SM11 Miracle Twins!

I'm excited to see what combos people come up with for Mewtwo & Mew; I feel like this card is just asking for some unorthodox interaction that was never intended to be possible
I was wondering when Japan was going to start revealing Miracle Twins cards since the whole set should be revealed in about two weeks on their site. lol
I love Mewtwo+Mew GX in Malamar decks. Get Necrozma GX in the discard, use Prsimatic Burst on Mewtwo+Mew GX, and then carry Max potions. This effectively forces your opponent to OHKO Mewtwo+Mew GX. Necrozma GX is pretty wimpy and is prone to OHKO, not Mewtwo+Mew GX tho. Miracle Twin GX also helps this OHKO/healing strategy. Add a choice helmet to make the OHKO even tougher. Maybe even add Espeon & Deoxys-GX to use its attacks.
I am intrigued with the Mewtwo Mew GX, but find the other two terribly underwhelming considering they're giving up three prize cards. I get that not all cards can be meta defining, but I don't think there needs to be such discrepancies. It felt like the format was balanced till the Tag Team came out... First it was the Pikarom show, now it's Reshizard.

I'd love to see a decent water GX, or a water tag team with low energy costs to balance out Reshiram Charizard.
Called it lol. Mew & Mewtwo is pretty nice, I love that, while it does have the disadvantage of onlt copying ex/gx attacks, it can copy from discard and play too, so that is nice. I think espeon/deoxys is probably the wordt TT so far, but witb so much Psychic draw support and energy support, you never know. Its max 160 in current format which is ultra meh, but in expanded it can hit up to 220. Stiill meh, since it is an all psychic bench and is imo outckasses by megaray because fast. GX attack is nice though, definetely considerable for Malamar decks. Umbreon/Darkrai is weird lol, it just has fat Night Spear and it's GX attack is fat Quaking Punch lol
The best part about M&M tt is that it can copy busted stage 2 gx pokemon attacks as well as mega attacks without needing to actually get them out
You can pair it with promo lunala gx and spam 200 + 30 (CB) or gardy, ampharos would have been great but electropower only works with electric type pokemon. In expanded is totally broken skyfield + mega ray in the discard and triple acceleration energy
That Mew/two Tag seems like it'll have some really interesting potential! I'm really looking forward to seeing what people come up with for that!
Mewtwo and Mew GX seem like an nice tech. I cannot see it as the focus of it's own deck at the moment. The main reason for this is that Mewtwo and Mew are only as strong as the discarded or benched Pokémon GX that they mimic. In addition the Psychic weakness and the weakness to Power Plant could hurt it. Nevertheless it looks like a nice tech in Malamar decks and other decks such as Gardevoir and Sylveon GX. that may want another weakness for their main attacker and an alternate GX attack option.

Espeon and Deoxy GX hit for a solid 160 damage with Psychic Circle and Cross divide allows you to place 20 damage counters on your opponent's pokémon in any way you like. This is a solid 200 damage that cannot be prevented by the likes of Mew from Unbroken Bounds. Looks like a solid addition to Malamar spread decks. The Psychic weakness hurts somehow.

Umbreon and Darkrai GX has a decent main attack and Dead Moon can be rather disruptive combined with Reset Stamp. We will have to see what kind of acceleration we will have available for Darkness Pokémon.

Hope we will recieve alternate art and full art versions of the two Eeveelution but not sure that this is in the cards.
I like the combination of the Pokémon. The alternate arts probably will be great again.
I will never like the tag team gx game mechanic (especially that they are not evolutions), but I love collecting them for their art. So in some way I hope that there will be more in the future.
If you have mew ex in play, can mew and Mewtwo tag team gx use any pokemon in play’s attack?
  • Mew & Mewtwo TTGX - The ability is nuts. You can use this a popped this as a 1-of in every deck that hits Psychic weakness. You can use this in a Pikarom deck to counter Buzzwole whose Pikarom is weak to. So many uses, defenitely even good post-rotation. Yeah, its weak to Glaceon bcoz it turns off its ability and makes it a 3-prized 270 HP mon. But post-rotation, SM Eevee and A-Muk will be gone, so let's say this ability is safe. 5 Geodudes (I forgot we have Power Plant, but that Stadium can be bumped out)
  • Deoxys & Espeon TTGX - Super good on Malamar decks. That's what its main purpose, you can add Lele and Marshadow pre-rotation. Easily to setup with Mysterious Treasure and all of that. Another powerhouse deck to be watched out for. 5 Geodudes
  • Darkrai & Umbreon TTGX - after using the GX atk, take this excess nrg as Grenoark's Dark Pulse dmg boost. The main is fine considering that its expensive and hits limited weakness. 4 Geodudes why 4? How do we get 5 D nrg on this one? A Stage 2 Incineroar?
Unified Minds TTGXs
  • Articuno & Zapdos & Moltres
  • Rowlet & Alolan Exeggutor
  • Giratina & Garchomp
  • Raichu & Alolan Raichu
  • Deoxys & Espeon
  • Darkrai & Umbreon
  • Mew & Mewtwo
  • Trevenant & ???
Yeah. I expect Trevenant to be in this set. So that Alt FA will be the promo one.
MewMew is busted. 270 hp is good. Weakness is fine. Gx is good. Ability... Perfection indeed. Power plant can be bumped easily. I am blown away from what might happen with this card. It's like a better Marshadow GX!

Deon has a bad gx attack, bad attack, and bad hp for a Tag Team. 6 energy! Not with psychic acceleration. 5 in combination of mally elixir and dimension valley? No thanks

Umbrai is while a great pair, lame. It can't OHKO easily, not unless you 60 spread to your target earlier. 6 Dark energy is to much to ask and trainer lock for one turn without doing damage? no. Genkyu is better for that.