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Discussion in 'Creative Works' started by Delta, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. Lvl 100 Bidoof Too cool for Bibarel
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    The most difficult thing for me is ensuring the focal point works with everything else. I sometimes have trouble making everything have a flow, and something will stick out and not look right.
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  2. Ice Arceus #Jovimohnaeliackvid
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    Current Topic: Most Difficult Creative Project

    What is one creative project that you have worked on (could be for school, forums, DeviantArt, art blog, social media, etc) that provided the most difficulty? Which aspects of the project itself caused such difficulty? Was it the scale of the project? Coloring? Outlining? Progression of ideas? How was that project received by the public? Have you improved since then?

    Feel free to share the artwork with us! :)
  3. Jabberwock #Jovimohnaeliackvid


    My school's yearbook project would probably be the most difficult. I hate drawing people. Can't get anything proportionally right. I was all set to draw a blue-and-white cobra (school mascot) and do some Photoshopping with bevels and whatnot to give it some 3D-ism, and then I found out about the theme. It had to be 'chasing the dream,' specifically Martin Luther King's dream. I decided a cobra wouldn't work anymore, so I gave it some thought, and came up with an interesting idea, but it unfortunately meant having to draw humans. :(

    I haven't actually gotten the results back yet, so I've no idea how it was received. Hopefully well. :p I also can't seem to find the artwork anymore, unfortunately. :(
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    I'm currently making wallpapers for a school desktop wallpaper competition, however I'm having to do a lot of experimenting and try new things to make the wallpaper look good. The theme of "Excel in Truth and Grace" is a bit difficult to fulfill too. That said, I'm enjoying these challenges that I have been presented as it is improving my photoshop skills quite dramatically.
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  5. Shifusansou Aspiring Trainer


    got a small Request, or maybe not small but a request haha. Well since I am getting into competitive TCG play I need a Playmat, but I do not like the Standard Designs I can find on the Internet(at least here in Germany) so I wanted to create my own Design for a Playmat. I am a pretty unskilled artist so i wanted to request Someone to create one for me. It probably is not going to be a really difficult one but I'd appreciate help in this one. I would only need the Digital Picture so i can send it to the one who makes these Playmats.
    Anyone interested?
  6. Prometheus Aspiring Trainer


    One of the most challenging projects I've ever undertaken was when I forced myself to make at least one signature banner a day, using nothing but the resources I downloaded from dA. Frustrating as heck during the first few days, but that frustration gradually levelled out when I noticed improvements racking up as the weeks flew by. I maintained the effort for a few months before my motivation took a hit and I abandoned it. I may not pick it back up again, since my priorities have shifted from digital art to other projects.
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