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Hi there guys!
I've decided to make this thread to discuss any Pokemon you have that are special to you. This is not a favorite thread, but a thread to talk about Pokemon you may have had since the beginning or Pokemon that you've done special things with in the games.

I have a ton of these sort of Pokemon, but I'll discuss a couple to get the ball rolling. I may jump in again later if I see this thread is going places.

First off is my Blastoise. My first Pokemon game was Leaf Green, and my Blastoise was my first EVER Pokemon. I still have him to this day, both in Emerald and Soul Silver (cloning glitch). I've defeated all of the Beauty Rank contests in Hoenn and received the Super Sketch Model Ribbon, which is very special to me. Emerald, in my opinion, is the best Pokemon game thus far, and I'm very proud to have my original starter with such coveted ribbons in the Hoenn region.

Another Pokemon I have and love is my Sandslash, the first Pokemon I ever caught (in Leaf Green). My Leaf Green crashed a long time ago, and luckily Blastoise, Sandslash, and Clefable (another original) were in my party at the time. Therefore, I was able to trade and keep them. They are all extremely special to me.

Please share your thoughts/Pokemon! :)

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Man, my first pokemon was Charizard with the original Pokemon Blue game on the GameBoy. He was so beast. Taking out the elite four by himself at lvl 70. No water pokemon could touch him. Another pokemon i always played with was Golem. He is always on my team and i know i can always rely on him.


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Uh..... nostalgia thread? I guess this is okay... for now. No complaints if someone else decides otherwise though.

Basically my entire Crystal file is nostalgic to me... I have the Baton Pass Farfetch'd from Pokemon Stadium, ExtremeSpeed Dragonite from the Dragon's Den thing, and a bunch of level 100s that I thought I was awesome for having but turns out they SUCKED SUPER BAD but the file was awesome and I won't get rid of it.


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Uh.... nostalgia thread?
More of a nostalgic, showcase-esque thread. Does that even make sense?

If a moderator deems this against the rules, thats fine. I appreciate you accepting it though, PMJ. :)
Basically my entire Crystal file is nostalgic to me... I have the Baton Pass Farfetch'd from Pokemon Stadium, ExtremeSpeed Dragonite from the Dragon's Den thing, and a bunch of level 100s that I thought I was awesome for having but turns out they SUCKED SUPER BAD but the file was awesome and I won't get rid of it.
It's really too bad you can't transfer those up to the modern-day games. I have some older Pokemon from Gold (which I bought after Leaf Green) that I'd love to move up. I understand why it's not possible, though.

Another Pokemon I love is my SEALY. It's a Spheal that also has defeated all of the Beauty Ranks and has the Super Sketch Model Ribbon. It's Beauty is maxed out. It's the first Pokemon I ever really tried with the contests. I'm very proud of it.


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A pokemon that is special to me is charizard. Because when I first watched the anime, I loved it. I also pulled a charizard in one of my first TCG packs, and I loved the card so much. Another special pokemon is empoleon, as piplup was the first pokemon I ever got in a game. Another is wailmer, as it was a pokemon that singlehandedly pushed me into the hardcore pokemon spectrum (don't ask how).


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you just need a link cable and time to do constant trades. i have a link cable from R/B lol. it would be a trade from R/B to G/S to crystal to R/S to what ever new game you have...or i guess crystal to gen 4 game right? ANYWAY i dont really know. it would have to be my snorlax. i always thought he would be so strong and it always took me forever to catch him. actually now that i think he was my first lvl 100 (you cant imagine the grinding i did...no you really cant. i thought you could only do the E4 and all that once....so i grinded...not on victory road but around cerulean city...ya...it took months). i always remember versing my cousin with him and he would always win....so ya...my snorlax i no longer have lol


And because I feel like repeating this...

My special Pokemon is Venusaur. This Pokemon is the reason I got into the franchise. My Story...I had two friends who played Pokemon. One day just because I could I bought a booster pack of Base Set Pokemon and the rare card I pulled was holographic Venusaur. This inspired me to buy the Overgrowth theme deck so I could play the Venusaur card. Hence my foray into Pokemon which has lasted to this day. To the best of my knowlege those two friends no longer play. Because of Overgrowth, Gyarados ranks as another Special for me.

