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Darn maybe a hammer and pick and chisel would help get it out? :)
The rock is about half a foot thick, not to mention it's on an awkward slope. It might be a bit tricky. :/

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Not my clearest example of Stigmaria (lycopod tree root), but I found my longest today on my way back from Easter celebration with my family (click for larger view):

It's a bit hard to see any detail on the front and back, but the "eyes" (so I call them) are fairly visible on the sides. Definitely going to have to check this area again in the future for less-distorted specimens.

EDIT: Another chunk from yesterday's venture:

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Found another piece of the scale tree (Diaphorodendron) that I found back in March. Now I've got a bit over 2 feet of the tree!


(The dark one is new. The colors will lighten as it dries-out.)
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Awesome :) Maybe if your lucky you'll find more of the same tree or some sort of new Fossil :)
Awesome :) Maybe if your lucky you'll find more of the same tree or some sort of new Fossil :)
Well now I know which part of the hill it came from. I can tell that it extends deeper into the hill (not sure how much deeper), but I can't get the rest out as-is.
Long time no post, eh? I think I'd picked the area around my house dry, but we had a mudslide last month and had to bring in some equipment to take care of things, stirring up the dirt and thus exposing more fossils. These are the better ones I've found so far:

My new largest piece of Artisia, with a limonite core

Another Calamites pith cast, showing two nodes

A small chunk of Cordaites with the pith (Artisia) exposed
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Those are the two plant prints I was talking about. Both belong to Calamites, an extinct genus of giant horsetail reeds (these leaf whorls are referred to as Annularia).


Thanks for the help ID'ing them :) Used to have a guy in my area ID stuff i get but the market he set up shop at closed down last month and he lives in NJ i think =/
Been a while since I'd found any keepers, but I found another Calamites fossil poking out of the ground while looking for bugs and salamanders around the creek earlier. One of my nicer ones, too!

Great find of a Fossil. Im hoping my friends nieghbor will sell me some crystals and stuff later if he does i'll be sure to take pics :)
My mom and I were walking the dogs the other day when she spotted this poking out of the driveway. Lycopod fossils are always a treat!

Great find :) Wish i could find good stuff out in open but i live in South East Pennsylvania :)
Wow, this is a really cool thread! I have always had a passion for rock-collecting, so I am glad to see that it is a shared passion between community members. :)