TPCi and their Pull Rates


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Artemis said:
On the other hand, if you're just looking to buy a tin and don't care about the promos, you may as well go for the one that's purported to have better pulls, even if the actual evidence is slim to none. It can't hurt!

That is my point.


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I am happy though, that this thread is here. It helps people decide, I have had times where I have pondered for ages on what item to get. This helps us decide what item to get. Would it be possible to make a note on the thread, that will benefit them even more ?

Like this

Best Pull Rates Recorded

2013 Spring Tins

Keldeo EX

List the same for all previous tins, boxes and promotional items ? Obviously not everyone will benefit, but this at least gives people an idea.

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Wow a lot has happened since I have been away people talking about pull rates and how bad the new set is condition wise mmm looks like I don't think I will buy a booster box.


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I think it's a decent set, but as someone from TPCI reportedly said. There is no pull ratios/rates for the new boxes it's just random. If you have the money, you should try get one. Welcome Back Darth Stack :)