A really special Pokemon to me is Blastoise because he very quickly became another favorite because he was the foucs of my strongest and pretty much unbeaten water deck which lasted until Pokemon League ended in my area.


My "special" pokemon would be my Feraligatr from Gold. Pokemon Gold will always hold a special place in my heart. I got it for Christmas when I was seven and it took me over a week to figure out that the two little red spaces in your house were the door mat so I wandered around aimlessly inside my house thinking "This game sucks! I'm never going to get any pokemon!" Then I finally figured it all out and got myself a cute little totodile. I will never ever get get rid of gold or my feraligatr in it... The only unfortunate thing is that through my childish noobishness I made him an HM slave.... lol. But hes still my favorite.


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Just a question, is this for specific Pokemon or a species in general?

Those that I have transferred from my Sapphire and use in my E4 runs:
  • My Blaziken. I gave it my standard level 100 regimen, and transferred it to Emerald before deleting Sapphire's file. I recently used the cloning glitch, and now it's on my 4th Generation games. Same thing will happen with my 5th generation games. Er. Blaze Kick always seemed like the best fire move to me at the time, and so I was happy when it learned that... The OT is Sean, as I thought that was Brendan's actual name... I spam Skyuppercut on Sydney, Glacia, and Wallace on my E4 runs...
  • My Rayquaza. Bit of an odd story. Another Pokemon I transferred from Sapphire to Emerald, where I leveled it to 100 with the Elite Four. My Emerald's original Rayquaza was lost after I was tricked into giving it to someone ("Hey, you have two, you don't need both, lemme take one"). I spam Outrage on Phoebe (after beating the E4 300 times, the moves you spam become legendary to you).
  • My Kyogre. This one isn't from Sapphire, but I use it in my E4 runs. Emerald's level 70 Kyogre was perfect for me to use in the E4 (I had used a Kyogre from Sapphire on Drake [Ice Beam spam ftw]). It's now at level 100.

  • Charizard from LeafGreen. If I recall correctly, this is the original Charizard from my LeafGreen. I always planned on teaching it Flamethrower, and ended up teaching it Fire Blast after I received the TM. Blast Burn was just an added surprise. After I discovered the higher leveled E4, Charizard was the go-to Pokemon. Coming face to face with a level 75 Blastoise really startled me, especially since I wasn't expecting it. Charizard prevailed again. :D
  • Charizard from Red. Actually, there isn't that much that was special about it, aside from the fact that it my first starter ever that I trained throughout the entire game. Oh, I stopped it from learning Slash because I thought it was Splash.
  • Fearow from Gold. I was having trouble using Cyndaquil, and so I caught a Spearow on Route 45. I don't remember why I specifically chose it, but I trained it at Sprout Tower against the Bellsprout. After that, it soared through the game without troubles (well, aside from Jasmine's Magnemite).


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um...Gen 2 pokemon Stay in gen 2 unfortunately..there's no way to transfer them from gen 2-3.

On topic:

I've had several pokemon that were special to me, most of which I've saved (either in stadium or some other Reliable place like transferrign to 4th gen).

In gen 1 I had a hitmonlee in blue, I taught it metronome and then nicknamed it "Mystrious" (or some other butchering of the word Mysterious, I was 8 lol)

I have surfing pikachu in yellow, I love the minigame

Gen 2 I have all eeveelutions lv 100 legit as well as a level 100 eevee

Gen 3/4 I have my Apocalypse team (War=Tauros, Death=Houndoom, Famine=Snorlax, Pestilance=Gengar, Apocalypse=Tyranitar), they're my favorite team to battle with and idc about IVs though I am going to re-ev train Sometime lol.

