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Want to buy Japanese BW cards and promos

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Hi guys,

Wanting to buy or trade for Japanese current sets such as any black and white and any promo cards old or new if you want to trade please check my trade thread for goodies
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I have B&W Dark Rush Foil cards + Commons/Uncommons. No EXs, FAs, or SRs. I also have various JP Promos, like Raichu/Pikachu/Eeveelution Meiji chocolate promo cards. I also have a near-complete JP Arceus 2009 Movie cards (sorta like Promo?), just missing one Water Energy. What's your budget?
On eBay, the complete 2009 Arceus Movie set has gone for quite a pretty penny... so make an offer. And apparently, that sold for $80 (it's back up on Ebay for $100) + shipping.

Jolteon Meiji ChocoPromo goes for $6~10 on Ebay. I'm assuming that Flareon & Vaporeon goes for the same. Granted, there is a 4-card Meiji Eevee+Eeveelution sold on eBay for only $3, but that's an extreme and I don't value my cards that cheap.

Raichu Meiji ChocoPromo goes for $6~8 on Ebay too.

My Dark Rush & older JP cards can be seen here:

For the above, I can sell you everything for $100 + shipping ($10 for bubblemail, $25 for expedited + tracking + insurance). I also have a bunch of E-Series 2 holos that go for $2~15 if you're interested.