Pokemon Top 5 favorite Pokemon

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  1. DarkMatterGaming "Wait, he's not dead?"


    Oh, this is a tricky one.

    5. Hitmonlee

    I really liked Hitmonlee when I was a kid. I distinctly remember training a Tyrogue in Heart Gold and using Proteins to make sure I got one.

    4. Sableye

    This one mostly comes from how much fun I had using it during the BW era of games. Prankster Will-o-Wisp was fun.

    3. Dusclops/Dusknoir


    2. Araquanid

    Again, I can't exactly explain why, I just really like it.

    1. Blaziken.

    It was my original starter when I was a wee lad (for reference, my first Pokemon game was Ruby). I did not know how the game worked but that memory sticks with me.

    although aside from blaziken my favorites change like every week so

  2. iGeek256 I only use Electric types. Help me


    1. Emolga
    2. Vikavolt
    3. Luxray
    4. Zapdos
    5. Zeraora
    (Electrics are amazing)
  3. NoaWithoutaH Washed Out Senior Playing in Masters


    1. Hydriegon (Aced the Black 2 Elite Four with him)
    2. Serperior (First Starter)
    3. Zekrom (Fave Legendary)
    4. Sableye ( he is a creepy cool dude)
    5. Zoroark (Won Portland Regionals With ZoroGarb (Seniors)
  4. I'm going to try this again. Putting sentimental individuals to the side and focusing on overall species, I think these would be my top-5:


    Dunsparce & Froslass: Two species I have the most in-game memories with, both used as my "mascot" at some point. I also love Froslass' elegant design and movepool.
    Wartortle & Lickitung: Two very nostalgic species from my early fan days. Wartortle is also my favorite species aesthetically.
    Shedinja: Clever concept with a unique Ability and obtaining method with a cool, artifact-esque appearance.
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  5. Pokenerd Aspiring Trainer


    1. Greninja
    Favourite starter. First pokemon for me in game. And general awesomeness.
    2. Zoroark
    Zoro is awesome! It's like ditto except not a derpy blob!
    3. Trev

    A tree that takes the souls of loggers! So creative and well executed!
    Idk why I like Weavile. just cool that's all
    5. Malamar
    The episode of the anime when Malamars try to take over Kalos is great. Malamar is great. Evolution method is great.

    Just realized 4/5 are dark types and the other is ghost. I guess I'm evil lol
  6. Toasty Poffin Gengar is best Pokémon
    Toasty Poffin


    It’s hard for me to pinpoint a top 5 for me cause I have lots of favorites, but here goes.

    5. Simisear - Unpopular opinion, but I think he’s adorable and I like how floofy his tail and head are.
    4. Flareon - My favorite eeveelution because it’s so fluffy!
    3. Tyrantrum - Awesome t-rex pokemon, I love dinosaurs!
    2. Darkrai - He just looks cool and mysterious.
    1. Gengar - My favorite Pokemon of all time! His design is both cute and cool to me. I think his playful, mischievous personality is endearing.

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