Instructions, Still Sign Up

…and then of course right when I say it, I miss one the next day. :(

Top 20 PokemonInstructions for Downloading Pokemon at the Tours – As we all know, people will be able to download Pokemon at the Journey Across America Tours. has issued instructions on what you need to do when you attend the tours to be able to download your Pokemon, which are listed below:

1. Make sure you have a copy of Pokemon Emerald, FireRed, LeafGreen, Ruby or Sapphire.
2. Bring a Gameboy Advance or Gameboy Advance SP (not a Nintendo DS).
3. Make sure you’ve gotten to the point in the game where you receive the PokeDex, and that you have an open space in your party in the game.
4. After you receive the Pokemon, make sure you save your game at the Pokemon Center.

I wonder if you will only be able to download a few of the Pokemon to only *one* game, or if they will make different Pokemon available for download at different points in the day so that you can get all twenty, plus Celebi. I would love to whip out my FR, LG, EM, Ruby, and Sapphire and get a Suicune / Latios / Latias / Articuno / Celebi / Blastoise on all of them, but I am not sure if they would allow that. Maybe you can get away with it with your wireless games like FR/LG/Emerald where you just connect to a wireless Nintendo network, but for R/S, you would need a link cable, and thus human contact, so they could probably say to you “Hey, you already downloaded a Pokemon, scram, brat!” We will just have to wait and see what people say once they get back from the first tour, and how the tours handled it.

PokeBeach Strategists – Wow, what a response! Over twenty people posted that they would like to write articles or Card of the Every-Other Days for PokeBeach. You can still sign-up for the jobs in this forum thread if you have not already. I will be contacting everyone individually this weekend, so if you signed up, try to be online at some point on Saturday or Sunday. Hopefully, we will be able to get a Card of the Every-Other Day or some article up within the next two weeks if people are able to cooperate.