I have to put everything on hold with this site for the week. For the second time since I have had my new laptop, it decided to die on me, this time during a critical report (an independent assessment, which you have to turn in for your IB Diploma). Thus, I am basically, how do you say… screwed? They are trying to salvage all the data they can off of the hard drive, but it is not looking good. Once they get what they can off of it, they are going to send it in to be fixed, and that could take a week to two weeks. So, for now, I am going to try to rewrite my entire report from memory, and hope for the best in being able to finish it. I will try to update the site later today with that tiny Gyarados pic and the confirmed set info (when I do get it), since now, I do not have a laptop that will die on me as an excuse. :p