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    School is extremely busy this week, as is life!

    February 2008 Tins – Three new Diamond and Pearl tins will be released on February 25th, each featuring Dialga, Palkia, or Darkrai. Every tin will come with four booster packs and a special promo card, and will cost around $13.00. Click the thumbnail below to view a larger version of the Dialga and Palkia tins. Anyone want to bet we will get Dialga, Palkia, and Darkrai cards in these tins?

    2008 Dialga and Palkia Tins

    As for alternate-artwork reprint cards, which are usually included in these types of tins, there is no alternate Darkrai Lv.X yet, so including the alternate Dialga Lv.X and Palkia Lv.X promo cards that were released in Japan a while ago probably will not happen. There are, however, reprints of regular Dialga, Palkia, and Darkrai cards that have not been released in America yet, so those have a possibility of being included. Of course, PUSA could always include new promos and break their trend of releasing reprints!

    Great Encounters Blister Packs – When “Great Encounters” is released, a three-pack blister package will become available, containing three booster packs of the set, a Dialga or Palkia coin, and a select promo. (Perhaps like with the “Secret Wonders” blister packs, the promos included will be reverse holos of cards not available in the set’s booster packs. This is only speculation, though.) Each blister pack will probably cost around $12.00.

    DP5 Release Date – Forgot to update yesterday’s DP5 news story with this information, but “DP5: Temple of Anger, Cry from the Mysterious” will be released in Japan on March 14th. Yep!

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    EDIT: Added new news story about Masuda below DP5 story.

    Mewtwo Lv.X and Gliscor Lv.X from Japan's DP5First DP5 Info – Turns out that the “DP5 on Hold?” news story was completely correct, as we now know that Japan’s DP5 set will be released in March and that it will contain Pokemon from the 11th movie, “Giratina and the Bouquet from the Icy Sky” (which is probably why the set was delayed by three months in the first place). The name of the set will be DP5: Temple of Anger, Cry from the Mysterious, and like [DP4: Moon Hunting / Night Dashing], two sets of booster packs will split the set up (hence the compound name). Regigigas will represent “Temple of Anger,” while Heatran will represent “Cry from the Mysterious.”

    “Temple of Anger” will feature Regigigas, Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Metagross (and its pre-evolutions), Jirachi, and Deoxys. “Cry from the Mysterious” will feature Heatran, Giratina, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, and Spritomb. The Pokemon previously listed will only be available in their respective booster packs in Japan, and not in the counterpart pack.

    In total, there will be eight Lv.X’s in the set. So far, we know of two – Gliscor Lv.X and Mewtwo Lv.X (click the thumbnail at the top right of this news story for a larger picture of the two cards). Of course, a Mewtwo, Gliscor, and Gligar card should be in the set so that Mewtwo Lv.X and Gliscor Lv.X can be played (well, Mewtwo was in DP4, but they can always release another one for DP5).

    Remember, this is the last Diamond and Pearl set for Japan before they move on to a new set block, like when Japan moved from e-Card to ADV, ADV to EX, and EX to DP (ADV was the first EX sets, for those of you who do not know, and then they changed the card template when they transitioned to the EX block). America, however, will probably have one filler set to fill the three-month gap caused by DP5’s delay, giving us six Diamond and Pearl sets.

    If you want to download the wallpaper for DP5, select your screen resolution below the wallpaper’s thumbnail, save the image to your computer, and set it as your desktop’s background.

    DP5 Wallpaper featuring Regigigas and Heatran
    [1024×768] / [1280×768]

    Masuda Follow-UpJunichi Masuda has finally commented about the January 12th “surprise,” and we know now for sure that the surprise was simply diamond dust and nothing else. Not that there was any doubt about that…

    BTW, have you played Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
    on this January 12th? Did you find snow was falling bit different? Snowpoint City was just beautiful!

    This means, on January 12th, ï½”he weather all over the world were same. (I’ve always want to do that!)

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    EDIT: Added new SSBB news story below. It’s not good news!

