ORAS When Will the Next Game be Announced?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by pokemon64, May 5, 2015.

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    The only remotely legitimate source I can find on this Famitsu announcement is on this French site, and I'm not sure I trust it:


    And even if it is legit, I'd like to reiterate that "incredible Pokemon information" does not mean "new game announcement", and these types of statements are usually meaningless and the announcements are usually more underwhelming than those statements imply. You'd be smart to expect nothing out of this.

  2. pokemon64 Semi-Ace Trainer


    Several youtubers are making videos on this, that and this was on the offical Famitsu magazine.
  3. pokemon64 Semi-Ace Trainer


    Poken Fighters on Wii U?
    (Mewtwo as a fighter, please game freak)
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    Bolt the Cat


    Did Famitsu themselves confirm this? IDK enough Japanese to check their site.
  5. pokemon64 Semi-Ace Trainer


    Yes, What do you think they will announce on this month's CoroCoro
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    Bolt the Cat


    And where's your source?
  7. MegaBeedrill This isn't even my final form!


    I translated that:

    In its June issue, the magazine Famitsu DS + Wii has placed a small tease promising us incredible information about Pokémon in the next monthly issue!


    I'm the new MizuPin (note: that's his name) and I'm from the future. I will give you an incredible Pokémon information in the next issue. Yokai Monster Hunter Watch and prove it (note: it is from the future)

    MizuPin we cite examples of Monster Hunter and Yokai Watch in its text to prove that he has that information. You should know that in the edition of last month, has MizuPin tease a big announcement for these two licenses. It has not failed since Monster Hunter Stories and Yokai Watch 3 were announced a few weeks ago in Japan, confirming his statements.

    So we know who we're dealing with. Given the latest teases MizuPin, we can expect the announcement of a new main Pokémon game licensed by the publication of the next Famitsu DS + Wii on 21 May. Pending more information, stay tuned to Pokébip!

    yeah....... don't think this is legit at all.

    More info on the new hoopa movie just like the previous corocoro.
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  8. TokenDuelist YGO TCG is Cheaper. Fight me.


    There's that and the fact that most of this stuff is revealed in CoroCoro. If this news was legit then many more blogs, especially Pokebeach - would mention it.
  9. Teal 黄前さん らしい ね


    We'll probably get a new game (or games) this year too so they will have to announce it soon. We [west] have gotten a new main series game every year since Platinum.

    They kinda "have" to do it even for VGC. Of course they want the money (too) though. :p
  10. Bolt the Cat Bringing the Thunder
    Bolt the Cat


    Yeah, this sounds more likely. I don't see any new announcements on the horizon.

    Except they weren't. XY was revealed in a Nintendo Direct and ORAS was revealed in an investor's meeting.
  11. pokemon64 Semi-Ace Trainer


    [QUOTE=ORAS was revealed in an investor's meeting.[/QUOTE]
    I thought it was a surprise announcement, I guess you learn something new everyday[/QUOTE]
  12. Athena The Cooler Danchou

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    I'll trust any such announcements when they're actually made, and by a credible source. No point getting your hopes up over something that could very easily be a hoax or just a rumour blown out of proportion. "OMG INCREDIBLE NEWS!" and similar statements are often used in promotions to encourage people to buy magazines and it could mean everything from a new game announcement to an exclusive new screencap of the Hoopa movie.
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  13. Friezy Super Saiyan 3


    There is no place in Pokemon for pay every second to win games, I would say the PTCGO is different in the sense that it is an expansion (or simulator) for the PTCG, which, like any TCG requires investment of time and money, but the product is essentially yours forever. True 'freemium' games like Candy Crush are the types of games ruining gaming in general. They have already skyrocketed in the Apple and Play store and as you can see, these types of games dominate the smartphone market - they have become the norm. EA is a proficient supporter of micro transactions, and we can see it already seeping into our the Pokemon games. It may be in our spin off games today, but in our main games tomorrow.

    The fact that you even endorse this nonsense shows the true power of these marketing ploys.

    I don't see how Rumble World had a 'fantastic freemium setup' when it was a Pokemon Rumble Blast clone with over-inflated price tags attached to everything you do. Even compared to Shuffle, the manifestation of freemium gaming, it was not required.
    ''having a 3DS Compatible Battle Frontier game with all that for free with some incentive that is essentially street pass powered would attract more people to events.''
    Yeah, I agree, that can be done without freemium service in the footsteps of Pokemon Battle Revolution. See: Super Smash Bros. To this day, there are still Melee tournaments ongoing.