Also in gen 4 I chained a shiny starly and he's now on my gen 4 apocalypse team (As death) :)

I already have my gen 5 Apoc team picked out:

Bufaloon, Ononokus, Waruvial ,Zoroark, Sazandora


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My first ever Pokemon was a Charmander as my character on Mystery Dungeon - Blue Rescue Team. On Platinum, I completed the game without ever evolving my Piplup, who was my starter. I don't know why, but I can't break the tradition now. I also trained the Chatot that you trade for in Eterna City (named Charap by its previous owner) from Level 7 to Level 100. Another special Pokemon to me is Magnezone, because my first ever holo Pokemon card was Magnezone SF.


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For me it's not a starter or even a shiny.
It's Nidoking's
After my constant restarts of fire red and yellow this guy is always in the core of my team.
Just really appeals to me.
Always used to think that moonstone pokemon were superior to other :p
Back in the days of having a thrash, megakick, ice beam and strength. How I love it

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Ah, what pokemon is the most special to me. I have three that are special.

1. My Swinub. I love my swinub in Gold so much. In fact, I have drawn several versions of Swinub using the moves I taught it. I won't let i evolve, which to me is worth it. First pokemon I ever loved.

2. My Infernape in Platinum. I really love the design of it. It looks so cool. And I was able to kill Cynthia's Spiritomb in one hit with it's Flame Wheel. At Level 47.

3. My Skuntank in Diamond. Not just any Skuntank, a SHINY one. Only shiny I've ever caught, which makes it special.


My Pokemon that are special to me are Umbreon and Espeon.They were my first Pokemon ever.I still use them today.Umbreon is at level 100,and Espeon is at level 79.They are two powerhouses to my team.Another Pokemon that is special to me is Salamance.He was my first EX card.I also use him in my team,and he is at level 87.Also Empoleon because he was my starter in Pearl. He is currently ant level 79.


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Another special Pokemon to me is my Steelix. I traded it out of my brother's game, which is why it's always had his name as the OT.

As soon as I saw a Steelix as Pokemon of the Week on Serebii, I fell in love with it. I was always intrigued that mine had Double Edge with the Rock Head ability, thus making Double Edge unstoppable.

It's obviously level 100, and it also has the 100 Straight Battles Ribbon from Pokemon XD. This Steelix is very special to me.... Steelix has always been one of the Pokemon I'd love to have in real life.


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1. Zoroark, obviously.
2. Zorua
3. My first Pokemon, a Venasaur.
And 4., my practically invincible Darkrai. High speed+Dark Void=Win.


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Ahh, Skarmory ftw. It's so frigging awesome. I am currently training my... 6th Skarmory lol. It's just so awesome with those big metal flappy flaps, and it's just awesome. I have EVERY Skarmory card.


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Don't forget guys, this isn't about what your favorite Pokemon in general are, but Pokemon in your games that are individually special to you.
(not trying to mini-mod, just don't want this thread to get closed)

Now I will share another Pokemon with you! My Rayquaza from Emerald. I absolutely love it due to the fact that it is the specific one from the cutscene in my game that broke up Groudon and Kyogre. That single cutscene was so incredible to me at the time that I decided to throw my Master Ball at Rayquaza and train it to level 100 immediately. It also has the 100 Straight Win Ribbon from Pokemon XD, which is very uncommon and special.


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I know it's clichéd... and a common "favorite" Pokémon, and all... but, Charizard. I have a reason for it, too. First Pokémon from Blue, and also my favorite Pokémon card ever: I got Charizard ex for Christmas one year and absolutely loved it. So many memories.


Thinking on it, another special Pokemon to me is Suicune.

I remember at eleven PM one night I was training up my team (it was in Silver) and talking on the phone with one of my friends at that time. I had no status inflicting moves with me. I go to find a Pokemon to train against (they were all going to level 23 if I remember) and out comes this level 40 Suicune. All I had with me was one Great Ball. I considered running but then decided I had nothing to lose, so I tossed the Great Ball...and caught it. Needless to say I altered my team out so that I could train the cooperative Suicune (how many times does a roaming legendary go into a Great Ball without any damage or status on it;). It's too bad that it wasn't tradeable to Ruby and Sapphire.