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We are looking for more PokéBeach Strategists again for our reformed program! To apply, make up your own application describing your qualifications to become a strategist, and post it in this thread. You may include anything that you think may be necessary to demonstrate that you are fit to become a strategist (examples: tournaments won, player ranking, past experience with the TCG, Pokémon community activity, etc). Spelling and grammar are a must to become a Strategist. Only a few positions are open, so put forth your best effort in creating and submitting your application; keep in mind that there will most likely be many other people that will want to apply as well. Even if you do not make it, your application may be considered in the future if new positions are open - we will have a "waiting" list. This thread will be open 24 / 7 / 365.25. If you think you can do it, show us what you are made of!

Please note that anyone who is discovered to have lied in their application will be denied any chances of becoming a Strategist. If a Strategist is later found to have lied in their application, they will be removed immediately. Temporary bans may be made in the above case, or if anyone plagiarizes a card review, so be forewarned!

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Well, I have played Pokemon since it came to cards, and still play to this day. I have ranked top 4 in almost every tournament that i've played in, winning 1 Battle Roads, and Numerous Pre-Releases. I have created several strategies for myself, other memmbers of this forum, and my fellow league players. I have a decent amount of knowledge of the video game, and know many aspects of the card game. I particapate at a local league every Sunday, helping new players with their cards and such. Back when the game was first released, I was the best player in my state, though I moved 13 times after that, losing several cards and interst in the game. I have been playing for a little over 2 years since getting back in the game, and i'm in top strategist in my state, though not high on player ranking due to some familly misfortunes wreaking my budget.
I am extremely intelligent and am able to learn very quickly, though I often slack off when the work gets too boring. Of course, that will not affect my work as a strategist as I throughly enjoy analyzing the potential of cards. I am also an extreme grammar freak, and my mother works as a novelist. I have never been banned on the forum, or had any charges in real life. I am a fan of telling stories, however, I'll never lie/cheat on an exam, resume or anything that serves a purpose beyond entertaining close friends.
I also have no activities taking up my personal time, making it easy to spend time on this site, even on school days (though I may miss a fw days for tests). Other then that, there's not alot to say. I got into semi-finals for an essay I wrote and been accepted into honnors english for my writing skills. And ofcourse, i want to be a strategist, and i believe that I would be good at it. I will be moving soon, making service unavialabe for a week, but I won't move after that for atleast 2 years and have a decent PC (as long as i don't download annything) so I shouldn't have a problem there.

I hope that my resume is good enough for the job, and i thank you for taking the time to read it in any case.
MOT6K, The Bug Catching Supremecy

Edit: well, my list is in there, but incase I made it unclear:
3rd in MT Pre
1st in D/P, PK, PK, DF, CG, CG, HP Pres, 1 BR
2nd in HP, LM, LM, UF Pres
3rd in DS Pre and 1 BR
I'm sure I've placed in others, but I've been playing for a while and honestly don't care about winning or losing, so that's all I rember.


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I would love to be a PokeBeach strategist and will work hard to do my best to come up with strategies. As a creator of Dax-Lock and ED, I want to help the PokeBeach world to come up with good strategies so they can improve their Pokemon TCG skills. I am VERY good at prereleases and therefore quite knowledgeable with new cards. I have been placed at 2nd Place and 1st Place at every Prerelease tournament I have entered which include: Ex Legend Maker, (2nd), Ex Dragon Frontiers, (1st), Ex Power Keepers, (2nd) and Diamond and Pearl. (2nd) I have been playing Pokemon for only a couple of years but my knowledge for Pokemon has expanded a lot from then. I have a very good computer which has high-speed so I am able to get on and give help to as many people as I possibly can. I hope you will consider me as becoming a PokeBeach strategist and thank you in advance!


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I would gladly become a strategist. I am more of the rogue player. I almost never face a mirror in a tournament, even though I have been playing for more than 2 years. My memory is great which helps memorize those attacks and Poke-Powers that really stand out so that when I see one that combos, BAM, I remember. I never place under 5th in a prerelease. My only losses at my last tournament belong to someone who got 2nd at Worlds and someone who won the tournament.

12th States
9th Regionals
1st Numerous prereleases
2nd-3rd Numerous local tournaments

And, my state provided 3/12 of the registered players in my age group to go to worlds. THIS YEAR!

