For those of you that signed up to be PokeBeach Strategists, here is your first assignment that will determine who will make the cut to be a Strategist. You are to write at least a three-paragraph card of the day on Steelix ex from EX Unseen Forces, discussing the card itself, how it stands in the format as of now, combos and how they work, a Modified Format ranking out of 10, etc. Your write-up will be due Tuesday by 8:00 PM PST. This gives you two whole days to write your review. If your review is posted on PokeBeach on Tuesday, you will be accepted as a PokeBeach Strategist and invited to a secret forum just for them. Your article must use proper spelling and grammar, and must just generally be written well. Once you have finished writing your article, send it to [email protected] with your PokeBeach forum name, along with the subject title “COTD.” Anyone who does not send in an article who signed up to do so, or who writes a poorly written one, will not be accepted as a PokeBeach Strategist. Once you are accepted, an e-mail will be dispatched to your supplied e-mail address for further instructions on what you will be required to do in the future. Good luck to everyone!