.::   Sunday - March 26th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    Sorry for the lack of updates – I have been working on the new layout and content, as usual (and yes, six months have probably passed since I first started :p). I am sloooow, but I want everything to be perfect. ;)

    Mysterious Treasures Theme Decks – Thanks to Shakespeare, we have both theme deck lists for Mysterious Treasures. Since I am re-doing all of the content and don’t feel like putting the theme decks on to an “old” type of page that is going to be re-written anyways, I’ll just copy and paste them below:

    Armor Fortress

    • 1 Bastiodon 21/122 (Special Holo)
    • 2 Shieldon 63/122
    • 2 Totodile 106/122
    • 4 Bronzor 74/122
    • 4 Doduo 50/122
    • 2 Dodrio 46/122
    • 4 Spheal 102/122
    • 2 Sealo 62/122
    • 1 Walrein 39/122
    • 1 Mantine 29/122
    • 4 Armor Fossil 116/122
    • 1 Quick Ball 114/122
    • 2 Fossil Excavator 111/122
    • 2 Bebe’s Search 109/122
    • 2 Potion 118/130
    • 2 Energy Search 117/130
    • 8 Metal Energy (setless)
    • 16 Water Energy (setless)

    Skull Charge

    • 1 Rampardos 33/123 (Special Holo)
    • 2 Cranidos 43/123
    • 4 Geodude 84/123
    • 2 Graveler 51/123
    • 3 Spinarak 103/123
    • 1 Ariados 20/123
    • 4 Surskit 104/123
    • 2 Masquerain 55/123
    • 3 Kricketot 86/123
    • 1 Kricketure 27/123
    • 4 Skull Fossil 117/123
    • 1 Dusk Ball 110/123
    • 2 Fossil Excavator 111/123
    • 2 Bebe’s Search 109/123
    • 2 Potion 118/130
    • 2 Energy Search 117/130
    • 10 Fighting Energy (setless)
    • 14 Grass Energy (setless)
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    .::   Sunday - March 26th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    Riddle “Translation” – The riddle I posted a few weeks ago was originally a warning that the Japanese were going to play a “secret deck” at Worlds, but in writing the riddle translation and reviewing AIM conversations I conducted with Japanese players, I discovered that Yamato’s Empoleon / Infernape deck was almost told to me and I did not realize it. You can read the riddle translation article and explanation by clicking here. It’s a long read.

    Manaphy TRU Giveaway Update – When you go to Toys R Us on September 29th to receive Manaphy, it will be available via wireless download (Mystery Gift).

    Unlike the Mew giveaway last year, which had HUGE lines at some Toys R Us stores due to the manual trading people had to do with employees, obtaining Manaphy should not be too time-consuming or difficult, since everyone can download Manaphy at the same time (there may not even be any lines!).

    Although I am not completely sure, downloading Manaphy from a wireless signal at Toys R Us could either allow you to only download one Manaphy or download a few. When downloading surfing Pikachu from Pokemon Battle Revolution, you can only download it once per Diamond and Pearl cartridge per the account you are using in Pokemon Battle Revolution. However, if you try Mystery Gift on another account in PBR to get Pikachu, it will allow you to receive the Mystery Gift again, but only a few times more (through the method of using different accounts). Thus, if the Toys R Us wireless signal is the same throughout the event, you will most likely only be allowed to download one Manaphy per cartridge, but if it alternates, you may be able to download more than one Manaphy. Guess we will have to wait and find out what their plan is!

    Your Ponyta for My Psyduck – From Sunday, August 26th to Thursday, August 30th, GAMEFREAK employees Ken Sugimori (artist), Junichi Masuda (director), and Shigeki Morimoto (battle director) will be trading their Japanese Psyduck for your American Ponyta. However, they will only be trading 30 Psyduck each, and thus, chances of making a trade with one of them are very low.

    If you want to try anyway, deposit your Ponyta into the Global Trade Station (GTS) during the period of time mentioned above, and request for a Psyduck (with no preference for gender or level). If you are lucky, you may receive a Psyduck from one of them in exchange for your Ponyta, and Psyduck’s PokeDex entry will be completely in Japanese text! To check if you receive one of their Psyduck, Ken Sugimori’s trainer ID is 38793, Junichi Masuda’s is 05458, and Shigeki Morimoto’s is 53473.

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    .::   Sunday - March 26th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    My vacation is over. :( I’ll post the riddle translation tomorrow or the day after for sure.