I am sure that you can count on my grammar and spelling. I just recently won my school spelling bee and got 28th in my entire county.

I also have the time and effort to be a strategist. I am usually on the computer 1-2 hours a day on school days and more on weekends. I love to type articles, wether it is for fun or for school. Many people, including teachers, love my essays and my peers ask me to proof read their papers.

All in all, I believe that I am a strong candidate to be a strategist. Thank you for reading this and considering me.


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Well to start off... I have already been a strategist on this website (when we had to apply about the Steelix ex article) and then I haven't been able to post after that because I forgot how to log in. I have placed well in many tournaments which include Gym Challenge, City Championships, State Championships, League Tournaments, Prereleases, and Battle Roads. I have only made 1 trip to World Championships back in 2006 but sadly I didn't go. I try to go to every tournament I can go to and almost always attend my league (I don't go so often in the summer though). My player ranking is usually pretty good and stays in the 1700's (which is pretty good in Canada since we don't have as many tournaments or huge tournaments as the United States). Also I started to play competitively only last year after Legend Maker and I only won Gym Challenge last year so that is why my ranking was only a 1798 last year. This year I had a bit of a rough season and only got a 1760. I play my dad and my brother on a day to day basis (and they to have had their share of winning tournaments) and I check this website's news about new cards and sets to make new decks all of the time. I always try to help people fix their decks and I can see potential in cards.

Tournament Record
1st at various Prereleases 05 - 07
1st at Gym Challenge 06
Top 4 at various City Championship 06 - 07
Top 4 at States 07
Top 16 Regionals 07
Top 16 Nationals 07
Top 2 Battle Roads Spring 07
1st at various League Tournaments
1st at various constructed side tournaments

Thank you Water Pokemon Master for taking your time to read this.


Pokébeach Strategist.
I would like to be a strategist for Pokebeach-
Information about my PTCG "career"-
I'm in the Senior Division, attend most tournaments in my area on Sundays (due to my school having Saturday School) and more tournaments during the school holidays. Unfortunately, I do not have a "My Pokemon" account with POP but intend on having one set up soon. Also I live in the United Kingdom.

Although I have only entered Pokemon Organized Play Tournaments for two years, I have collected Pokemon Cards since the Base Set and play the Pokemon video games, therefore, I know all evolution chains and rules of the Trading Card Game.

Pokemon TCG Curriculum Vitae/ Resumé-

2005-2006 Season

-Played in 10 City Championships coming no lower than fourth place in any of them placing second place in several (losing the final of one by a coin toss.)

-Came around twentieth place in the London State Regional Championship.

- Came twenty-seventh place at my first National Championship.

2006-2007 Season

- Played in about 10 City Championships coming second in most tournaments and not making the top cut only once. Also I won a City Championship in December beating the reigning two-time National Champion in the final giving him his first game that the he had lost since August.

- Came in fifth place at the South West Regional Championships after being forced to play Masters for two rounds.

- Came in thirteenth place at the National Championship having missed out on the Top 8 cut
(The Organizer decided only to do a top 8 cut instead of 16)

Spelling and Grammar- I am very conscientious of this topic and can never bring myself to hand in a piece of work that I know contains idiosyncrasies- I like things to be perfect and that is just me! The standard of my Spelling and grammar is very high.

I also believe that although I am relatively new to the game, I am already an experienced player.

This is Why I believe that I should be a Pokebeach Strategist.


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well, here goes:

i would like to be a stratigist because pokemon is literally my life. my mom plays, my dad plays, my uncle plays, and i play. i can come up with many good ideas and i am very self-concious about my slepping and grammer (if a word is spelled incorrectly, thats probably because i can't see it. my computer's so darn small...) anyway, i am home schooled so i have free time during the day. however, i do take music and karate 4 times a week, so i hope that isn't a problem. i have won over 3 cities and 2 battle roads. i can 7th in the pittsburgh states and 61st at 06' nats. (i didn't compete this year...) also, i have never placed under 1st place in a pre-release. i have been to over 10 of them (from legend maker to dp1) i maintain a 4.0 average (i'm not sure if thats required here...) and i hope you beleive that i'm quilafied.

ketchup, out


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I find myself to be well qualified for the position of strategist! I have been playing for a year now as I got back into it... I have an astounding way for strategy and can analyze and compare cards almost effortlessly... I nkow many cards so I can think fast on my feet. I have placed 9th in states 4th 5th and 9th in cities... and 4 th in Battle Road,
my lack of transportation doesn't allow me to go everywhere...:(

I have always been intriqued by this site and sadly missed the last time strategist spot was open... I go to league every thursdays and I so far have a Chrono Island badge and all Kantos( they don't say much but hey...) I went to MT pre-release and went 4-0 and also so went to PK and DP pre-release... and one more. I usually spell things right unless I miss it, and Pokemon TCG is huge part of my life and am going to either compete in grinders or world's for sure! I'm very confident of my skills. I hope you choose or refer back to me in the future.