    Darkrai Coming Sooooon?Pokemon.com has changed the Darkrai silhouette that has been floating around the website for exactly one month, in addition to updating the main video panel to feature a larger Darkrai silhouette with text that asks, “Who is this Pokemon?” Could the updated website mean Darkrai will officially be revealed soon, perhaps within the next week or so (hopefully not in one month, since they seem to be revealing things in one-month intervals)? The next TCG set (Great Encounters) features Darkrai, Dialga, and Palkia and comes out in February, so the movie and the Darkrai downloads should begin around that time (if PUSA has decided to have these events around the same time, that is). Darkrai should thus be revealed before February at the very latest, and since it’s January right now, the time could come sooner than most people think. Click the screenshots below for larger images – the first picture shows the new floating silhouette, the second one shows the updated video panel.

    Darkrai floatingDarkrai silhouette

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl Delayed! – Rumors were floating around that SSBB would be delayed again due to retailers listing the sales date for March, and now we have confirmation from the official website that this is now true:

    Due to delays in the completion of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, we’ve had to change the release date of the game to Sunday, March 9th.

    I deeply apologize to the people who have looked forward to playing the game for so long and ask that you hold on just a little longer. Thank you for your patience.

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    Shaymin a Poke Ball Pokemon, Other News in SSBBBrawl Central and other reliable Brawl fan sites are reporting news from the Whobby World 2008 expo, where the most recent demo version of Super Smash Bros. Brawl is available for play by Japanese players. As a result of so many people playing the game, new Pokemon news has surfaced, the most surprising of which is Shaymin’s confirmation as a Poke Ball item Pokemon. It is unknown what it does when released from its Poke Ball, but if it is like Mew and Celebi, it may leave behind a gift. Considering that if Brawl does come out in February in the United States, people will see Shaymin before Nintendo has officially acknowledged its existence.

    In regards to the Pokemon Trainer character, it appears as if he will disappear when played on several moving stages, such as Delfino Plaza (he may just have not been implemented into certain stages for the demo yet and could appear in the background of all stages when the finalized game is released). On the character selection screen, he appears as simply “P. Trainer.” Many people also thought that there could be a female Pokemon Trainer in the game as well, but such rumors were apparently shot down. Sorry girls! :p

    Other Poke Ball item Pokemon confirmed for the game are Onix, Castform, Garchomp, Metagross (using Earthquake), and Regigigas (using Crush Grip after starting slow). Porygon (or one of its evolutions) is rumored to be in the game as well, but has not been confirmed for sure. Latios and Latias were revealed as Poke Ball Pokemon a while ago, and it is now known that when one is released, it calls the other to the field (and then they zig-zag across the screen, causing great damage).

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl will be released in Japan on January 24th, 2008 and should be released in North America on February 10th, 2008.

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    Masuda’s Surprise – The surprise Junichi Masuda mentioned in his blog yesterday turned out to be nothing more than a simple weather effect, diamond dust, which occurs in Diamond and Pearl once in a while anyways (I even had diamond dust appear in my own game once – the televisions in the game will tell you where it occurs, though it is extremely rare). If a player goes to Snowpoint City in either the English or Japanese games on January 12th, there should be diamond dust within the city (indicated by sparkling), although some players we contacted did not see the effect occurring. We found out about the diamond dust this morning, but since it was such a minor change in the game, we held off posting about it in case something larger was revealed. Turns out nothing was. It’s a neat Easter egg (I suppose Mr. Masuda will make an excellent weather forecaster if he ever retires from Pokemon), but it certainly wasn’t anything that special. :p

    To see diamond dust in action, you can check out this video on YouTube. A Pokemon trainer is standing right in the middle of it in Snowpoint City.

    League Fire Energy – Thanks to Martin van der Vis, we have a scan of the holographic Fire Energy card players can earn at Pokemon League after earning their Cobble Badge and completing 10 battles with the Gym Leader’s challenge. Click the thumbnail below for a larger scan.

    Pokemon TCG League Holo Fire Energy

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    EDIT: Rewrote the Metal Energy news story – turns out that Fire Energy is given out this month, not Metal Energy (which I guess is common knowledge to people who go to League anyways, since it is printed on their point-keeping card). This is what happens when you don’t go to League… XD

    Be sure to read last night’s news story about Porygon2 and Great Encounters if you have not been here recently.