    ManaphyManaphy TRU Giveaway – The latest issue of Nintendo Power has confirmed a Toys R Us Manaphy giveaway for the United States, similar to the Mew giveaway last year. Manaphy will be inside a Cherish Ball and holding a Red Scarf, and will be available on September 29th from noon to 3:00 PM at participating Toys R Us stores. More information should be available on the official Pokemon game website and Toys R Us’ website within the next month.

    If you never played (or finished) Pokemon Ranger, this is a great opportunity to obtain the Seafaring Pokemon, and eventually, the Sea Drifter Pokemon as well!

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    .::   Sunday - March 26th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    EDIT on Saturday morning:ALL of the [Mysterious Treasures scans] are now up! Thanks goes to DocRobot for sending us the missing Feraligatr scan! Enjoy, and remember to refresh the page several times or clear your cache if you cannot see the updated page with the Feraligatr link!

    Sorry for the downtime yesterday and today – our host was having serious issues with their servers (maybe they spilled water on them). If you experience any downtime or errors today (which is more than likely), try to refresh the page you are on several times. If you go to the forums, make sure to copy your posts before you submit them, since due to the problems with the host, errors are happening everywhere and you may lose your post when submitting it!

    ALL Mysterious Treasures Scans – We now have all of the [Mysterious Treasures scans], with a huge thanks going to Leo Orta for sending in the missing images as of our previous update. If the set list does not show links to the newer scans, it is because your browser is showing you an older version of the set list page. Try refreshing the page several times or clearing your cache to solve this problem.

    Lucario TinNew Lucario Tin – A new Lucario tin will be available in stores on December 3rd, featuring a holographic Lucario Lv.X that is exactly the same as [its Mysterious Treasures counterpart], except that the card features alternate Lucario artwork. The tin will contain the holo Lucario Lv.X card, three Mysterious Treasures booster packs, and one Diamond and Pearl booster pack. In terms of cost, it will most likely range from $20.00 to $25.00, depending on where it is purchased. Click the thumbnail to the right for a larger image of the tin.

    PokeBeach Strategists – Do you love helping your friends with building and discussing decks, strategies, and cards? Do you take enjoyment in fiercely debating the pros and cons of single cards, and why certain cards will work and others will not? Are you the local TCG know-it-all who bequeaths his or her knowledge to others on a constant basis, and is always the one yielding advice and help?

    If any of the above describes you, perhaps you would like to join our PokeBeach Strategist program, which serves to deliver card reviews to visitors of this site. Working on a team with two other members, a PokeBeach Strategist writes a comprehensive review on a card of choice (such as [this review on Salamence d] or [Tyranitar ex d]), usually only once per week, to cover every aspect of a good (or bad) card. The reviews are then posted on this page (the main page) for thousands of visitors to read. A Strategist reviews a card that will help visitors in various ways, whether it comes to building a deck based around a certain card (or cards), learning the weaknesses and strengths of a card and how it is used in combination with other cards, or perhaps how a card functions in the current metagame.

    The workload of a Strategist is not intensive, especially since you are on a team with two other people, reviewing only one card per week (however, it does require you to be dedicated to your job – we do not want anyone reviewing only a few cards, then quitting within a few weeks or months). Currently, we are only accepting twelve people, from which four teams of three people will be formed. We will choose people based on how well they have performed in tournaments, as well as grammar and spelling skills. If you feel you are qualified for the job, including that you will be willing to write a card review article of sizable length every week with your team mates (the job of a Strategist), you can sign up in this forum thread with your tournament record, and anything else you want to tell us about yourself. Thank you to all who try out – we appreciate anyone’s help in trying to help others in the TCG community!

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    .::   Sunday - March 26th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    Still on vacation. I know I promised the “riddle” translation the other day, but I keep having to edit Mysterious Treasures scans, which takes up a lot of my time. So, I am going to have to wait until after we finish all of them off to post it (which should be either tomorrow or the day after).

    Mysterious Treasures Set List and More Scans – The [Mysterious Treasures set list] is now up! Thanks go to BenLugia and DocRobot for helping to fill in some of the missing blanks on the list, and GL Mo for scanning in more cards for us, bringing our total amount of card scans to over 90. ALL of the missing scans will be up by either tomorrow or the day after, so be sure to check back for them!

    Next League Season (POP 6 Confirmed) – The next Pokemon League era will feature Diamond and Pearl cities, starting with the Oreburgh City season. Participants will have the opportunity to earn their Coal Badge, POP 6 booster packs, and holographic Fighting energy cards. The Oreburgh City season will start on September 15th and will conclude on October 20th. One can assume that the Eternia City season will start right after (Perhaps with holo Grass energy?). In terms of POP 6, we will bring you more information on what cards are within the promo set within the next few weeks!

