SM11 Miracle Twins!


Expanded Best Format
The top 3 of the overrated Pokémon:
Pikarom was top dog of the format for quite a bit after it was released. It was really good.
Reshizard is the most hyped up deck to take the next Regional when it’s legal. It’s really good.
MewMew is alright. I’ll have to see what bonkers combinations people come up with to make it good.
It’s Deoxys and Espeon I’m worried about. Expanded, this thing hits 250 BASE. 280 with Choice Band. You throw a Kukui onto that pile and one-shot Magi-wails, for crying out loud! Beware, Expanded! The GX attack is something we’ve seen before, but still can KO multiple Zoruas or something.
Darkrai and Umbreon is lackluster. It’s a blatant slapping on of past attacks with number modifications.
I mean though with the espeon deoxys card all you have to do is bump the sky field with a parallel city and you have already cut the damage below half. But I do see what your saying especially with lele and garb counting towords damage.


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Gotta say I'm not very happy with pokemon right now... Reshzard is op for UNB. A playset is EXPENSIVE. Think about the cost of mewmew (at least we won't NEED a playset. though a box variant coming through wouldn't surprise me). Imagine having a stage 1 that is hard to play that is cheap... Oh did I just describe Zoro? I want Zoro back! I don't want someone to beat me because they spent hundreds of dollars on their deck and I didn't. I know people didn't like playing against Zoro. But Reshzard and MewMew? I prefer zoro meta. Any meta that requires skill instead of a large wallet is a good one. Pokemon does not have money issues. Is it just greed? I hope not. Because it makes the meta stale. I had a bad feeling about Tag Teams when I first saw Pikarom. I never thought this would happen though. I get it. This happens occasionally. But 2 very marketable Tag Teams that are also op is annoying. If this happens in the next set I will not be impressed. Next set I want anti-Tag Team cards. And I don't want those cards to GXs. Just some trainers. I'll by a playset of them with a decent amount left in my wallet. I'll make my anti Tag Team deck. I'll be happy. I know this is a long boring rant but does anyone else agree?

This is so true. To be honest, I’d prefer a meta full of stall decks rather than our current.


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Pokenerd and NaganadelIsBest, I couldn't agree more with you. I think Tag teams are destroying the game. Tag Teams turned Pokemon from a game of chess to a game of checkers. I don't know much about Magic, but am interested in learning more as I enjoy the mental fitness, and find Pokemon is becoming less and less about strategy and more and more about having that one clutch OP card. Tag Teams aren't even Power Creep, it's a full on leap.


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Nice art, interesting ability...but the very best thing about this card? We’re getting a new Swadloon! YES!!


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Leavanny! It's been a hot minute since we've seen this one, just over 4 years now. I love seeing stuff like this happen, Pokemon that I like getting cards after so many years (Like the 5 and a half it took Darmanitan to get one again).


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If firs was not as dangerous as it is right now this would be a good tech in most leaf decks.

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  • Leavanny - Stage 2, nice ability, good with Exegglet, bad with the fire meta. 2-3 Geodudes.


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So much squandered potential :(. It breaks my heart to see Stage 2 Pokemon that don't contribute anything of real substance, even if it's for rogue decks.