LM Scans

EDIT: I have added official artwork for Cradily, Armaldo ex, Walrein ex, Regice *, Banette ex, and Mew ex to the EX Legend Maker scan page. These are official images, and are NOT scans.

Alright, I have erased the original news story completely and am starting a new one since I am finished with the card lists and scans. If you have not been coming to PokeBeach for the past six or so hours, you probably do not know what is going on. Well, what is going on is that Pokeblob sent in to us 73 EX Legend Maker scans, and I had been adding them in one by one at several points in time during those six hours in which only some of the scans could be seen. Now all of the scans and the set list are done, and you can now view them just like any other set. I am sure that by Saturday night or Sunday morning, we will have all of the EX Legend Maker scans, as we are only missing twenty.

[EX Legend Maker Scans and Card List]

Please keep in mind that there are a few errors in the list I purposely made so that I would know if anyone were to steal the list. We are the only site to have EX Legend Maker scans and a set list, so we have to protect them from thieves (especially foreign sites who like to steal from here ALL THE TIME). The set list and scans may not be used without permission anywhere.

I will add the theme deck lists and other EX Legend Maker goodies tomorrow. Right now, I really need to get to my Psychology and AP US homework since it is now 8:30 and I have been editing the scans since I got home from school around 2:30ish. If you have any questions at all on EX Legend Maker, or would just like to post comments on the set or talk about combos, please post in the forum topic for EX Legend Maker by clicking “View/Add Comments” below. If you have not registered on our forums yet, you may do so by clicking “Register” below.