    Pokemon Ranger 2 – The sequel to Pokemon Ranger, Pokemon Ranger – Batonnage (Batonaaji in Japanese), was recently revealed in the February issue of CoroCoro magazine. Below, you can view scans of the magazine’s pages. Click the two thumbnails for larger images.

    Pokemon Ranger 2 - BatonargePokemon Ranger 2 - Batonarge

    The magazine pages reveal very few pieces of information, but Bangiras has translated all of it. The game will be released on March 20th in Japan. At the beginning of the game, you have graduated from Ranger School in Allumia, the region of the game. Your character’s name is Hajime (if you are male), and you can choose from one of seventeen Pokemon to be your partner (Munchlax, Mime Jr., Kricketot, Cranidos, Croagunk, Machop, Shieldon, Chimchar, Piplup, Turtwig, Pachirisu, Starly, Snover, Hippopotas, Misdreavus, Sneasel, or Gible). Inferring information from the screenshots of the magazine, it appears as if a player can use elemental cards to charge up the Capture Styler, which, in affect, will reduce damage done to it by Pokemon of that type (you collect the cards throughout the game). Another new feature is the ability to use Surf with your Pokemon, just like in the regular Pokemon games. It also appears as if a player can choose to partake in smaller missions within towns, called “quests,” in addition to the main story’s mission. More information should be coming in the next Coro Coro, as this issue’s information is extremely general and is only introductory (it is “teaser”).

    Junichi MasudaUpcoming Surprise in Diamond and Pearl – Junichi Masuda, the primary director of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, has revealed on his blog that there will be a surprise (“something different”) for people who play Pokemon Diamond and Pearl on January 12th, his birthday. It is unknown if this message only applies to the Japanese games, but if you have the English versions, it would not hurt to try!

    The nature of the surprise and what exactly will happen is unknown of course, but in Masuda’s post, he refers to the word “aspiration” twice, which may be a hint. Aspiration means “the will to succeed,” and is also the original name of Lake Valor in the Japanese games (it was originally Lake Aspiration). Perhaps if one goes to Lake Valor on January 12th, there will be a surprise of some sort? If you have forgotten which lake is Lake Valor, it is the one where Azelf resides (located in the southern part of Route 214). Team Galactic bombs it in the middle of the game, and it dries up as a result. Of course, Lake Valor may have absolutely nothing to do with Masuda’s message (and that probably is the case), but I am sure we will find out what it truly means soon. It might even involve something over Wi-Fi or Mystery Gift. We’ll keep you updated!

    Pokemon League: Veilstone Season – The Veilstone City session of Pokemon League started on December 15th and will end on January 19th. In this time, a player can earn a reverse holo Metal Energy FIRE ENERGY card by simply earning enough points from TCG battles to receive the Cobble Badge, and then by completing ten League battles using the current season’s Gym Leader challenge.

    EDIT: While the above paragraph is now correct, it does not seem like Metal Energy will be coming out anytime soon. The card was given out in Australia at a tournament, but will not come to America this month (probably not until the Canalave City season, which is the sixth session of League).

    So anyways, I suppose this is a three-month advanced preview of the card if it does come out then? Thanks goes to Jade for the scan, and to SD Pokemom for clearing up my confusion! If anyone happens to earn their Fire Energy card and has a scanner, we would appreciate it if you could scan your card and send the image to us!

    Pokemon TCG League Holo Metal Energy

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    Porygon2 Great Encounters Prerelease promo cardGreat Encounters Prerelease Promo, Info, List – Whoops, left out the prerelease promo Porygon2 card that you can receive from the Great Encounters prereleases! Thanks to Suraako for giving me the heads up! Click the thumbnail to the right for a larger image.

    Great Encounters will be released in stores on February 13th. Prereleases will take place on February 2nd and 3rd and February 9th and 10th. To find a prerelease near you, click here (not all of the listings are up yet, so keep checking it every few days).

    As for cards being cut out of Great Encounters (as per yesterday’s news story), one of our forum supermods, Pimpwalkin’ Mateo Johnson, has compiled a possible set list based on what we know about the current cards in the set and other factors. To view the theoretical list, check out this forum thread.

