Strats, EX HP

Quick update as I have a lot of homework and no time. If you are a PokeBeach Strategist and sent in your article, please check the forums to see if you have access to the hidden “PokeBeach Strategist” section in the forum. I had two people who sent me an article and did not give me their username on the forum, and I have no idea who they are, so if you do not see the hidden forum then you are probably one of those two people. If you sent in your article and have access to the hidden forum, please read the new topic in it on how we will be posting your articles.

Tomorrow (or I should say “Later on today,” since it is 12:20 AM?), I will put up an EX Holon Phantoms Gyarados image (a small one) that was sent to me by our secret source. The source also mentioned the set size number, but I didn’t quite understand exactly what he/she was saying, so I will have to go and re-confirm it. All I can say for now is that the set is in the 115 range (although the number is probably not 115).