Legend Maker

Field WorkerI’m in the heart of finals week, and I hate it! :p Why do teachers give you so much homework when it is FINALS WEEK?! How are we supposed to study when we have labs and tests and outlines and random junk to do? I just don’t get some teachers. If they want their students to do well on the finals, then they shouldn’t be packing on the work the days right before the finals. Gosh I can’t wait until Thursday @ 11:55 when they are finally all over. /end rant

Fourth EX Legend Maker Image – Anyways, [Pokemon.no], the official Pokemon website for Norway, has posted its fourth EX Legend Maker image – Fieldworker. It is, yet again, another trainer that involves the drawing of three cards, similar to Bill’s Maintenance, TV Reporter, Mary’s Request, etc., which seems to be the trend today with drawing Supporters. Click the thumbnail for a larger image, as usual. To read the Japanese set version of EX Legend Maker’s spoilers, Eidolon Forest, you can [click here].

And with that I am off to studying for AP US y Espanol.