News 'Towering Splash-GX Box' in January, Features New Tag Team-GX!

Welp! Time to proxy up a Quagsire/Naganadel/Wailord-Magikarp GX deck. Throw in some Tapu Koko spread, Volcanion Prism, Kyogre, Aqua Patch, Beast Ring, and Beast Energy, then one big GX attack for possible game.
Beast Energy wouldnt be good, its only a CE while on a non UB
Magikarp: “HELP!!!”

I suppose you could technically pull off the GX attack more easily with Quagsire and Naganadel, and maybe that would be amusing if you could manage that early against an evolution deck, but I think a total of 8 energies is a bit too much to be practical. That same setup for the regular attack, plus this being a tank sounds pretty legit, though.
Just going to throw this out there:

This, Tapu Lele-GX, Shaymin-EX, and Blastoise together can hold a max of 66 damage counters....Under Roadblock Sudowoodo.

Unown Damage gets better
In Archie-stoise expanded, could actually get the energy on for gx attack, could win games in one attack if enough low hp basics/shaymin ex’s on the bench, may even throw a shrine of punishment in there for the one shot on benched shaymins... let’s be real though, this is only gonna see play as the most broken stall card of all time
I don't really see this card being that good, as the extra 50-hp is not worth giving up the extra prize in Wailord in expanded.
Love the artwork but @Serperior is right, that yellow really clashes with the rest of the card...Anyway, no one will use this for the attack, it was meant to make Expanded Wailord stall even more annoying lol
Gosh the HP! I wish Venusaur and Celebi TTGX was a real thing
  • Magikarp & Venusaur TTGX - 300 HP, 350 with Brawny Pads, too expensive atks but NagaQuag can make it easy to feed it. 4-5 Geodudes
  • Rapidash - Not as impressive. 3 Geodudes
  • Ninetales - First Ninetales in SM era! The card is Blacephalon-friendly but the room for it could be a problem since this deck run so many R energy. 4 Geodudes
Beast Energy for Naganadel mainly. They need to release a water type beast pokemon. Is there even a water type beast?
None of the Ultra Beasts are Water or Ice in the games, meaning no Water Ultra Beasts in the TCG.

Even then, there's only one window of opportunity for baby Naganadel's Turning Point's bonus damage, meaning Beast energy isn't useful outside of dedicated Ultra Beast decks.
Actually no, because both of them and Fates Collide are all equally trash.
I get why players don't like Evolutions but at least it still has some fairly expensive cards such as Mega Charizard and the Charizard Holo, which is worth nearly $20 now. Everything in Steam Siege aside from Professor Sycamore is less than $3. Fates Collide is also very bad but Steam Siege is just getting repetitive getting it in every single product.
Don't think I don't see what you did there, Mitsuhiro Arita.

Get ready for more stall decks to come back with a massive 350 hp, only saving grace is if you knock it out you get three cards and 180 attack isn't the heaviest hitter.
Here's a question that boggles the mind... What exactly would Magikarp do to actually support a Wailord in a tag team? Is it like Wailord's good luck charm that encourages it to do larger splashes or something? Or maybe the Magikarp is the head honcho brain in its support... Just imagine the headcanons here! xD
Keep it moist with spash?