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The stress of finals has finally gotten to me. Finals are in one week, and today was the most hectic day on the planet. So, I probably will not be updating until MAYBE one time during the weekend, and then after that on Thursday when finals are all done and over with. I would rip out my hair right now, but I just got a haircut, so it’s kind of hard to do so. :p

React EnergyThird EX Legend Maker Image –, which is down right now, posted its third EX Legend Maker image thus far, being React Energy (click for larger pic). At first look, you are probably thinking, “What’s so special about this card? It only provides [C]!” Well, don’t be fooled by the card itself. This energy actually combos well with many Pokemon in EX Legend Maker (Eidolon Forest), such as Gorebyss (see last update), Arcanine ex, Flygon ex, etc. With React Energy, some Pokemon are able to use their attacks better, and other Pokemon are able to do something special when the card is attached to them. If you want to look through the Eidolon Forest spoilers, which is the Japanese set version of EX Legend Maker, [click here] and do a search for “React.” You will be able to see what Pokemon benefit from the card, and how React Energy works with certain Pokemon.

Top 20 Pokemon – [] has created a survey that allows fans to vote for their top 20 favorite Pokemon. The purpose of the survey is to determine which Pokemon people want available at download stations, which is where Nintendo can transfer multiple Pokemon to Gameboy Advance cartridges such as FireRed or Emerald. However, there is a catch. You can’t vote for a few select legendaries, which hints will be available at another point in time (Deoxys, Celebi, etc). The weird thing is that when I took the survey a few days ago when it was first up, it let me vote for legendaries, and it sent my ballot off with me having selected Pokemon such as Celebi, which is not available for catching on any of the Advanced Generation games. I don’t know if it was an error on their part or a bug in the system, but it sure let me vote for those rare legendary Pokemon. Guess they fixed it, since some of the legendaries are blanked out now. Anyways, be sure to vote for you top 20 favorite Pokemon. Maybe if we all vote for Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam, Nintendo will realize that they have forgotten the Psychic line on its other Pokemon front – the trading card game. ;)

The Forums – So you still have not signed up on the forums yet? Bad you! We have a great community and excellent discussions going on, and you are missing out! Is your natural human urge of curiosity broken? Do you not get a pain in your chest knowing that you will not be learning valuable Pokemon knowledge that will help you to succeed in life – Pokemon knowledge that you will only see on the PokeBeach Forums first? Not signing up on the forums and not posting is like not eating! You can’t live without food, can you? Especially good food, like broccoli soup, Tostitos, and Hot Pockets. Well our forums are like those yummy Hot Pockets – you just can’t go on without them! So, unless you want to die from starvation, sign up on our forums! To sign up, you can [click here]. 200th person to sign up gets a pack of Hot Pockets sent to them in the mail!* :p

* Terms and Conditions apply. will not, under any circumstances, be responsible for anyone who chokes on, barfs from, or burns their tongues from their Hot Pockets. Offer is not valid for anyone who does not live within the continental United States. Void where prohibited. This offer does not include real Hot Pockets, but is an offer from the imagination of a crazy and delusional webmaster who will soon be going even more crazy from the pressure of finals.