Fake Card Blanks, Mew ex

Second semester of my Junior year in high school started yesterday. Now I can relax since finals are over and I should not be getting any major homework soon. I am looking forward to May when it comes to AP US and AP/IB Psychology testing time. :p

Fake Card Blanks Section – UP! – Thanks to Fangking, who donated to PokeBeach all of his blanks, we now have over 230 fake card Pokemon TCG blanks! He first gave them to me around Christmas Break, where I started to edit them, but I gave up when I could not get the Pokemon-ex blanks to look right since I wanted to re-do the borders to look more like real EX cards. Then yesterday at school during a boring lecture on “The Fall of the House of Usher,” I suddenly was struck by inspiration on how I can fix the problems I was having with them, and worked on them when I got home. So, now they are all done. If you find any errors, please post them on the forums or e-mail me. Thanks again to Fangking for creating all of the high-quality blanks! I will soon put up a guide and resources for creating fake cards. To start using the fake card blanks in the future, look under “Resource Center” in the left menu and click which gallery you would like to access.

[EX Series Blanks]
[Dark Pokemon Blanks]
[Dual-Type Pokemon Blanks]

Mew exEX Legend Maker – Mew ex
[Pokemon.no] has posted another image from EX Legend Maker, this time being Mew ex! Click the thumbnail on the right for a larger image. “OMG THE CARD’S NOT HOLO!!!” Since I am STILL seeing confusion on official images of cards, I will repeat what I said a couple of news stories ago. These are the images that PUSA prints out from their computers on to holographic paper. They don’t make the cards holo on the computer, and just expect the ink to make it look holographic (Can any of your printers make one of PokeBeach’s holo scans print out holographic and shiny?). They print the images (the Mew ex image to the right) on to holo paper (instead of plain white paper like most of our printers), with the card’s parts, such as the attack text, background template, etc. Covering the holo paper. If you have ever peeled a Pokemon card before, you will see that the whole card is actually holo, and that the ink is what covers up many of the parts, spare the holographic background. Thus, while this image is not holo (since it is not a scan), it will be when you get the physical card in real life, just like any other holo. Anyways, glad to see that Bangiras, who translated Eidolon Forest (EX Legend Maker) for us, translated this card perfectly. This just shows that all of her translations are most likely accurate and dependent! To read more on EX Legend Maker and to see more scans or spoilers, click the desired link in the EX Legend Maker image above this news story (of a scan of Mew ex!). :)