Tournies: (I haven't gone to much the past year cause of transportation etc.)
4th in cities
5th in cities
9th in cities
9th in states
4th in Battle Roads
Won a MT pre-release and gone to a couple other pre-releases

I edited mine a little late so please still except my application. sorry


I would be a great choice for a strategist, because all I do is look at cards and see how i can "break" them : ). As for my tournament record, I have won 9 city championships, t4 in 2 gym challenges, was invited to worlds 2004(couldn't go because of money problems), won a battle road, Top 8 in states, 2nd at Southwest Regionals this past season, and 50th at nationals this past season.
If you're only looking for this seasons accomplishments:
1 City Championship win, Top 4 at another City Championship
Top 8 at Nevada States
2nd Place at Southwest Regionals
50th at US Nationals
1 Battle Road Win
Decks I have made that have gotten top cut this year:
City Wins-1
States- Top 8
Regionals- 2nd and Top 8
Battle Roads- 3 Wins, 6 Seconds
Nationals- 50th place and 63rd place

In case you need it:
reference: DukeFireBird


That's Right
I would love to be a Pokebeach Strategist. In my free time I enjoy helping my friends build decks, and coming up with original strategies. So you can imagine how excited I was when I saw the advertisement on the Pokebeach home page. Last year was my first year back into the TCG, but now I am starting to pick up on how to compete with the real, die-hard, TCG players. Considering last year was my first year back into Pokemon I have only ever been to two TCG tournaments: Cities, and States. I have a 6-6 combined record from those tournaments. I personally do not think that is bad for a rookie. I very much enjoy debating why certain cards work good in the metagame and why others don't, and I can give good facts to back up my argument. I would say a majority of the people on Pokebeach benefit from my advice in the Deck Garage. One thing that I am proud of about myself is that I, for the most part, know what cards work well with others and which don’t. I am also hoping that becoming a Pokebeach Strategist will help me to improve my feel for the card game. Thank you reading my application and I hope you pick me :D.


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I'd like to be a stratagist.
I'm not exactly sure I will be able to.

I came in second place in a cities and seventh place in regionals in t he 06-07 season.
Also in the 05-06 season I came in ninth in one states eleventh in another and tenth in a regionals and tenth in a gym challenge
I'm in seinors.
I've been playing for two years.
Like I said I'm not exactly the best player but I can talk about cards and combos.


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Well, I would surely like to be a strategist. Although I only got back into pokemon October 28th, 2006, I have come to be 11th in cities, 10th in states, 11th in regionals, 8th in battle roads, won the diamond and pearl pre-release, beaten the #1 player in the world (all divisions) at that pre-release, and come to have much potencial and promice to be a great strategist. I may not be have too much expierience to offer, but I do have potencial and smarts to offer.

I hope you have heard my request and thought about accepting me as a pokebeach strategist


Tyler McCutchan

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Copy Paste from the TCG Manager Thread.

I started playing in 2004(In 11-14 division) where I top 8'd at my very first cities. Later that year I won States and a Gym Challenge. At Worlds, I didn't do TO bad, placing I THINK 46th.

In 2005 I started off hot winning 3 Cities. I missed cut at States, and got top 8 at a regionals. Going into Gym's, I was determined to win it again, in order to get back to Worlds. I went to the OKC Gyms and got 3rd(grrr...). I then traveled to Texas and won the Gym so I went to San Diego for Worlds 05! I was metagaming for Medicham, but I never played against one, and I went 4-4.

In 2006, I moved up into 15+. I started well top4'ing at my very first Cities in the highest age group. I then went into states, hoping for at least a top8 Performance, I got 9th. That sorta made me mad, but I got over it. I was unable to go to Regionals, so my only shot at Worlds was Gyms. I got 9th(Again...) at Gyms, thus missing Worlds.

