Thursday - April 9th, 2009 @ 12 AM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

    A strategy guide for Platinum and Rising Rivals is set to be released on May 20th when Rising Rivals hits store shelves. It is 140 pages, costs $9.99, and comes with a holographic Toxicroak G promo card.

    Toxicroak G is the same promo card that was released with Japan’s Galactic’s Conquest visual book, which is Japan’s equivalent of our Platinum set. Toxicroak’s text and Japanese card image are below. Information on the guide is also below.

    Toxicroak G Promo

    Toxicroak G Lv.45 – HP 90
    Basic Pokemon (SP)

    Poke-Power: Leap Away
    Once during your turn (before you attack), you may use this power if Toxicroak G is your Active Pokemon. Flip a coin. If heads, return Toxicroak G and all cards attached to it to your hand. This Power can’t be used if Toxicroak G is affected by a Special Condition.

    [P][C] Poison Revenge: 20 damage. If any of your Pokemon were Knocked Out by damage from an attack during your opponent’s last turn, this attack does an additional 40 damage and the Defending Pokemon is now Poisoned.

    Weakness: Psychic x2
    Resistance: none
    Retreat: 2

    For the first time, strategies of the Pokémon TCG: Platinum and Platinum – Rising Rivals expansions are at your fingertips in the Pokémon TCG: Platinum Player’s Guide! From Giratina to Shaymin, from five forms of Rotom to over a dozen Pokémon LV.X, and from the best cards to the even better cards, you’ll learn the ins and outs of two of the greatest expansions of the Pokémon TCG ever! Plus, to start or expand your collection of Platinum Series cards, you’ll get an awesome Toxicroak card with your Player’s Guide, and a complete deck list loaded with strategy tips to show you just how to get the most out of Toxicroak! Each guide includes:

    • Full-color pictures of over 250 Pokémon TCG: Platinum and Platinum – Rising Rivals cards!
    • A special Toxicroak G card, along with instructions to build a powerful deck designed especially for it!
    • Strategic insights into all four Platinum and Platinum – Rising Rivals theme decks that show how to play them even better!
    • Strategies, play tips, and secrets about each and every card you can collect, trade and play!
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    Wednesday - April 8th, 2009 @ 1 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

    Pokemon Video Game Showdowns

    Information has finally been released concerning the Pokemon Video Game Showdowns. Tournaments will take place in the United States, Japan, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. Within the United States, qualifying tournaments will be held in Seattle on May 9th, San Francisco on May 16th, Phoenix on May 23rd, Dallas on May 30th, Philadelphia on June 6th, and Nashville on June 13th.

    At each event, only 128 people will be allowed to enter per age division, all of which must use Pokemon Platinum (except in countries where it has not been released). The competitors will be selected randomly from everyone who shows up. This is unfortunate, as people who travel far distances may be rejected.

    Each person who shows up will receive a shiny Milotic. It is at Level 50, knows Rain Dance, Recover, Hydro Pump, and Icy Wind, is holding a Flame Orb, and has a Classic Ribbon.

    Restrictions on teams are as follows, including banned Pokemon.

    • Each match will use the 2-on-2 format.
    • Each Pokémon on a player’s team must be Level 50 or lower. The Pokémon Link Club Colosseum does not have an auto-level feature, so Pokémon that are Level 51 or higher cannot be adjusted down to Level 50, and are ineligible for this competition.
    • A player’s team may not contain two of the same Pokémon.
    • Each Pokémon on a player’s team may use held items, though no 2 Pokémon on a team may hold the same item. Allowed items include held items from Pokémon™ Platinum Version, and earlier video games, including Berries 1–61. The Soul Dew item may not be used.
    • Players may not enter two Pokémon with the same nickname.
    • Players may not enter a Pokémon nicknamed with the name of another Pokémon character (for example, a Lucario nicknamed “Spiritomb”).
    • Players found to have inappropriate/offensive Trainer names or Pokémon nicknames, as determined by the event staff, will be disqualified from the event.
    • Pokemon that are banned include Mewtwo, Mew, Tyranitar, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Celebi, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Jirachi, Deoxys, Rotom, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Phione, Manaphy, Darkrai, Shaymin, and Arceus.
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    Wednesday - April 8th, 2009 @ 1 AM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

    The fourth PokéBeach video game tournament is going to start soon! Want to test out your tournament-worthy teams against competitive players before the Video Game Showdowns roll around the corner? Then sign up here! The tournament will be held on DPPt Wi-Fi and Shoddy Battle. Spots will continue to be filled until there are at least 64 participants. Show off all your best Pokémon from Platinum and battle to be crowned PokéBeach’s new champion!

