There will be a ton of news up tomorrow. I would had put more up today, but I completely overslept in taking a nap after I came home from school. :p

The Next TCG American Set – The name of the next set has been revealed, and it sure comes as a surprise! The next American set will be named EX Holon Phantoms. It has the same name as the Japanese set name that we translated, except that it has been made plural (and of course “EX” is added to the title, as usual). It is surprising that PUI is sticking to the Japanese set names now – maybe they will keep Miracle Crystal the same as well. Now, as we know, Holon Phantom only consists of 52 cards, and there is probably a 100% chance that PUI will add more cards to the American release to get the set around to 80 or 90ish cards. One idea that comes to mind would be the Mew / Lucario gift box set, which consists of 25 unique Pokemon (excluding Lucario), and would be the perfect addition to the set. Adding that to the 52 cards, we get 77 cards, which is still kind of small. Add in about 8 or 9 trainer cards, and maybe Rainbow, Dark, and Metal Energy, we can get around 90ish cards. I personally wish that we could get Miracle Crystal mixed into the set so that we would be caught up with the Japanese, but it is highly unlikely. What is likely is that the Mew / Lucario Gift Box will be added into Holon Phantom to create EX Holon Phantoms, and we will be one set behind, which is not bad at all since we are in fact catching up to Japan. Remember, EX Holon Phantoms will be released in early May for America (it’s weird making it ‘Phantoms’ after calling it Holon Phantom for so many months…).

Miracle Crystal – The Miracle Crystal page has been updated with a few new tid-bits on the set. Thanks goes to Vincent for the information.