Name Hints

The week of h-e-double hockey sticks appears to be over, at least for now. Today for news, we have a couple of hints.

Manyula’s and Manene’s Names Hint – Our new secret Nintendo source has given us our first hint about Manyula’s name. Its name will apparently have something to do with the word “slash.” Also, the Nintendo source hinted to me that I had posted something similar to Manene’s name before, which I did a few weeks ago when two other sources had informed me that its name would have “Jr.” and “Mime” in its name. It could be Jr. Mime, or something extremely similar, but it is unknown at this point. Remember, we will have both Manene’s (Mr. Mime pre-evo) and Manyula’s (Sneasel’s evo) names within a month and will be the first to have them, so keep checking back here.

EX Holon PhantomsEX Holon Phantoms Hint – The source who sent me the Flygon image yesterday has informed me that Gyarados * will be card number 102 in the set, thus proving that the set will indeed have over 100 cards, possibly 118 looking at the Flygon image. If we had, oh say, Espeon *, Flareon *, Gyarados * (102), Jolteon *, Mewtwo *, Pikachu *, Umbreon *, and Vaporeon *, having them in alphabetical order (not that I am saying the Eeveelutions will be in the set), in addition to the 6 basic energy cards that we know are in the set, along with Darkness and Metal energy… we would still get only 115 cards. That number on Flygon looks like a 118 to me, but I don’t understand how Gyarados * will be able to be card number 102 when it is so early in the set numbers. Maybe the three Pokemon-ex in the set (Mew, Crawdaunt, Mightyena) will go AFTER the Pokemon-*, putting emphasis on them this time around instead of the EX Pokemon, thus meaning Pokemon * -> Pokemon-ex -> Special Energy -> Basic Holo Energy (remember, all speculation). That would bring the number to 118. Hopefully, we will be able to figure out this mystery soon.

Pokemon Fan Magazine Articles – Pokemon Fan has just been released, and Lucario4Ever was nice enough to type up the articles in the magazine for us concerning the 8th Pokemon movie and American-exclusive television special that will be airing soon.

Pokemon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew is coming! Packed with revelations about the world of Pokemon and featuring intriguing new Pokemon, as well as the return of an old favorite, Lucario and The Mystery of Mew isn’t a movie you will want to miss!

There are many legends about Pokemon, and the people of Rota Town believe one legend in particular: the legend of the Aura Guardian. This is the legend of Sir Aaron, who teamed up with his Pokemon Lucario to save the world from being destroyed in a great battle long ago. The story says Lucario was sealed in Sir Aaron’s staff and Sir Aaron himself was never seen again, but can this story really be true? Ash and his friends are about to find out for themselves…After Ash and Pikachu triumph in the local Pokemon competition, their prize turns out to be more than they bargained for. Ash earns the title of Aura Guardian and the right to wield Sir Aaron’s staff for a night, but when Lucario breaks out of the staff and Pikachu disappears, he’ll need to prove he’s a hero in more than name alone! To make it even more complicated, he’ll also have to deal with a daring adventurer, the ever-president Team Rocket, and even the Legendary Pokemon Mew.

Lucario may be the only one who can help Ash put things right, but after bitter years of imprisonment, can Lucario ever trust a human again? The fate of two friendships and the future of a world will depend on the strength of the bond between humans and Pokemon!

Ha! I knew they weren’t just going to name Aaron, Aaron. In the Japanese version, Lucario constantly calls Aaron, Aaron-sama, which denotes respect. If Lucario were to just call Aaron, Aaron, then it would seem awkward since the animation is timed for a longer name then that. Sir Aaron will probably be what Aaron is called throughout the movie. Also, it’s kind of weird how they do not mention the Regis in the summary. Maybe they just want to keep one element of the movie a secret so that people who have never heard of the movie will be surprised, or maybe 4Kids edited out the Regis since they might scare little kids. :p

The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon: In store for Pokemon fans! This year, we will be releasing an exclusive television special titled “The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon.” This new never-before-seen episode will feature your Pokemon favorites in an intriguing storyline made especially as a thank you to loyal Pokemon animation fans.

The storyline centers on Dr. Yung, and enigmatic Pokemon scientist who has developed a new mirage system to resurrect extinct Pokemon, like Kabutops and Armaldo. Ash, Professor Oak, and Misty show up at the Mirage Mansion at Dr. Yungs’s invitation, and watch a demonstration of the machine’s capabilities. In the middle of a battle between Dr. Yung’s Mirage Pokemon and Ash, however, the machine goes haywire and a Mirage Aerodactyl swoops in and kidnaps Dr. Yung. A mysterious stranger appears and announces to everyone that the Mirage System can be used to create Pokemon with absolutely no weakness. Misty and Professor Oak argue that such an abomination will throw off the natural balance of Pokemon, and as they tell him, Mew comes in, which seems to enrage the stranger. Who is this stranger, and why does he want to control the Mirage Pokemon? Will Ash, Misty, and Professor Oak escape with their live? Where are Max and May? All this will be answered this year when the Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon debuts on the kids WB! on April 29th, 2006 at 10:00AM! Check local listings for time and channel in your area.

I know where May and Max are! They got smooshered by the Aerodactyl and will never be in the Anime again (yeah, I wish)! Also, since Brock is not mentioned, I guess they just did not want to remind fans that he exists, especially since he does not do that much in the Anime anyways (hopefully he will not be in the special – it will make it go slower). Now, let’s take a more serious note. Who is the stranger? Giovanni? The scientist from the 1st movie? Mewtwo? Someone totally new? Guess we will actually be surprised for once in not knowing the outcome of a special, since it is American-exclusive and was not released in Japan.