In 2007, I top cut'd 4 outta 5 cities, and top cut'd states. But I just couldn't get past top cut. I again missed regionals, and when BR's came, i was confident. I won 2 BR's and top cut'd one other. Then on to Nationals, I bombed badly. I played the wrong deck, and did poorly for it. Oh well.


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I am applying for this position from a judge's (and league leader's) point of view. I am not the most experienced judge, but I'm the only one in my little corner of the country. As such, I have judged every prerelease (within my control) since Ruby and Sapphire. I like judging prereleases rather than playing in them in part due to my love of card strategy and combos rather than deckbuilding strategy. I am a collector, so I enjoy reading each of my cards in my binder for potential. I have been playing since Base Set, therefore I have plenty of experience to back up my initial impressions. My love of collecting and spoilers/scans is what initially brought me to this site in the first place. Just so I can know the cards early and start forming those first opinions.

I play in most Premier Events when I can get them in my area. My record isn't stellar, but this has less to do with my strategy abilities and more to do with my college budget and experimental decks. Sometimes pulling off a carefully planned combo once or twice in a tourney is more important than winning.

2007 GA States: 3-3
2007 Chatt Cities: 2-2
2006 GA Gym Challenge: 2-4
2006 GA States: 3-3
2005 GA States: 3-3
2005 Chatt Cities: 4-2 (Top 2)
2004 TN Gym Challenge: 3-3
2004 TN States: 2-2
2004 Chatt Cities: 2-2

Wow, looking back at that, it looks like I am consistently "average". But a lot of tough competition comes up from Florida! I don't know what place that puts me in those tourneys, because that was a long time ago for most of them.

For examples of my writing, I was a moderator for Pokéschool in the Video Games Forum. I wrote several "Pokémon of the Week" articles about Video Game characters for the main site. The video games introduced me to Pokémon, and that is why I was drawn to writing about them. In addition to providing an example of my writing, these articles show my ability to write weekly-type articles centered around one subject. Writing about cards gives me the ability to express my thoughts on another, more complex area of Pokémon.

I could lend all this experience and knowledge to the Pokémon TCG. And lastly, I am doing this not for the personal gain, but rather for a growing desire to give more back to the game in recent months.


I would really like to be a Pokebeach Strategist. I have came 4th in State the very first time I went there, I also beat Tad Wheeler, a runner up in worlds last year. It was with a deck I made myself and I called it Tyranigator. I also won a battle road with that deck. Im the creator of Ambipom and Snipe. In my free time I think up of deck ideas. Im open to any ideas my team mates would have and I know which cards will go with other cards. I have been playing since Decemember and Im currently 8th in state in Ohio. I just hope you pick me, it sounds like it would be fun. Thanks for reading.


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My name is Chris Wood and I believe I'm qualified to become a strategist. I'm very familiar with all current archtypes and possible future archtypes. I'm very skilled with building decks that are both rogue and archtype. I ended this year at 1800.25, number one in Wisconsin seniors.

My tournament history:
(EDIT)3rd Brookfield Gym Challenge
T4 Racine CC
T4 Illinois States
T4 Midwest Regionals
T2 Rockford BR
T2 Kenosha BR
41st at Nationals
1st New Berlin MT Prerelease

I am dedicated to getting the task done well and would be glad to do so.
Thank you for considering me as a strategist


Shinigami Cooper
I signed up specifically for the request of a strategist. However, I hope this doesn't deter anyone from selecting me just because I am new. I collect every card from each set, so I will probably have the card I would be required to review. I am not as accomplished as some of the trainers here in tournaments, but I do more than my share of leagues. (There aren't many tournaments out here.) I prefer to let my grammar and punctuation speak for itself rather than glorify myself. I have multiple friends who play the game and I have helped to make each of their deck's as unique as possible. I belive I would be a good strategist because I have played the game since the base set, have a firm understanding of what is a good card and what is an OK card, and I have lots of free time. I have no other conflicts to worry about. You would always get the best review I am capable of doing. Here's to hoping I'm a strategist.



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I haven't gone to a league yet, but I've played pokemon since the Neo Gensis set. I have lots of free time especially on sunday. I am open to ideas and I'm quite supportive. Pick me and I'll work hard but not on an empty stomach though ;)

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People who have not supplied a tournament record cannot be considered, so if you have not typed one up, you should edit your post! :p
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