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New CoroCoro Scans – Japanese website Imawaka Futaba posted new CoroCoro scans today, revealing new pictures of Manaphy, Tamanta, Perappu, and Buizeru, as well as pictures from the ninth Pokemon movie, “Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea.” Click the thumbnails below for much larger scans.

Diamond and Pearl Diamond and Pearl Diamond and Pearl Diamond and Pearl Diamond and Pearl

Okay, now on to the discussion. The second picture shows a woman, which is a descendant of the ancient water people. She owns the Perappu that is flying behind her, and it would appear that the Perappu who will be in the movie (unless there are multiples) does not belong to the pirate, as we previously assumed. The third picture shows Manaphy doing something with its tentacles to Ash and the Pokemon Ranger, which was already in the previous CoroCoro scans, but I forgot to talk about it. Could Manaphy be using its powers to give Ash and the Ranger the ability to breathe underwater, or could it be switching them into each other’s bodies? The Pokemon Ranger in the trailer was obviously deep underwater, and since this entire movie will have to do with the ocean, the crew will have to somehow be able to breathe underwater, and this could be the way. The last image has the water Pokemon, Buizeru, using its tail as a sort of propeller, which we can assume is how it is able to swim and why it has a split tail. That’s it for now. If you have any other observations/predictions/speculation, be sure to discuss it in this thread.