News 'Towering Splash-GX Box' in January, Features New Tag Team-GX!

Splash GX- 20 W energy
You may only use this if you have 20 W energy attached to this Pokemon. (prevention of Trickster GX, move copiers, etc.)

If you can actually use this attack, you automatically win the game (and congrats from PTCI, we might have to ban this)
Splash GX: Flip a coin. If heads, this attack does nothing. If tails, this attack does nothing. Remove all energy from this Pokémon.
I'm thinking Manaphy and Kyogre Tag Team GX.
Onix and Groudon Tag Team GX
Alakazam and Deoxys Tag Team GX
Darkrai and Yveltal Tag Team GX
Gardevior and Xerneas Tag Team GX
Latias and Latios Tag Team GX
Cresselia and Palkia Tag Team GX
Metagross and Dialga Tag Team GX
In my opinion.
while most are thinking water... how about Alolan Exeggutor/Kingdra dragon type. or maybe, towering splash is a fighting move.
Really wish they had selected neutral colors for the TAG TEAM logo/symbol. The yellow doesn't do the card any favors.

Also gagging at the thought of a fatter stall deck in Expanded
Maybe there going to do what they did in HGSS era ? Have the art take up 2 cards
This card should be able to 'devolve' into a regular Wailord-GX once the Magikarp gets swallowed. Which I could totally see happening from the art.
decent for the GX somewhat :T but somewhat harder to pull off besides in expanded its easier.
Here's a question that boggles the mind... What exactly would Magikarp do to actually support a Wailord in a tag team? Is it like Wailord's good luck charm that encourages it to do larger splashes or something? Or maybe the Magikarp is the head honcho brain in its support... Just imagine the headcanons here! xD
Welp! Time to proxy up a Quagsire/Naganadel/Wailord-Magikarp GX deck. Throw in some Tapu Koko spread, Volcanion Prism, Kyogre, Aqua Patch, Beast Ring, and Beast Energy, then one big GX attack for possible game.