Remember, COTDs are due tomorrow at 8:00 PM PST. So far, I have received eleven of them. I am slightly disappointed with the ones I have received so far, since they have not mentioned the whole Meganium/Mew/Steelix ex combo. So, if you still have not turned in your COTD, be sure to add that in.

Manaphy, Tamanta, Buizeru: Water; Perappu: Flying – CoroCoro revealed the types of Manaphy (water dude in header), Tamanta (pre-evo of Mantine), Buizeru (the brown guy), and Perappu (the parrot with the music note) today, as well as some Pokemon Ranger game images. Perappu is now the only known pure Flying-type Pokemon, as most Flying Pokemon are Flying/Normal. It also looks like the image of Manaphy and Pikachu on the second page will be the colored images children in Japan send in to be in the closing credits of the movie, as with past movies. Click the thumbnails below for larger images. Images are from Imawaka Futaba.

Manaphy, Tamanta, Buizeru, Perappu Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea: Manaphy Pokemon Ranger