    Battle Revolution Creators InterviewPokemon.com has posted an interview with the creators / makers of Pokemon Battle Revolution. The interview gives insight on how the game was made, the ideology behind it, and an extremely interesting question-and-answer session that covers a variety of details related to working on the game over a 10-month span. (Could some of the ideas that were scrapped from PBR, due to time constraints, make it to the next Wii game for Pokemon? Hmmm…).

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    .::   Sunday - March 26th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    There is a ton of news today (or, rather, at 12:30 AM on Monday morning)! If you have not been here since four hours ago, please read the previous update.

    More Mysterious Treasures Scans – Thanks to Torterra Chips and Crazy Weavile, we have 31 more Mysterious Treasures scans, bringing our total to 76 (look two news stories down for our first batch of scans). Click the thumbnails below for larger images, and hover over the left or right of the window that pops up, clicking “Next” or “Previous” to scroll through the scans like a slide show. If you have any cards that we do not have, we would appreciate it if you could scan them in to your computer at 300 DPI and send them to wpmpb@pokebeach.com. I did not have time to make a set list yet, but when I have the chance to, I will!

    [Images No Longer Available]

    Pokemon Trainer Character in SSBB – If Super Smash Brothers Brawl wasn’t awesome before, this has to take the cake – could this game honestly be anymore detailed or jam-packed? Masahiro Sakurai just updated the Super Smash Brothers Brawl website with two Pokemon updates, highlighting the new “Pokemon Trainer” character, who is an actual playable character in the game. However, since we all know Pokemon players do not actually participate in Pokemon battles in the games (as in, physically fighting alongside their Pokemon), the same will apply for this character in SSBB – he will use either Squirtle, Ivysaur, or Charizard to battle in the rounds against other Nintendo characters, as he sits in the background (lazy human). The trainer can change between the three Pokemon by using the Down + B Special, causing the Pokemon to rotate in this order: Squirtle, Ivysaur, and then Charizard, which all have their own movesets that can be used against other characters. The three Pokemon share the same damage meter as well, so switching out does not remove damage when playing during a round. The Pokemon also have a special stat called “stamina,” which has negative effects (currently unknown) if the trainer keeps them in battle too long or they are switched out too frequently (a Pokemon trainer needs to know when to switch our their Pokemon, so this stat will keep the Pokemon trainer experience in-check). Pictures of the above descriptions can be seen below (click for larger images).

    Pokemon Trainer Super Smash Brothers BrawlPokemon Trainer Super Smash Brothers BrawlPokemon Trainer Super Smash Brothers BrawlPokemon Trainer Super Smash Brothers BrawlPokemon Trainer Super Smash Brothers BrawlPokemon Trainer Super Smash Brothers BrawlPokemon Trainer Super Smash Brothers BrawlPokemon Trainer Super Smash Brothers BrawlPokemon Trainer Super Smash Brothers BrawlPokemon Trainer Super Smash Brothers Brawl

    And now for the news stories I wanted to post the other day…

    Mystery Dungeon 2 Commercial – The sequels to the first Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, Time Expedition and Darkness Expedition, now have a commercial running in Japan to advertise their September 13th launch. Click the play button below to watch the commercial. In case you do not know about the two games, allow me to quote our May 13th news story: “The two games will be different from the previous Mystery Dungeon series in that the player must join a guild to train and become more powerful, with the guild leader being Wigglytuff, and its right-hand Pokemon being Chatot. This time around, however, the purpose of the games will be to explore and find treasure, rather than to rescue, as with the previous Mystery Dungeon games. The player will also be able to choose their character from either Munchlax, Pikachu, Piplup, Chimchar, Turtwig, as well as 11 other Pokemon not yet known.”

    Mystery Dungeon 2 Anime Special – On September 9th in Japan, as part of Pokemon Sunday, a new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon special will air. Unlike the previous Mystery Dungeon special, which aired in America before Japan, this one will air in Japan first and will feature both Chimchar and Piplup as the main characters. You can view picture previews of the special below (click for a larger image).

    Mystery Dungeon 2 Special

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    .::   Sunday - March 26th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    I will post more scans and news tomorrow. If you have any cards that we have not posted, feel free to scan them (at 300 DPI) and send them to wpmpb@pokebeach.com. I will also try to post the riddle “translation” tomorrow, even though it did not quite play true to what actually went on at Worlds.