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    EDIT: Added a theory below the images that could explain why the size of the set is smaller than it should be.

    School and life are busy this week!

    Great Encounters Card Images – We now exclusively have the first [Great Encounters] card images (they are computer images which are later printed, not scans, so the holos are not holo)! Click the thumbnails below for larger images.

    Dialga and Palkia were in [DP3: Shining Darkness] (as reprints from DP1, except with different art) and the rest of the cards were in the main Japanese DP4 set.

    Great EncountersGreat EncountersGreat EncountersGreat EncountersGreat EncountersGreat EncountersGreat EncountersGreat EncountersGreat Encounters

    Related links: [DP4: Moon Hunting / Night Dashing Scans] / [DP4 Translations]

    Since Great Encounters has only 106 cards (not considering any secret cards) and the original DP4 set from which Great Encounters is based off had over 140, around 30-40 cards will be cut out of the English set. Perhaps the cards cut from this set and cards from the Japanese [Entry Pack 08 DX] will be combined to create a DP5 set for America, thus filling the gap created in Japan by DP5’s supposed three month delay (remember the whole “DP5 on Hold?” news story?). Then, the real Japanese DP5 will be our DP6 later on, creating a new D/P set for America using cards already released in Japan. Again, this is only a theory, but cutting out such a large amount of cards from one set does not make any sense unless they will be in a new set later on. With this theory, all of the promos we have not received and the Japanese Entry Pack 08 will have a chance to come to America. With DP5’s three month delay in Japan and no sets being released during the gap, America will have a gap too, so creating a set to fill it for when it comes makes the most sense.

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    Pokemon Trainer using his final smash with SquirtleNew Smash Bros. Brawl Commercials – New commercials in Japan for Super Smash Bros. Brawl have shown quite a bit of new Pokemon footage, revealing that the Pokemon Trainer character in the game will be able to talk (yell) while commanding his Charizard, Ivysaur, and Squirtle. Other footage from the commercials also shows Pikachu and Groudon (the Poke Ball item Pokemon) in action.

    To watch the commercial showing Pokemon Trainer (and his Final Smash), click here (from YouTube). For Pikachu and Groudon, the official Wii website has a new commercial up.

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    Read the previous news story if you have not been here since last night.

    TAJ Productions No Longer Dubbing Pokemon – TAJ Productions, the company that has been responsible for dubbing the Pokemon anime since 4Kids lost its license (and who has worked on the dubbing of the show with 4Kids in the past) will no longer be involved with Pokemon. Yesterday, fans posted on several Pokemon forums that TAJ (specifically, Larry Juris, the president) replied to e-mails stating that Pokemon has decided to hire a different dubbing company, and as a result, TAJ is no longer working on the show. It was unknown if the information was just a prank, so I decided to e-mail Larry Juris myself last night to find out for sure. Below is his complete response:

    > Hi, I am the webmaster of PokeBeach.com, and lately, there is a rumor going
    > around that TAJ is no longer going to dub Pokemon. Could you confirm or deny
    > this and provide more details if it is true?
    > Thank you!
    > – Jon (Water Pokemon Master, webmaster of PokeBeach.com)
    Unfortunately it is true. We love the show and have been doing it for many
    years. Pokemon has decided to go elsewhere. We tried our best with
    TAJ Productions.

    So who is going to dub Pokemon now, and what could this mean for the future of the American dub? I doubt this will mean that the voice actors will change, since they are tied to PUSA, not TAJ. We now have a new president of Pokemon USA and apparently a new company that will be dubbing the show… Perhaps PUSA will make their own dubbing studio, which would definitely fit the pattern of them wanting to do everything with Pokemon “in-house” now? Maybe they will go to a better-known anime dubbing company? There is a good chance that this announcement just involves the “technical” aspects of Pokemon (as in the physical dubbing of the show), and that it really will not affect what we see in the show in any major way. We’ll just have to wait and see…

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    Geez, how many times am I going to have to update the Great Encounters news story?

