SM11 Miracle Twins!


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That Cherish Ball is pretty incredible, however, I'm pretty excited to see the world's metagame with zero universal search options, I think it'll be interesting to see what effect it will have on a day 0 metagame!


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Wow, that Dragonite is literally SM Vikavolt with Water instead of Grass and 20 more damage.


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Latios is insane! Remember that Guzma is rotating so Tag team only deck would need to player catcher cards. Counter catcher and poke catcher rotate. Custom catcher is an option but you can only use it twice so you would need to knock out tag teams. How does Latias cope? Simply don't bench 2 tag teams.

Dragonite is simply a different Vikavolt. I don't see what it couldmpower up... Other than itself. 170 is not enough in this standard.

Blue is draw support for next turn. You could use this with surge so you can use a draw supporter. Than you still get to use an effective supporter. But really, just use lillie and Erika.

Cherish ball is the new Ultra ball. There aren't really any good non GX decks next format. I'm not concerned.

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Latios GX: The Ability is binding, but not difficult to get past. The attack is supreme, and even with all its glory, the GX attack is the shine of this card. Just stop anyone from using a GX attack is awesome.
Dragonite: awww Yeah. New Vikavolt is here! I’m excited.
Blue’s Strategy: I love this card. It’s nice and I think I’ll be playing some of these. Zapdos will love it.
Cherish Ball: what we needed, when we needed it. Thanks, TPCI.
The arts on all of these are less to speak about (Except Jirachi and Weavile).


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Wow, blue’s strategy is super good ... perfect for decks like Malamar where you can mostly play off your board, and want to dig for your power/tech cards! May be as good or better than Erika’s as far as 9th/10th draw supporters


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  • Latios is good. Loving the psychic support for my mally. It counters pikarom and reshizard. What more can I ask? With mewmew, you can laugh at the ability, too.
  • Dragonite+welder =powered up birds
  • The new sleeves show how to get dragonite out.
  • blue might be good in a format without marshadow
  • Terrakion will be a prerelease promo. I call it right now. (along with victini)
  • cherish ball will be like nest ball in most decks.
  • Tapu Koko prism star still not searchable.
  • Jirachi - I would rather just use a psychic type not weak to psychic in the psychic matchup. You know, like dawn wings and gengar?
  • weavile - in a format without gust, it might actually stay on the board for a turn or 2.
  • Aero sleeves! Please give Aero GX!
Like this, I want this:
Fighting type (stage 1) Hp:200
Quick Dive: Fighting Colorless 70 +20 to 1 benched
Giga Impact (i dunno better name): Fighting Colorless Colorless 140
Primordial Screech: Colorless Colorless Colorless Do 50 damage to each of your opponent's pokemon. Then deevolve them 1 stage. Put the evolutions into their hand.


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i have to say i'm not nearly as scared about the new format with cherish ball, although it' just more support to tag teams


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Malamar decks are gathering a lot of new "toys", necrozma is the perfect big one prize attacker, and now with latios you have your tag team counter. The ability is easy to overcome, just fill the bench, or power plant

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  • Latios GX - Ability, annoying to use. You can Power Plant it but it shuts off your Jirachi. The atk is fine, blocking best decks in the format. The GX is... you need to use it early. 4 Geodudes
  • Dragonite - This is primarily designed for Dragonite-GX. And also, Dratini is the most number of apperances in the SM-era. 5+2 upcoming. 4 Geodudes
  • Blue's Strategy - good draw power but in some circumstances. You are still vulnerable to Reset Stamp because it is done when your turn ends. 3-4 Geodudes
  • Cherish Ball - With the fact the post-rotation gives us limited options for searching Pokémon, every deck that rns Dedenne and huge number of GXs, it is an instant staple. 5 Geodudes

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  • Tapu Koko - not a blatant counter to Blacephalon like Fini does, but instantly KOs it. Buzzmosa auto-lose to Reshizard. 4 Geodudes
  • Eelektgoogle - You know why there's a highlight here, nice ability, cheats evolutions, the atk is not worth it. 3 Geodudes


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Hmm looking at elektross, i kinda like how they bypass one of the weaknesses of Evolution decks. The main problem, i feel with Evolution Pokemon is the need to dedicate deck space to either get the Evolution Pokemon or their energy costs onto the field and well, his ability really just asks u to find a way to put down 4 L energy on the board. And they don't have to be on the same Pokemon either. While the attack is not too great, what decks would benefit from having a Stage 2 Electric Pokemon on the bench? Nidoqueen decks? or something to help proc Super Boost Energy?

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Latios-GX is really designed for M&M tagteam (or in expanded, with all the fighting bonuses for Marshadow-GX toolbox).

Gets around the annoying ability requirement and also allows you to switch attacks as needed.