    Worlds 2007 LogoWorlds 2007 Results – The 2007 World Championship is now over, and the winners have been announced! It seems that this year had a wider range of countries placing higher than any previous Worlds.

    Masters Division

    1. Tom Roos (Finland) (Absolutions deck)
    2. Steffen From (Denmark)
    3. Tsuguyoshi Yamato (Japan)
    4. Yuki Akimura (Japan)
    5. Go Miyamoto (Japan)

    Senior Division

    1. Jeremy Scharff-Kim (United States)
    2. Akira Miyazaki (Japan)
    3. Wataru Hasegawa (Japan)
    4. Alexander DaCosta (Canada)
    5. Tomas Beltrame (Argentina)

    Junior Division

    1. Jun Hasebe (Japan)
    2. Hiroki Yano (Japan)
    3. Andrew Choong (Australia)
    4. Paul Atanassov (Canada)
    5. Arnoud Van Bemmelen (Netherlands)

    For a longer list of who placed in what position, you can visit the tournament results section on the Worlds mini-site. Congratulations to all competitors for both making it to Worlds and participating in one of the toughest tournaments of the year! It was definitely no easy task to even make it to Worlds, so everyone should be proud of themselves no matter what place was earned. You all are champions!

    Remember, Worlds 2008 will be in Orlando, Florida! If you know you are going, start booking those airplane tickets for the best deals.

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    .::   Sunday - March 26th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    EDIT #2: It’s Saturday night, but no one has sent me any additional scans, spare for the one scan I am about to introduce. Thanks to Brad Nelson, we know of a secret card in Mysterious Treasures, which was originally a tournament promo in Japan: Time-Space Distortion! Click the thumbnail below to view the larger scan. If you went to a pre-release today and have any cards that we do not have posted, please scan them in at 300 DPI and send them to wpmpb@pokebeach.com. Thank you!

    [Image No Longer Available]

    EDIT #1: Since it is now Saturday morning, I have posted the surprise accessory and promo card you receive from participating in a Mysterious Treasures pre-release. You can view the information below the scan thumbnails, but please feel free to skip the paragraph if you do not want to be spoiled!

    In order to get an internet connection while on vacation, I have to stand on top of a staircase and set my laptop on a window pane. This is very comfortable! :D There are no other Wi-Fi connections inside or anywhere in my surroundings, except for this stray signal that seems to be two stories in the air, so I have to make do with whatever connections I am able to receive. I also have two other Pokemon news stories that I want to post, but since my legs are hurting and I could possibly break my neck from standing up this high, I’ll just sit at a table tomorrow, type them, then post them late at night. I already dropped my laptop once on this vacation (it was unharmed), so I really do not want to give it a second chance to turn into many pieces, like my first one. Bika bika…

    45+ Mysterious Treasures Scans – As usual, we have pre-pre-release scans of the newest Pokemon Trading Card Game set, this time being Mysterious Treasures (DP 2)! Click the thumbnails below these three paragraphs to view the larger versions of each scan, and hover over the left or right when the window opens, clicking “Next” or “Previous” to scroll through the scans like a slideshow. I will try to have the normal set list with the scan links up tomorrow night (note: try).

    To view the Japanese spoilers of this set, [click here]. For the Japanese scans, check our our [Mystery of the Lakes gallery]. Since we do not have all of the English card scans yet, you can simply superimpose the Japanese spoilers over the Japanese scans in your mind to create the English card! :p

    If you go to a pre-release tomorrow, please show your appreciation for our hard work in bringing you these scans by sending in your own scans! :D If you have a scanner, please scan your cards in at 300 DPI in JPG form, and e-mail them to wpmpb@pokebeach.com as attachments (or displaying within the e-mail itself to make it easier for me to download them all at once). I will edit and post as many scans as I receive, if any, tomorrow night. Thank you very much!

    [Images No Longer Available]

    SPOILER: Do not read this if you do not want to know the surprise pre-release accessory or promo card. The pre-release promo card is Gabite, and the accessories are card sleeves, featuring Electivire, on a black sleeve with Electivire’s shadow completely yellow.

    Worlds Updates – The Worlds 2007 Mini-Site was recently updated with who made it through the Last-Chance Qualifier (the Grinder), as well as other updates and fun activities for the first day (the Worlds 2006 deck puzzle has two errors in it, though: Lugia ex gives you two prizes, not one, as the puzzle assumes, and the Pidgeotto on your opponent’s Bench should actually be Pidgeot!). Tomorrow is the second day of the event, which is the first part of the main competition! The Worlds Mini-Site will have all the information you need to know on what is going on during the competition, including information on the players competing and their standings, so be sure to check it out during the day!