    4th Official PokeBeach Video Game Tournament
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    Wednesday - April 8th, 2009 @ 1 AM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

    The last quiz asked you to identify potential evidence of a Gold and Silver remake. The question asked which of the options was NOT proof of a Gold and Silver remake, but all of the options were potential evidence, meaning the answer was “None of the above.” Only 27% of people voted correctly, though the correct answer was still in first place.

    Here are the poll options and explanations of why they are evidence or suggestive of a possible remake.

    • The Johto starters and Pichu being in the 12th movie. The Pokemon franchise is known for its cross-promotional advertising. Why would they randomly plop three Gold and Silver starters of all things, including a Pichu, into a 4th generation movie?
    • “Received Pokemon from Johto” information programmed into D/P/Pt. When you move a Pokemon on to a DS game, their information states what region they are from. For example, importing a Lotad from Sapphire will display “Hoenn” when you look at its info. Kanto (for FRLG), Hoenn (for R/S/Em), and Sinnoh (for D/P/Pt) are programmed into Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum because Pokemon from those regions can be moved on to a DS game. So why is Johto included in the programming as well? Because the developers knew there would be a future game featuring the Johto region, necessitating the need for DPPt to be able to recognize if a Pokemon is from Johto?
    • May and her coordinator friends traveling from Hoenn to Johto. In the anime, May, Drew, and Harley left for Johto to continue Pokemon Contests. This may give Ash and crew an excuse in the future to visit May and the Johto region.
    • Most G/S Pokemon not having updated Ken Sugimori artwork. Maybe Mr. Sugimori is waiting for the remakes to be made before he updates their artwork?
    • Trademarked game names like “DuskGold” and “DawnSilver.” Many trademarked Pokemon game names are in existence, but these ones are obviously registered in case Gamefreak decides to make a new set of Gold and Silver games. There is also a Dusk Stone and Dawn Stone in Generation IV, which evolves two Generation II Pokemon… could this somehow be related?
    • Prof. Oak’s reference to a non-existent white rock in Kanto that could be in a G/S remake. When you talk to Professor Oak and give him the Oak’s Letter, he says that there is a white rock in Kanto as there is in Sinnoh… but there is no such rock in FRLG. The original Gold and Silver included Kanto, so if they decided to do the same with a Gold and Silver remake, they could include the white rock and solve the mystery of its absence.
    • Entei, Suicune, and Raikou being the only legendary trio not capturable in D/P/Pt. Perhaps because they are reserved for the remakes?
    • The complete lack of non-4th generation related G/S Pokemon in recent TCG sets. This is probably one of the largest hints, as Pokemon products always provide clues on where the franchise is going. The past few TCG sets have barely had any Gold and Silver Pokemon… if they have, they are usually related to 4th generation ones (like Elekid for Electivire) or G/S Pokemon that characters in the game explicitly own (like Steelix for Byron). Where did the rest of the Generation II go all of a sudden? Perhaps they are being saved for a Gold and Silver set that will be released when the remakes are.
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    Monday - April 6th, 2009 @ 1 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

    Got my laptop back! Yay! Update time!

    Rotom Secret Key

    The official Canadian Toys R Us website has announced that the retail chain will have Secret Key downloads later this month. The item grants you access to a special room where you can expose Rotom to several household appliances, which induce its Mow, Heat, Wash, Frost, or Fan Forme.

    Exclusive Pokémon Platinum Version in store event! Get the Secret Key. Unlock the secrets in-stores between April 19th to 26th. Only the secret key lets you change Rotom’s form in Pokémon Platinum. Be sure to bring in your Nintendo DS and Pokémon Platinum Version!

    Nintendo DS hardware and Pokémon Platinum version required to participate.

    Since it is doubtful Canada will be the only country receiving the Secret Key download at Toys R Us, it is probably safe to assume America’s downloads will begin around the same time. An announcement might be forthcoming.

    If you have a Japanese and English Platinum game, you can already receive the Secret Key on your English version! This will only work if you still have the Secret Key Wonder Card on your Japanese game, obviously. Go to the main menu of the Japanese game, select “Mystery Gift,” find the Secret Key card, then pick “Check Card.” Choose the “Send to a friend” option and then be ready to receive the Secret Key Wonder Card on your English copy from the Mystery Gift menu. This is the only Wonder Card that has not been region-locked, which is why it can be sent to a foreign game. Thanks go to Skitty for this tip!