    Great Encounters Pack and Theme Deck Images – Bla bla bla bla, Great Encounters booster packs (Darkrai, Cresselia, Dialga, Palkia) and theme decks (Endless Night – Darkrai, Eternal Time – Dialga, Infinite Space – Palkia) images, bla bla bla. Click the thumbnails for larger pictures.

    Great Encounters Booster Pack Theme DeckGreat Encounters Booster Pack Theme DeckGreat Encounters Booster Pack Theme DeckGreat Encounters Booster Pack Theme DeckGreat Encounters Booster Pack Theme DeckGreat Encounters Booster Pack Theme DeckGreat Encounters Booster Pack Theme Deck

    Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai10th Movie #1 Anime Film in Japan – According to Anime News Network, Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai earned over 5 billion yen (over $42,000,000) in theaters and has claimed the #1 spot for highest grossing anime film of 2007 in Japan. It’s no wonder, too – for a Pokemon movie, it was actually good. The Japanese definitely put excellent effort into it (a rarity for Pokemon movies :p), and the accomplishment is well-deserved.

    Perhaps if PUSA wanted to show some bravery, they’d put Pokemon movies back into theaters, but it’s still nice for them to play on Cartoon Network too (since everyone can see the movies at the same time). It would be nice to be in a large room with Pokemon fans again, watching something everyone likes, though! Adults might even like watching the movie too, especially since the 10th movie is actually interesting.

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    EDIT #3: Added two Great Encounters booster pack images to its logo’s news story.

    EDIT #2: Corrected some information concerning the history of the TFG in the “New ‘Next Quest’ American Crystal Figures” news story, thanks to Archaic.

    EDIT: Added new “Great Encounters” news story below “DP5 on Hold” story.

    I’veeeeeee been workin’ on the railllllllroad…

    DP5 on Hold? – Usually by now, perhaps even a while ago, we would have information on the next Japanese set, at the very least the set’s name. The last time we first heard about a new set was back in July for DP4: Moon Hunting / Night Dashing, which was released at the very end of October. However, nothing related to the next Japanese set has been released at all, which is extremely unusual.

    In Japan, there is a time period for each set block in which a player can earn points from tournaments to redeem for special promo cards, called the “Player Club” program. For the Diamond and Pearl set block (DP1 – DP5), the Player Club session to start earning points from tournaments opened on October 27th, 2006 (the date when DP1’s Japanese entry packs were released), and was originally supposed to end in February, 2008 with the release of the last Diamond and Pearl set (DP5). A Player Club session always coincides with the release of the first set in a block, and ends around the time of the last set’s release. Then, a new Player Club session starts for the next block (such as when you could earn Espeon-star and Umbreon-star for the last EX block, and then a new Player Club session started for the Diamond and Pearl block). For the Diamond and Pearl set block, players could redeem their tournament points for Piplup, Turtwig, Chimchar, Manaphy, Dialga, Palkia, and Darkrai Player Club promo cards.

    Recently in Japan, it was announced that the end of the Player Club session for the Diamond and Pearl block will be moved to May, creating a three month extension (an extension has never happened before for the Player Club program). Because of this, many Japanese players have speculated that DP5 will be delayed until around May, since the Player Club program always ends with the last set of a block (which may be why we have absolutely no info on the next set).

    What could be the reason for the possible delay of DP5? You may remember from a news story we posted a while ago that the official Japanese TCG website promised every D/P Pokemon would be released in card form by DP5 (this may not mean “hidden” Pokemon like Shaymin and Arceus, but there are still cards who have not been released). This would include Pokemon like Shaymin, Giratina, and Regigigas, which will be in the 11th Pokemon movie (among others). Traditionally, Pokemon that are related to upcoming movies are saved for sets released around the movie’s release date. Since the Diamond and Pearl block WILL end with DP5, as announced a long time ago, these three Pokemon will HAVE to be released in DP5. However, DP5 probably cannot be released in February (when it would have originally been released) because it would be too early for promoting the movie (or that it would be revealing Shaymin early, who will probably not be revealed by Nintendo for a while). Thus, the set may be delayed for the simple reason that as being the last D/P set containing cards related to the 11th movie, it must wait for the general time period of the movie’s release date in theatres to promote it (which is July). If you are confused about any of the above (I confused myself at times when typing it up and revising it), simply ask a question in this story’s news thread and hopefully I can explain it better.

