Charizard Delta

Charizard Delta Species Miracle CrystalI am literally leaving for school in three minutes and I still have a math lesson, history quiz, and over fourty Spanish sentences! I went to bed last night at 5 or 6 PM after barely getting any sleep for the past few nights, and then now I wake up barely 30 minutes before I am supposed to be at school (that’s about 13 hours of sleep)! XD

Miracle Crystal Image – Charizard – Jade has discovered a Delta Species Charizard image of the card we posted about on our Miracle Crystal page a week or so ago. You can obviously see it to the right (click it for a larger picture). I will ask Vincent or Bangiras to translate it when I get back from Pokemon League after school today (or if they see this, can one of you guys post a translation in the forum thread?) It might be hard to since it is blurry, though, so we may have to wait for a translation at a later time.