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    .::   Sunday - March 26th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    I leave for my Palm Springs vacation tomorrow morning, like we have for the past 18 years! Don’t forget, the PokeBeach Pokemon quiz is tomorrow at 4 PM, PST, in the PokeBeach chat room.

    Worlds Location – In case you did not understand my random comment yesterday on how Orlando is nice in the summertime (a minor riddle), Worlds is going to be in Orlando, Florida next year. Yup.

    Scans Delayed – Just came home! I was out most of the day with my parents buying groceries for our vacation (which will last over a week) and helping my grandma pack at her house, so I did not have much time to edit the Mysterious Treasures scans (So far, I have around 45 holos / rares / uncommons / commons alone, but only three or four have been edited). I will try to get them up tomorrow if I have internet access where I go (which is sometimes the case, but not always). No guarantees, though – I tried my best to start them yesterday and finish them today, but that obviously did not happen, especially since I was not expecting to be out the entire day.

    If I do not post an update tomorrow night at this time, it means I do not have internet at Palm Springs, so I will have to go find a Radio Shack or Circuit City at night or on Saturday morning to upload the cards (or, hopefully, I will have dial-up access, which is sometimes the case). Oh well, it’ll just be like the past three years – editing pre-release scans while on vacation, then uploading them (at least) via dial-up. Sorry for the delay, but I believe I deserve a vacation (even the preparation time), especially after this hectic school year where I barely had time to even pick my nose. Thus, I will be taking it as leisurely and carefree as possible. :D I am not going to worry about this site as much, too (only for the time I am on vacation, of course)!

    Good luck to everyone playing and going to Worlds in Hawaii, and I hope some of you who are competing understand my riddle! It is okay if you do not, but at least you might see something coming that previously was not anticipated (that doesn’t necessarily mean it was unknown before, but that it will be used in a way that you may have never seen, and with people who have strong knowledge and skills with it)!

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    .::   Sunday - March 26th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    No one has figured out the answer to Monday’s riddle (even though some people in Hawaii right now really should), but some forum members have posted their theories, and a few are close to understanding it. Read this forum thread if you want to find out what theories have been posted, as well as my hints. Following this message, you may be spoiled about something major, so do not read this update if you do not like TCG spoilers.

    Tomorrow Night – We will have some English Mysterious Treasures scans tomorrow night! Even though the translations and Japanese scans have been on this site for several months, you will be able to view actual card scans of them in English for the first time. For Japanese spoilers of Mysterious Treasures (DP2), [click here], and to view official English images of some of the cards, [click here]. For our Japanese scans of the set, [click here]. The scans are so old that the page has the Japanese Diamond and Pearl Pokemon names on it – I do not have time to update the page tonight with the English names, so just wait until tomorrow when you can actually view some of the English scans!

    A Location – Orlando looks pretty nice in the summertime, don’t you think? I just hope global warming isn’t stronger next year, and that the sun stays out all day, all summer, with no hurricanes. ;)

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    .::   Sunday - March 26th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    At the time when the two great forces converge to clash among the umpteen lands, the prospicient volition of their final designs will marshal two great powers – both of a volcanic, fiery passion – both produced under the tutelage of two contenders seeking utter, fervid supremacy over each other.

    The sixth one and its possessors may be reborn as the Arabian bird so often has, reclaiming what they mislaid to our home a time ago; the province of the current keepers must entail exposing the significance of such a scroll.

    If this coming prognostication is not ascertained, the foemen will muster arms never previously experienced by this domain… one no alike eyes can fathom… The sixth one, in complete strategic alignment with the firedrake and bastet of no color, or, to a more destructive degree, in the exclusive solitude of only its own kind.


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    .::   Sunday - March 26th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    I am going on vacation later this week for over a week, so updates may become infrequent.

    Next Quest TFG Images – Our gallery for the first Pokemon Trading Figure game set, Next Quest, is now up. We have pictures of all of the figures, including Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup, which were not in the original international release of the set. I will have text spoilers of the set and a review of the game up sometime this week.

