Pokemon USA and 4Kids Situation – Done – As we have been covering since this situation first started, there have been several hints and e-mails from 4Kids voice actors regarding Pokemon USA taking over the Anime and 4Kids losing rights to dub it. From talking to one of the voice actors myself, whom I am not allowed to name since it would breach their contract, this entire situation is definitely affecting the voice actors, but there is not much that can be done. 4Kids is a company that does not care about what they dub and has no knowledge about what they dub, and unfortunately, this mistreatment of their Anime even extends to their own voice actors, who are used as pawns in the big scheme of things (that’s business for you!). Anyways, our affiliate PPN has obtained two e-mails from Veronica Taylor (Ash and May) and Eric Stuart (Brock and James) regarding this situation and their opinions. I will be e-mailing them too after I write this news story to get more information.

Pokemon USA has decided that it’s too expensive to use 4Kids and the actors that have made Pokemon the TV show such a success for the last 10 years. They have ‘behind our backs’ re-cast the show with ‘sound-a-likes’ to try to save money. They acutally believe the fans don’t care. They are starting with the 10 year anniversary special – starring all new voices. The main cast, me included, has taken a lot of pride in the characters we have helped to create. To change now, on the last season, based on greed is a sad example of what big buisness kids marketing really is.

Please spread the word – maybe some fan buzz can stop this tragedy.

Eric “Brock & James” Stuart

Unfortunately, this is very real. We have been informed that Pokemon USA has already made plans to do the Anniversary special with substitute voices. Apparently, they haven’t made a firm decision on the next season yet. None of us have been formally asked to do the show, we’ve simply been told we’ll be replaced. Pokemon USA has made no effort to negotiate with 4kids, simply feeling that getting a cheaper rate to dub the show is enough. They care nothing for the quality. They will be using new script writers, voices, music, etc. We (the voice actors and those at 4kids who work so hard on the show) are all extremely upset as we care very much for Pokemon and what we’ve worked to create. However, there is nothing that we can do. It seems that the only recourse is for fans to write to Pokemon USA and tell them how wrong their decision is and how it will adversely affect the show.

Thanks for your concern. Please spread the word and let’s all try to work together to right this wrong before it’s too late.


Unfortunately, I think it is too late. It would be probably the best thing for everyone if Pokemon USA was able to use the Pokemon voice actors, and if 4Kids (the actual company) had nothing to do with the Pokemon anime. With Pokemon USA, we will probably gain a better anime, since Pokemon USA will specialize on… well, Pokemon. We might even be able to get more Pokemon specials, such as “The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon,” which now appears to have been created/asked for by Pokemon USA, and not 4Kids. Who knows what will happen. When the special for “The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon” airs on April 29th, we will see how Pokemon USA does with their voice actors. Remember when Pokemon USA took over the TCG from WOTC? In my opinion, we have a better TCG now in America because of WOTC losing their license, since they were not doing such a hot job in their final days. Maybe the same thing can be applied to the Anime in this situation. To discuss this situation, check out this thread.