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    Friday - April 3rd, 2009 @ 8 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

    Sorry for this late update. Mondays and Fridays are my “busy days” this quarter.

    For any player using Japanese cards in tournament decks, this will be a huge blow to you. Starting the next tournament season (September 1st), Japanese cards will not be allowed in any decks in any country (excluding Japan, obviously). This excludes “fun” play, like at Pokemon Leagues, but nothing else.

    There is no point now in buying Japanese cards if you are a player. If you are an American, you can only use English cards from now on. Other countries are restricted to certain languages as well. I can only imagine how much an English LV.X card is going to cost now after sets are released.

    The introduction of the press release can be read below. Be sure to read the full article to see the restrictions for each country.

    Effective: September 1, 2009

    Over the course of several seasons, Pokémon Organized Play has noticed a sharp increase in the use of foreign-language cards in markets where those languages are not commonly understood by the player base. While we recognize that the Pokémon Trading Card Game is an international game, the unfortunate side effect of this increase is that it has added a layer of complexity to an already complex tournament setting at Premier Events. In cases where the majority of players and event staff are not fluent in these other languages, the pace of games has slowed due to translation issues, even with the use of the Card Dex or local-language reference cards.

    Starting with the 2009–2010 tournament season, which begins September 1, 2009, Pokémon Organized Play will restrict the use of foreign-language cards at Premier Events, based on where those events take place. The Pokémon Trading Card Game is currently printed in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish. As English-language cards are distributed in the vast majority of markets worldwide, and more cards are printed in English than in any other language, English cards are legal for Premier Events in every market. Tournament legality at Premier Events for non-English sets is listed below. Only countries that run Premier Events are contained in this list.

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    Thursday - April 2nd, 2009 @ 11 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

    DP35 and DP36 Porygon-Z and Gliscor have finally been released in stores. They each come in their own blister pack with two Platinum and one Legends Awakened booster pack, as well as a coin featuring both Electivire and Magmortar. Click the thumbnails below for larger images, which are provided by Shakespeare.

    These promos were originally released last July in Japan and were supposed to be released February 11th with Platinum‘s retail release in America. For some reason, the blister packs were delayed by almost two months, though they were available in Europe. Since they have now been spotted in American stores, they can now be considered legal for official tournament play!

    Porygon-Z (DP35) Gliscor (DP36)
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    Thursday - April 2nd, 2009 @ 11 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

    Finally some news!

    Holo versions of POP 8 Luxray and Probopass are now available in a four-pack blister package at the usual retail chains. The package, which costs $9.99, contains one Legends Awakened, one Platinum, one POP 6, and one POP 7 booster pack. An energy coin is included as well. Click the thumbnails below for larger images, courtesy of Shakespeare!

    Luxray and Probopass POP 8 Blister Pack Luxray (#3 - Holo) from POP 8 Probopass (#4 - Holo) from POP 8
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    Saturday - March 28th, 2009 @ 5 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

    HA! Next time you hear someone say Pokemon is dead you can either use Mega Punch on them or point them to articles like this. :)

    Pokemon Special Japanese Cover Volume 1

    The Best of Pokemon Adventures manga has won the award of “Best Manga Series” from Nickelodeon Magazine. Pokemon competed against other popular manga like Naruto, One Piece, and Fruits Basket and was chosen by a pool of 17,000 voters as the winner. Details of the award are in the press release below.

    Nickelodeon Magazine, the leading entertainment and humor magazine for kids, announces the winners of the first Nickelodeon Magazine Comics Awards. The eight winners, chosen by more than 17,000 readers, are featured in the April 2009 issue of Nickelodeon Magazine- currently on newsstands. The Nickelodeon Magazine Comics Awards-the first major comics awards for kids-honors the best comic books, strips and graphic novels for kids published across the U.S.

    “Our readers have spoken, and thousands have cast their votes,” said Laura Galen, Editorial Director of Nick Magazine. “This contest presented us with a great opportunity to engage our readers and make them a part of the editorial process. We hope they’ll enjoy seeing their favorites in print.”

    Over a six week period (Nov. 24-Dec. 31, 2008), readers cast their votes for their favorite comics and characters across eight categories through a mail-in print ballot and online at Readers selected their favorite graphic novels, fantasy graphic novels, comic book series, comic strips, manga series, cutest comic characters, best hair in comics and grossest thing in comics.