    D/P Trainer Kit and M.T. Value Pack – The next Trainer Kit for teaching new players how to play the Pokemon TCG, themed after Diamond and Pearl, will contain two 30-card decks featuring a holo Manaphy and Lucario (both reprinted from Diamond and Pearl, but with different artwork), an extra booster pack, and other materials for learning how to play (damage counters, a play mat, a rule book, etc.). It will be on sale in September for, most likely, around $15.00 (click the first picture for a larger image of it). The next EX value pack will be for Mysterious Treasures, featuring two booster packs of the set, 1 EX series pack, and either a holo Cranidos or Shieldon. It will retail for around $12.00, and will also be released in September. The second thumbnail features the Shieldon promo.

    Diamond and Pearl Trainer KitMysterious Treasures Value Pack

    Song: The Pokemon in Godey’s Garden – Godey is the architect of the Space-Time Tower and the gardens surrounding Alamos Town in the 10th Pokemon movie, Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai, as well as the ancestor of Tonio, the scientist in the movie who discovers the abnormal space-time anomalies occurring. This song is from when Ash and crew are in one of the gardens with Alice, and the crew’s Pokemon are playing with several wild ones. The song isn’t exactly on my top 100 list, but it still has a decent melody.

    The Pokemon in Godey’s Garden – 4.24 Mbs

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    .::   Sunday - March 26th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    Reminder: Quiz Tonight – Tonight, in the PokeBeach chat room between 6:30 and 7:00 PM (PSD, or California time), we will be conducting a Pokemon quiz covering the Anime, TCG, and games. If you want to show-off your Pokemon knowledge, feel free to participate! EDIT: Quiz over!

    • 1st: Burninating_Torchic
    • 2nd: Setherex
    • 3rd: PokemonFR

    Next week’s quiz will be on Friday at 4:00 PM, PST (California time).

    Worlds 2007 Mini-Site Open – The 2007 Worlds Mini-Site is now open. It will be the primary source for getting updates on people’s standings at Worlds next week, as well as other information. Good luck to all participating, and have safe flights (or submarine dives)!

    Song: Darkrai Appears! – Continuing our 10th movie song downloads, today we have the music that plays when Darkrai first reveals itself in the movie. The song uses an organ and electronic synthesizers, and does not quite match the style the composer, Shinji Miyazaki, usually writes (it sounds like it might belong in the Phantom of the Opera).

    Darkrai Appears!

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    .::   Sunday - March 26th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    The TFG report won’t be ready for a while, since people are taking pictures of their figures for me. So, that is delayed for now. Might as well post other news, instead of holding everything back (when the new layout goes up, I will be posting individual news stories, which means I will not have to hold back stories while I wait for one, since the stories will not be grouped together like currently)!

    Mystery Gift Giveaways – At Worlds in Hawaii later this month, surfing Pikachu with a unique ID will be given out by Pokemon USA via Mystery Gift to people with Diamond and Pearl. If you know someone going to Worlds, be sure to send your Diamond and Pearl cartridges with them (like I will be doing)! Based on information briefly stated at Comic-Con, Darkrai is also going to be released in America “soon,” although the method by which it will be distributed is not known yet (it will probably through Mystery Gift and Wi-Fi, somehow, or perhaps an event). The plan for how to release it is not yet finalized.

    Fall Battle Road Info – The fall Battle Road Tournaments will take place between September 22nd and October 14th, and each tournament will have a K-value of around 8 (which means that the current ratings system for organized play may stay in place from this season to the next, although all of the tournament’s K-values could be relatively lowered). The prize for winning a Battle Road is, yet again, a trophy card, although it could be a different version than spring’s Battle Roads tournaments. The purpose of going to a Battle Road is to increase your ranking in the TCG organized play system, so to gain more points, you should probably go to a couple!

    Another Redshark Workaround – For those of you still experiencing problems with getting Redshark to run when you launch it, the Redshark [FAQ] page has been updated with another possible solution to fix the problem. Redshark is a program that allows you to practice the Pokemon TCG on the computer, similar to Apprentice in its purpose, so if you have never tried it, you are missing out!

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    .::   Sunday - March 26th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    Sorry for not having updated recently. I have been gone during most of the day since Sunday (Saturday, too, because of Comic-con), and will be gone again all day tomorrow. Comic-con did not have anything worth posting about related to Pokemon, other than the Trading Figure Game, so I’ll post the pictures I shot and information related to it either late tomorrow night or early the next day. This has been a busy week. :p

    The Pokemon quiz will take place on Friday between 6:30 and 7:00 PM (PST, California time) in the PokeBeach chat room. If you have nothing to do on Friday night, feel free to join in and test your gaming, TCG, and Anime Pokemon knowledge!

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