    If all of the above turns out to hold true (remember, nothing is for sure, though things like this are usually very likely), DP5 will be released around May. What is known for sure (by official means) is that the D/P Player Club session will end around May and a new TCG block will start soon after. To repeat myself, the Player Club program always ends with the last set in a block, and since there are only five D/P sets (with four having been released), DP5 will more than likely be released around the end of the D/P block Player Club session (which is in May).

    Will Pokemon USA stick to the regular schedule of releasing sets every three months and allow us to catch up to Japan if this does happen? We are one set behind, and Japan will have a gap where a set would have been released, so this is the perfect chance! Come on PUSA, if this does happen, let us have simultaneous releases! :D

    *breathes a little*

    Great Encounters Logo and Two Boosters Revealed! – The logo for Great Encounters was just released, and you can view it below. It’s not very original when comparing it to the first three D/P set logos…

    To review what we already know about the English set, Great Encounters will be released in February in the United States and will feature Dialga, Palkia, Darkrai, and Cresselia (the Japanese set was [DP4: Moon Hunting / Night Dashing]). The theme deck names are Endless Night (with Darkrai), Infinite Space (Palkia), and Eternal Time (Dialga).

    EDIT: The Great Encounters booster packs have also been revealed (well, at least two of them – there might be four like usual). The two featured here have Dialga and Palkia on the cover of the packs. Click the thumbnail for a larger image.

    Great Encounters logo

    Great Encounters booster packs Dialga Palkia

    New “Next Quest” American Crystal Figures – Are you a Target shopper? If you are a hard-core one, you probably know that most Targets have all of their Christmas items 75% off now. You may also even know that there are now new crystal Pokemon Trading Figure Game figures included in several Next Quest packages!

    I went to two Targets today and saw the crystal figures at both of them. For those of you who do not know the history of the Pokemon Trading Figure Game, it was originally given a “test run” in Europe Australia (and then Europe and Southeast Asia later), and there were special crystal and cream-colored figures of every several Pokemon (along with the regular colored figures, of course). For the American release, the crystal and cream-colored figures were not created because they apparently were not popular enough in Europe (the European figures also had rarity on each of the figures, but the rarity system was thrown out for when the figures were released in America). This has now changed apparently, as it seems the new “print run” of Next Quest now includes crystal figures in the packages. The figures are also completely American since they have no rarity, so they are not just crystal figures that were re-packed from the European release into American packs. Click the thumbnails below to see several crystal figures in their packages.

    Eevee Crystal Figure Pokemon TFGCharizard Crystal Figure Pokemon TFGMeowth Crystal Figure Pokemon TFGFeraligatr Crystal Figure Pokemon TFG

    Japanese Worlds 2007 Mini-Site – The Japanese have created a Worlds 2007 mini-site for the Worlds tournament that took place in Hawaii this past summer. The site includes photos from the tournament, player biographies, and other information (it is in Japanese, of course, but the website is still interesting to go through).

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    .::   Sunday - April 30th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    EDIT: The video of the 10th movie was removed from YouTube by the person who put it up, but luckily, someone else uploaded it too. You can watch part 1 by clicking here (you can search for the other nine parts – it’s easy). Also, I keep getting e-mails from people asking what happened to the Japanese Entry Pack 08 translations – they didn’t go anywhere! You can find them here: [http://www.pokebeach.com/sets/entry-pack-08-dx.doc – Link no longer available]. Note the “-dx” at the end.

    *Jumps in real quick*

    Well, Christmas is over! I hope you all enjoyed the past few days you spent with your family, your friends, yourself, or whomever! If you are Christian, I also hope you reflected on what Christmas is all about, not that I am repeating a common clichéd phrase parents or church usually tell us around the holidays… :p

    Anyways, yesterday, the official Super Smash Bros. Brawl website revealed Rayquaza as a boss in the game’s adventure mode (you have to fight him to progress, in case you do not know what a boss is). To view a picture of Rayquaza, go to the website.

