and have archived them. They are also very sympathetic towards the voice actors themselves, and appreciated us sending letters to them to save them.

They could neither confirm nor deny any information about the VAs (meaning nothing has been said officially yet, so they cannot comment on it), but we were still able to ask a few questions. They kept mentioning the “Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon,” and as we know from Veronica Taylor and Eric Stuart, it will have new voice actors. From talking to the representatives, it was alluded to us that everything is already set in motion, and that contracts have already been signed regarding the change of voice actors. It is highly unlikely anything can be changed at this point, but Pokemon USA just asks that we watch the Mirage Special first so we can make an informed decision.

MY OPINION: Pokemon USA took back the trading card game from Wizards of the Coast, and look how much more healthier it is now. Look at how much more people there are in the game. Look at all of the tournaments. We need to trust Pokemon USA and their decisions, and we need to trust that they will do just as well or even better with the Anime. They are on our side, and have been with Pokemon since the beginning. They know what we like, and what we don’t like. 4Kids is a corrupt company who treats their voice actors like shiat, and who is money hungry for everything they can get their hands on and destroy. Unfortunately, it had to come to the voice actors losing their jobs for Pokemon, but life will still move on for both them and us. Change is something that will always come our way, and we need to learn how to adapt to it and embrace it. This could be a change for the better.

Pokemon USA and Websites – I was so surprised about this. THEY READ POKEMON WEBSITES AND FORUMS! I was so shocked when they were naming the websites and forums they go to EVERY DAY. They were telling me about people on the forums they go to, were telling me things about topics posted recently – THEY READ POKEMON SITES AND FORUMS! Some websites they mentioned were PokeBeach, PokeGym, PPN, Bulbagarden, and PokeAni. However, they are absolutely never allowed to post on our sites, since if it were to be traced back to them, they might get into trouble. Anyways, be careful about what you post, because they have people who have the job of reading our sites, printing out things, and talking about them in their offices… Big Brother is watching you… XD

Lucario and the Mystery of Mew – The movie should be coming out in the summer. The animation sequence for the movie’s title, which appears in the intro, will start out with Lucario being written out in blue, then the name Mew writing itself up in pink, and then “and the Mystery of” writing out in the center of the two names. Also, it might be in widescreen from watching the promo shots of the movie, although I am not quite sure if that will hold through. Maybe Pokemon USA will release the ninth movie and all movies after that in widescreen?

Diamond and Pearl – They are shooting for this year for Japan, but there is a slight chance it will be next year. In America right now, there are actually people working on the game, which means Diamond and Pearl are a joint project with both Japan and the United States (which has apparently been the case for all Pokemon games, which I was not aware of).

Alright, that’s all I can think of from the conversations yesterday. Malocide, if you have anything you want to add that I forgot about, PM me. :p If any of you would like to discuss any of the above or ask questions to be clarified, feel free to post in this forum thread.