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    Friday - March 27th, 2009 @ 10 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

    My laptop took a hard fall and died. Time to be without it again! Its death has become a quarterly tradition.

    Whoops, I forgot we had a poll on the sidebar apparently. The last poll asked, “Which of the following does not fit?” The most correct answer was “Save and reset,” with only 21% of the voters getting it right.

    The other options described the famous Missingno. / “Rare Candy” glitch from Red and Blue. With the glitch, you were supposed to ask the Old Man in Viridian City how to capture Pokemon, use Fly to get to Cinnabar Island, and then use Surf along its shore to encounter Missingno. Typically, Missingno. would know Sky Attack and encountering it in a battle would multiple the 6th slot of your bag many times, from which you could repeat to get infinite amounts of items like Rare Candy. Everyone on the playground knew this glitch when I was 10 and it remains one of the most famous Pokemon glitches ever.

    Try out this week’s poll! I promise I will keep the right menu updated from now on… you guys will just have to remind me. :)

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    Sunday - March 22nd, 2009 @ 11 AM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

    A new “Platinum Poster Box” is now available exclusively at Best Buy for $9.99. It comes with two Platinum and two POP 8 booster packs as well as a Platinum set poster featuring images of all of the cards in the set. The featured promo card is DP44, a holo Magnezone, which originates from the 11th Movie Commemoration Set from Japan.

    Oddly, DP41, DP42, and DP43 were skipped. Shakespeare, who provided the images below, checked Target, Wal-Mart, and K-Mart to see if perhaps they had the package with different promos but they did not. So it seems the missing promos will be released through other means.

    Click the thumbnails below for larger images of the packaging and promo.

    Platinum Poster Box Magnezone Diamond and Pearl Promo (DP44)
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    Sunday - March 22nd, 2009 @ 11 AM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

    Rotom on Platinum Website

    Pokemon Platinum was released this morning in stores! If you bought it, you would have discovered one of five inserts featuring one of Rotom’s new Formes. Each insert has a special code you can enter at For each code you can download a Rotom Forme wallpaper. Entering all five codes allows you to download a widget application that places Rotom “stickers” on your Desktop.

    Here are the codes. So as to not circumvent the Platinum website, you can enter the codes in yourself to download the wallpaper and the widget. :)

    • Mow Rotom: 7W6O3M5
    • Heat Rotom: T8A6EH7
    • Wash Rotom: H8S3A5W
    • Frost Rotom: 6TS8ORF
    • Fan Rotom: 9N4A4F8
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    Friday - March 20th, 2009 @ 11 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

    The second weekend of States starts tomorrow! Be sure to arrive on time and try to fill out your deck list before you arrive.

    The PokeBeach Strategists have written a new article for last weekend’s State Championships! Want to see how week one of States went? It seems as though a certain evil organization took them over… read to find out what dominated the tournaments!

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    Friday - March 20th, 2009 @ 4 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

    Update (5 PM): Added theme deck images and better-quality booster pack images.

    Finals are over!!

    Rising Rivals

    The official Pokemon TCG website has revealed that the next English set is named Rising Rivals and that it will be released in stores May 20th. Judging by the number of cards in the set (111), we can safely say that it will be completely comprised of cards from Bonds to the End of Time and its theme decks (since there are 111 unique cards in them). The three classic reprints, Pikachu, will most likely be cards #112-114.

    Gallade 4 LV.X retains the Japanese kanji for “4” after its name, “四.” Instead of changing it to “4,” they left it in Japanese. When you write out the card name or refer to it, you will have to call it “Gallade 4 LV.X.” Of course, you could also show off your Japanese skills and say “Gallade Yon LV.X.” The four, of course, stands for “Elite Four.” “GL” stands for “Gym Leader.”

    The set’s booster packs feature Rotom, Houndoom, Scizor, and Leafeon while the theme decks (named “Cutting Edge” and “Drill Point”) contain Gallade 4 and Rhyperior 4. Click the thumbnails below for larger images. The press release for the set is below the images as well.

    Floatzel GL from Rising Rivals (#4) Steelix GL from Rising Rivals (#51) Gallade 4 LV.X from Rising Rivals (#106) Rising Rivals Booster Packs Rising Rivals Theme Decks

    A Rivalry is Born!