    Worst comes to worst, Pokemon should take the route that Smash Bros has taken, DLC without over-excessive price tags.
    => Mewtwo in Smash Bros. -> fan favorite without enormous pricing -> win-win for both parties.

    Nintendo for the first time in a LONG time has returned to a full-year profit. Do you think this was achieved through lackluster pay-to-win games? Or do you think it was achieved by Nintendo heeding the calls of the fans and producing fantastic, true Nintendo-quality games?
  14. TokenDuelist YGO TCG is Cheaper. Fight me.


    I wasn't talking about TCGO. I'm talking about the physical card game. True it is way more money incentive lately than it used to be but the point remains.

    I don't endorse it completely replacing everything. I don't see it as nonsense because unlike most of the freemium games out there Pokemon's pretty fair about it excluding Shuffle which is a good example of what not to do (yet somehow has a lot of support from people?? idk I just prefer the way Puzzle & Dragons and Love Live do it. Especially Rumble world - Way more fair.)

    However I see many complaints about people not wanting to buy OR/AS for a good number of selfish reasons. To top it off - again, Pokemon League is a factor. They try to press that on people but do nothing to encourage people's attendance because Prize Support is garbage outside of a few staples like Muscle Band and N.
    I'm not talking about completely butchering the game by making everything NEEDED a pay2win. In fact the only Pay2Win out of this is Shuffle. but I can see them doing something for the anniversary. Not a lot of people can afford full games lately, especially Pokemon's fanbase.

    for example: College Students.
    I've met many college students who want X/Y or OR/AS but sadly cannot really afford it in their current state. Heck I've seen friends have no other choice but to sell their games to make some money for needs.

    So for this reason I think the freemium aspect benefits a lot of people. Especially the way Pokemon does it.
  15. Friezy Super Saiyan 3


    1. The physical card game is NOT 'freemium' by any means at all. In fact, it is 100% premium. What is 'free' in the TCG? It is a very expensive card game which requires sufficient funds for collection and/or competitive use. The prices of certain cards are over-inflated with a positive correlation against demand. It is by no means 'freemium.' This is an investment which you make.

    2. I have never heard such complaints, you are not entitled to join the Pokemon League Championships, the majority do not, but it's not because of 'prize stables' so much as it is availability. The leagues in Europe are extremely lackluster compared to our North American counterpart, we also have fewer event distributions, that is a huge factor in our participation.

    3. I'm arguing that pay2win games are the destruction of gaming as we know it. If you were a business and sought to make money, why put effort into making full price video games which require more effort and funding rather than getting a small group together and making the monstrosity that is freemium gaming for a quick buck? Do you understand the power of this marketing? A child may see the face of Pikachu on an otherwise Candy Crush clone and immediately desire gems or whatever currency to try to capture it, if this is acceptable by today's means then why waste time on full-length games?

    4. Your argument that college students can't afford XY/ORAS and rely on freemium games makes no sense. I am a college student myself and without a doubt I can already see Pokemon Shuffle and Rumble World costing me much, much more down the line than a pay once to play game. In addition, the games are announced months before release, if you put aside the money you would spend for micro transactions weekly, you would be able to purchase a full game two-fold.
    'Heck I've seen friends have no other choice but to sell their games to make some money for needs.'
    If your friends are in such a state that selling video games to fulfill their needs is the only way for them to survive, I cannot possibly see what they would be doing trying to play freemium games. They will eventually reach a stalemate, like many others, where they must fork over money to proceed. It is how these games are engineered.

    Finally, you say 'especially the way Pokemon does it' and it begs the question, how do they do it differently? They use the same micro transactions prices, the same 'currency', same 5 lives mechanic (Candy Crush) and same wait 5 hours to play again scheme.
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    Remember to stay on topic! :) To talk about other topics, such as what a potential future game could be like, you can create a new thread.
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    That's okay, it's not a topic worth arguing about anyway because there's always opinions.
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    I was wondering about that myself a few days ago. My guess is that they won't announce a new entry into the main series this year (I hope I'm wrong). I mean next year the franchise turns 20 so maybe we'll hear something in January. Then again...they have been known for making surprise announcements.
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    The best thing to do is not to think about it. Thats how it will come "faster". Constantly thinking when the next game would come out makes it feel like ages until they announce it.
    It's not so simple though after you've done everything in the current game.
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    Hey, someone deleted my post, which I spend over half an hour on! I don't know who did it and I want it restored to another topic.

    Anyway, probably not until next year, unless the next game has a very late release in December.

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