SM7 'Celestial Storm' Revealed!

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  1. Pankace04 All Hail Lord Goomy!


    Am I the only one who thinks Electrode GX is TERRIBLE? You have to discard energy for its GX attack, it's regular attack is horrendous, and it's ability is TRASH since you don't get to give any energy to GXs AND your opponent takes 2 prizes. Complete bs.

    Edit: I said it's attack isn't that good, but 2 energy for 50 damage and no effect is completely horrible.

  2. Kent Freeze Aspiring Trainer
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    On top of everything for its ability, you need 5 energy in the discard already. Oh, and it's weak to the current bdif.
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  3. gumball51321 *thumbs up*


    Jeez, these cards suck ass. Stakataka is cute, but eh.
    This set is looking to be shit. I'll buy what few singles are actually playable.
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  4. Mcsonic00 Less Filler Cards Please


    I think Electrode GX is being underrated here for sure. If you can get the energies in the discard, then it's so good in non-GX decks that need the acceleration. Sure you give up 2 prizes, but then your opponent still has to knock out 4 one prize Pokemon to win.

    If Stakataka's attack did 130 instead of 120 it would be nuts. The card is still very good though in Beast Box or as it's own deck with new Celesteela and Baby Dusk Mane's.
  5. CrazyIvan Aspiring Trainer


    Or you could not play the card and your opponent will still have 6 one prize pokemon to knockout to win.
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  6. Pankace04 All Hail Lord Goomy!


    Probably what I'll do as well. Beast Ball is cool, and I'll buy Stakataka even though I don't play steel simply because I like the character.
  7. KazamEsper Aspiring Trainer


    Just because these cards don't look all that great, doesn't mean the entire set is going to suck. I looked at both japanese sets and saw the cards to be good. After rotation; which is Sun&Moon and beyond; i believe that the cards in celestial storm are going to be very helpful. And the mini set that's coming up as well.
  8. Audiofreak19 Aspiring Trainer


    What by definition is an “Ultra Beast Card”. Are there ultra beast items and supporters? Does beast energy and beast ring count?
  9. steffenka Miss Vaanjie


    Ultra Beast card should just be the Ultra Beast Pokémon, i.e. the regular and the GX Ultra Beasts :)
  10. jessalakasam Floette is love Floette is life


    I know. The original Japanese translation said other-wise though
  11. SquirtleRules Aspiring Trainer

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    The only card that is going to see serious play is Beast Ball. You know, because Buzzwole was already the BDIF, got more help in Forbidden Light (baby buzz + beast ring + beast energy), and apparently needed EVEN MORE HELP.
  12. gumball51321 *thumbs up*


    Why would Buzzwole even play Beast Ball? Nest Ball already exists, which is better. Who cares if you prize one, since you'll likely draw into it while running over your opponent with the 2-3 others that you do have.
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  13. DKQuagmire Who else but Quagsire?


    I just want to point out to everyone that all the way back in 2005, for the world championships google Cawthorn used a Dark Tyranitar deck with Electrode ex and got 2nd place that year. That electrode ex card is the original version of the reprint we are getting in this new set as a GX card. same artwork and ability

    His deck relied on a special energy card called Scramble energy. It could only be attached to an evolved pokemon, and only provided 1 colourless energy. but if you had more prize cards than your opponent, it provided every type of energy but provided only 3 in any combination at a time. Basically a triple version of Counter Energy today

    His deck list included plenty of ways to get his energy into the discard pile. A Magmar card was the prefered way. The one from EX Team Rocket Returns had an attack for 1 colourless energy that said discard up to 2 energy from your hand and if you do, draw 2 cards for each energy discarded in this way. He had a few copies of TV reporter. TV reporter is coming out as a reprint in this next set.

    Knowing google Cawthorn, whos been known for crazy decks over the years, (look no further than his "The Truth" deck back in 2011) it should come as no surprise that he might come up with deck for worlds that could involve this Electrode GX card, and Counter Energy.

    EDIT: Apparently Pokebeach doesn't like the inclusion of real people's names in their posts and has censored me :( At least the guys surname wasn't censored.
  14. gumball51321 *thumbs up*


    Not really. Most of the set sucks absolute ass. Even the good cards likely won't have an impact on the meta. Altaria GX, probably. The rest of the GXs are crap.
  15. PMJ happy thoughts

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    No, it's because he shares a first name with something else.

    Electrode-GX is great and will see play (but not as an attacker).

    Beast box is going to meme to new heights with Stakataka-GX.
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  16. Senorsmith Aspiring Trainer


    No, the original card in japanese does say to shuffle them. Last 2 sentences of the card are read as "place all the prizes you saw, as well as any card you exchanged, face down and shuffle them. Then set them down as prizes."
  17. jessalakasam Floette is love Floette is life


    No, it says, according to Pokebeach and many other translations I've seen, "Look at your face-down Prize cards. You may choose 1 Ultra Beast you find there, reveal it, and put it into your hand. If you do, shuffle this Beast Ball into your remaining Prize cards and put them back face down."
  18. Senorsmith Aspiring Trainer


    Being a player in Japan, and not posting my reply until I looked at the physical Beast Ball card that I possess, I am confident that the translation I gave is accurate. Granted, the wording couldve been better, but all the key parts of information were stated.
  19. starg09 Aspiring Trainer


    Hmm... So that card numbering is very interesting!

    On last expansion, I picked up a small hobby: Trying to estimate the setlist order, based on official cards being revealed in english. At least for the most part, the cards in our sets come from 3 places:
    • The main Japanese Set (In this case, SM7)
    • Depending on the set, probably a miniset released before the one just mentioned (Here, it'd be "Champion Road" or SM6a)
    • Eventual Japanese Promos that are included in our set (As Beast Ball in this case).
    Anyway, with this 4 cards I can finally start... And already can see some interesting info from just that. To begin with, the placement of both Jirachi and Stakataka shows we're getting 4 Metal Pokémon cards in-between them. At least for the SM block of sets, Pokémon cards release ordered by Pokedex number, with GX potentially appearing after the "Baby" versions (based on Sun & Moon Base). Now, that'd imply we're getting 4 Metal Pokémon between Jirachi and Stakataka, but we only get 2 of those from both SM6a and SM7! Checking promos, the only two ones that could fill that gap through that logic are:
    • Heatran (167/SM-P): A CoroCoro promo from the February 2018 issue. Different card from the UPR Metal Heatran.
    • Solgaleo (067/SM-P): A winner card for "Pokémon Card Festa 2017". The one with the ability that gives itself no Weakness when it has any Metal Energy attached.
    Assuming we do get that Solgaleo, I'd personally expect Lunala (066/SM-P) to also be on the set, since it's the one other card from that event that never got a western release.

    The second detail I found so far, knowing Electrode-GX's position, is that we may not get some of the cards in SM6a and SM7. Considering Voltorb as card #47 (for obvious reasons), there's 46 slots for all Grass, Fire and Water Pokémon in the set; however, those two sets contain 52 Pokémon Cards of said three types. So 6 wouldn't make the cut. My personal speculation would be for non Hoenn-native cards to be cut, and potentially moved to a future set (either Dragon Majesty, or our SM8 set). Another possibility is for some of the several repeating starters to be cut (like Torchic, which has 3 cards between the two JP sets!)

    May post again if I see anything else, but that's what I gathered so far. Hopefully we get more cards soon, that help clarify this a bit better!
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    This guy gets it

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