    The Pokémon TCG: Platinum – Rising Rivals expansion brings powerful Trainers and amazing Pokémon together in new and exciting ways, pitting Trainer against Trainer and Pokémon against Pokémon in battles that are sure to raise players to the top of their games! This latest installment of the best-selling Pokémon TCG contains more than 110 cards and features new Pokémon SP and new Pokémon LV.X including Luxray and Gallade, while the Plasma Pokémon Rotom can now be collected in five different forms!

    Loaded with the latest Trainer cards, new game play options, and some of the most awesome Pokémon ever, Platinum – Rising Rivals lets you ascend to the level of the Elite Four and discover the elite Trainer in yourself!

    • Look for all-new Pokémon SP
    • Discover powerful new Pokémon LV.X
    • Collect five different forms for Rotom
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    Wednesday - March 18th, 2009 @ 11 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

    Do not forget to download Regigigas at Toys R Us! The last day to do so is Saturday!

    LV.X Pokemon Card Collection Packs - Shaymin LV.X, Mewtwo LV.X, Regigigas LV.X

    The LV.X Pokemon Card Collection Packs we posted about a few weeks ago have now been announced on the Pokemon Card website.

    As reported last time, there will be three packs featuring Shaymin LV.X, Mewtwo LV.X, and Regigigas LV.X with their American tin artwork. The artwork was never used on any Japanese card before, making the cards exclusive to countries who sold the tins… until now.

    Each of the packs contains twelve cards, six of which are holo. Spare the LV.X cards, each card was originally introduced as a promo card in Japan. However, the cards are not numbered with their original promo numbers; instead, each is numbered as if it is out of a set, such as Time-Space Distortion being card #12/12 in the Shaymin LV.X pack. The purpose of re-releasing these cards is so players from Japan can use the cards in their decks, not so collectors can have an easy way of picking up promos.

    Cards in each of these mini-sets has a prefix which represents “Platinum” and either “Shaymin,” “Mewtwo,” or “Regigigas.” These prefixes are: PtS, PtM, and PtR. For example, Mewtwo LV.X is numbered PtM 6.

    Each pack will cost 500 yen (a little over five bucks) and will be released on April 18th in Japan. What an absolutely cheap price for six holos! All of the cards, as listed below, have already been released in America through tins, main sets, and POP sets. Unless you need a few of these cards for your decks, there really is not much use for them. Thanks goes to Bangiras for compiling the set lists below! Cards with a * after their name are holo while the original promo sets the cards were in are in parenthesis.

    Shaymin LV.X Pack – 1 Combee (Meiji Chocosnack series 8), 2 Yanmega* (Meiji Chocosnack series 8), 3 Shaymin LV.X*, 4 Chimchar (Players Promos series 5), 5 Glaceon* (Winter Challenge), 6 Palkia (Player’s Promos series 5), 7 Pikachu (Collection Challenge), 8 Raichu (Collection Challenge), 9 Stunky (Meiji Chocosnack series m8), 10 Probopass* (Meiji Chocosnack series 8), 11 Eevee* (Sales Campaign), 12 Time-Space Distortion* (Battle Roads/Winter Challenge)

    Mewtwo LV.X Pack – 1 Burmy Sand Coat (Meiji Chocosnack series 8), 2 Piplup (Players Promos series 5), 3 Buizel (Collection Challenge), 4 Luxray* (Meiji Chocosnack series 8), 5 Pachirisu (Collection Challenge), 6 Mewtwo LV.X*, 7 Dusknoir* (Battle Road/Pokemon Challenge Place), 8 Riolu* (Meiji Chocosnack series 8), 9 Lucario* (Battle Roads), 10 Dialga (Players Promos series 5), 11 Munchlax (Meiji Chocosnack series 8), 12 Time-Space Distortion* (Battle Roads/Winter Challenge)

    Regigigas LV.X – 1 Turtwig (Players Promos series 5), 2 Leafeon* (Winter Challenge), 3 Heatran* (Meiji Chocosnack series 8), 4 Shellos East Sea* (Meiji Chocosnack series 8), 5 Phione (Meiji Chocosnack series 8), 6 Manaphy (Player’s Promos series 5), 7 Chingling (Meiji Chocosnack series 8), 8 Cresselia* (Sales Campaign), 9 Buneary (Collection Challenge), 10 Lopunny (Collection Challenge), 11 Regigigas LV.X*, 12 Time Space Distortion* (Battle Roads/Winter Challenge)

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