School starts in 40 minutes, and I am almost done with this Emily Dickinson homework! :p Read the previous update in case you missed it, since I put this one up not too long after the previous one.

Flygon, EX Holon PhantomsEX Holon Phantoms – Flygon – A source, who does not wish to be named, has sent us the Flygon picture you can see to the right, as well as some set information we can interpret from the card. First off, Flygon is card #7, and from looking at the enlarged card number, it looks as if there will be 118 cards in the set. It definitely looks like a three-digit number, which is kind of surprising, since the original Holon Phantom in Japan did not have that many cards. As the press-release said the other day, EX HP would have 40 Delta Species cards, and when counting the number of Delta Species Pokemon in the original Holon Phantom, it does come out to around 40. So, with combining the Lucario and Mew deck tin, as well as basic energy cards (since the press-release mentioned them), you still get around 90ish cards. Where are the other cards coming from? Maybe some of the non-Delta Species Pokemon in Miracle Crystal?

Anyways, need to get back to my homework. Feel free to discuss this mathematical craziness in this thread.