    As usual, I am still working on the new website, the new content, yada yada yada. If I’m lucky, we can expect everything to go up in 10 years. I will definitely say that all of the time I put in to the new layout is going to pay off, especially since when I show the layout to people, they usually go “Wowwww,” as is the case with the detailed pages I have been writing with the help of PokeBeach staff since April. Just keep waiting for the new PokeBeach….. as the hits go down because of me not updating due to the tedious amount of work it takes to put everything together. ;) In case anyone has not noticed, the site as it stands is a wreck – things are not updated, links are busted, newer sets have ugly scans, etc. That’s because it doesn’t make sense for me to work on the old site when I am loading up the new one… it’s like painting a building you are about to demolish. Just wait, just wait… You’ve all waited since April for this new website, so you can wait another 10 years.

    If you want to watch Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai, someone has kindly uploaded it to YouTube for us all to preview (and then buy when it comes out in English, of course). You can watch part 1 by clicking here, and then search for the other nine parts (I am in a rush, so I don’t have time to link to them). The movie is very Pokemon 2000ish. I want to say I will have a review for it, but I said the same thing for the Worlds 2006 pictures, the “POP is Going Downhill” article, and whatever else I have promised in the past and didn’t get up, so I ain’t promisin’ nothin’. With having to work on the new website everyday, it is too hard to get anything else done, but when the new website is done, I can go back and do what I previously promised. Enjoy the movie if you watch it! Darkrai is awesome!

    Everyone have a safe, fun, and carefree remaining Christmas Break!

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    .::   Sunday - April 30th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    Still working like crazy!

    Redshark UpdatedRedshark has been updated to version 1.95 as a Christmas present! Some new features include card list window filtering when viewing your deck or discard pile, the inclusion of Rock-Paper-Scissors, Quick Ball trainer support, and many other minor enhancements. To download the updated version, [click here].

    Organized Play Updates – The official TCG Organized Play website has announced a change to future player rewards, including details on a new tier system for earning rewards and the inclusion of several new countries in the player rewards program. The website also updated the National Championships FAQ page, providing more details on this year’s Nationals events.

    10th Movie Available on DVDDialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai was released on DVD in Japan yesterday, and it is now available for import from several online stores. You can purchase it from either CD Japan, Yes Asia, Play Asia, or Amazon. It’s supposed to be one of the best Pokemon movies (unlike Celebi and Deoxys), so if you can’t wait for the dub to come out, you can buy it early!

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    .::   Sunday - April 30th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    Christmas vacation has started, and I am working on the new website content like a madman. It took three, I repeat, THREE hours just to work on Base Set’s information page. I can already tell I won’t be done in time for New Year’s. ^_^;

    Bronzong and Mothim Translations – Thanks to Bangiras, we have translations of the Bronzong and Mothim promos that will come in the two new Japanese blister packs this New Year’s.

    Bronzong Lv.44 – Psychic – 90 HP
    Stage 1 – Evolves from Bronzor

    Poke-Body: Cursed Alloy – As long as this Pokemon is your Active Pokemon, in between turns, place 1 damage counter on each of your opponent’s Pokemon that has any Poke-Powers.
    [.] Damage Amplifier: Place 1 damage counter on each of your opponent’s Pokemon that already has damage counters on it.
    [P][C][C] Coating: 60 damage. During your opponent’s next turn, any damage done to Bronzong by attacks is reduced by 20.

    Weakness: Psychic (+20)
    Resistance: Fire (-20)
    Retreat: 3

    Mothim Lv.41 – Grass – 80 HP
    Stage 1 – Evolves from Burmy

    Poke-Body: Withering Dust – Ignore Resistance on your opponent’s Active Pokemon whenever any of your Pokemon attack.
    [G] Borrow Power: Does 30 damage x the number of different types of Wormadam on your Bench.
    [G][C] Quick Touch: 40 damage. You may switch Mothim with one of your Benched Pokemon. If you do, choose any number of Energy attached to Mothim and attach it to the new Active Pokemon.

    Weakness: Fire (+20)
    Resistance: Fighting (-20)
    Retreat: 0

    Japanese Blister Packages

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