SM9 'Tag Volt,' Japan's December Set!

Format 1: Field blower is everywhere
Format 2: Can't get rid of PS stadiums with field blower, just play more stadiums
Format 3: Field blower makes a comeback
I feel like Blastoise and Charizard being revealed together without Venusaur means either 1. No Venusaur in the set or 2. Venusaur GX?!
There was an ID in Latam internats where Celebi and Venusaur are there as pairs, so Venusaur will be TTGX with Celebi.
  • Brawny Pads - Make more bulky mons even Bulkier. 3-4 Geodudes
It is going to get to the point that you are going to have to run 4 counter stadiums and multiple blowers to deal with shrine/prism stadiums and tools. I hope you like playing against stall decks.
With this and potentially a lot of Choice Helmets, Fairy Charms for Fairy decks, and Spell Tag for Psychic decks, x2/3 Field Blowers will be an absolute must-have in almost all the decks. Get your Item strategies redefined again!
The thought of someone actually doing well at a tournament with a snorlax walls deck now scares me
I see for which pokemons this was made, and I honestly don't like what tpci developing game in this playstyle
Knuckle impact with the weakness just barely gets there. Yikes, 2 field blowers will be the new minimum. Snorlax walls with unown hand. Could be fun.
In case you hadn't figured it out, Alolan Dugtrio adds one [C] to the opponent's active pokemon's retreat cost, thus making muscle pad useless on the attached pokemon. Unless of course you attach it to a three [C] pokemon while AD is in play...
Well If Tyranitar GX was not hard enough to knock out then this tool makes it nearly impossible to do that very thing. With Hoopa GX coming out in Dark Order that will help get Tyranitar GX out faster this is a big oof for me. However easy to remove thanks to field blower but even then 300 HP GX with the ability to send KO'ed opposing pokemon to the Lost Zone is broken 0_0. Not gonna lie I would still use this maybe have 3 or 4 in the deck I'm Building for Tyranitar.