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  1. VioletValkyrie [ I'm Not Dead // 紫咲 ]


    I'm not good at starting thread discussions...

    So those who know me know that recently, I've watched and absolutely fell in love with the RoosterTeeth animated series known as RWBY. Hell, maybe even fell too much in love with it. So after coming to the obvious conclusion of needing to get more involved with the forums of this site, I decided I'd make a discussion thread on one of the newest additions to my collection of fandoms. Because I've found out recently that a lot of my friends, new and old, are also fans of RWBY, I thought that there's nothing to lose by reaching out for once.

    So of course, this thread is pretty open to discussion, as long as people are careful with spoilers.
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  2. Reshiwott swamp gang


    I watched RWBY in April of last year (2016) and instantly fell in love with it. I'm a big fan of Yang and Velvet, and absolutely adore the direction the series is going in. What does everyone think of Volume 4 so far?
  3. VioletValkyrie [ I'm Not Dead // 紫咲 ]


    Yang's probably one of my favourite characters and I'd argue that she's probably the most well-developed character due to everything she goes through and how she reacts to it all.

    I think Volume 4's been pretty good so far, I've been enjoying it, no matter how hard it hits me in the feels. I feel like the series is going in a good direction, but there is one big problem I've had pointed out to me that I agree with, which I'm putting in a spoiler.
    The constant changes in villains have been really bothering me. Volume 1 focused mainly on Torchwick as its antagonist, but then after that, we get introduced to Cinder, who doesn't really do a whole lot in Volume 2 as far as I can remember, and it's constantly between Torchwick leading the White Fang and Emerald and Mercury being the bad guys. Volume 3 only complicated more as we get introduced to Adam, and now it's either Torchwick, Cinder, or Adam, and they're all doing their evil stuff and relatively the same point in time. In Volume 4, we're introduced to Salem and her faction. At this point, I feel it would've just been a better idea to have Ruby killed Cinder, since now we have all these new villains, with most of them not having done anything, and all of these somewhat vague problems every member of Team RWBY has to deal with, and just having the villains be pushed back, except for Tyrian, which... well, what is he doing?
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  4. Vracken Just a Ghost of the Past


    I actually kinda like the villains, Torchwick was a disappointment though. I kinda have a soft spot for the upper class gangster type, they often don't go as far as I would like though. I agree Cinder dying would have been good, I am hoping she wont be as bad as she has been so far. Also would have been great is Yang had actually killed Mercury rather than just what actually wound up happening. Otherwise the villain progression isn't abnormal.

    I haven't enjoyed Volume 4 as much as 3. A couple of characters could use some more development, particularly Ren who isn't a particularly consistent character in the first place unfortunately. They also tried to develop Sun Wukong, but all they did was make him really annoying :/

    Otherwise my favourite is probably Yang, she is a little more interesting than other characters, and her fighting style is definitely my favourite. I think her design leaves a little to be desired but it is ok.
    Otherwise I like Pyrrha's design, and Coco's as well, they both look sweet even if Pyrrha is a little bit out relative to other characters. Neptune has the best weapon, but his actual character leaves a lot to be desired.
  5. VioletValkyrie [ I'm Not Dead // 紫咲 ]


    I am absolutely hyped for Volume 4's finale. We got so much material from Chapter 11 and I'm really excited for this weekend.
    First of all, Yang's finally ready to come back! I've been super excited this entire Volume just to see Yang get back on her feet and do what she does best. This entire volume, every single chapter, I've always wanted to see more Yang. She's gone through all this pain, but her semblance just makes her stronger. She was asked by Taiyang where she'd go, and if she'd go to see Ruby, or to try to find Raven. And I think it's obvious to guess that when she rides Bumblebee again, it'll be to Mistral to see her sister again. All of this "But that search will never control me" stuff. Tl;dr, I love Yang and she's amazing in V4.
    Now for Weiss. I really really like Weiss, but I'm kind of underwhelmed with what they did with her in V4, although she didn't have too much of an opportunity to do more. It was pretty much just "Her family is awful and she runs away" and unless I missed something, we don't really know where she's going or what she's doing. Please, give Weiss more. I love her and it seems like she is, or could be really falling out of the plot.
    Blake's kind of confusing. If anything, Volume 4 was really just more set-up to her character, and more and more build-up towards her and the White Fang. Don't get me wrong, that's Blake's character and pretty much her ultimate goal, but it just didn't seem like too much was happening to me. Really, the most we got out of Blake in this Volume was having Sun stabbed (which didn't really do anything, he healed perfectly fine with no issues) and ending on the cliffhanger of "We're taking back the White Fang." Nothing incredible here.
    Ruby took a large step back this volume. Yes, she's arguably THE main character of the series, but you don't feel like she is in V4. She takes a step back to allow Jaune and Ren to have a lot more character development, introduce Salem's faction to the heroes, and have pretty much no one concerned about Qrow. Which is something I don't know if I like. We got a lot out of RNJR this volume, a lot of character development mainly earned from having characters learn to deal with loss, but barely anything was related to Ruby this volume.

    What do I want for this finale?
    For RWBY to get back together. Duh. They can make it work, can't they? Yang goes back to Ruby, Weiss goes back to Ruby, and Blake... well, Blake doesn't really have a reason to? *sighs* This is why I don't like Blake right now. It seems like the most we can get is a super fluffy scene out of a Bumblebee fic with Blake. And we all know that probably won't happen.
    Hazel's getting involved. It's very likely. Possibly some showdown with him and the now fully assembled Team RWBY.

    I'll state this. I don't want Oscar involved in anything this season. But if we see RWBY back together, there's a very good chance in my opinion that since JNPR is now missing a spot, Oscar will fill that spot. I really don't know what to think about this or if I like it, seeing as how I dislike Oscar as a character right now, but I can't really deny the possibility of a new Team ORNJ.

  6. Vracken Just a Ghost of the Past


    I am actually glad that Ruby stepped back. While she might be the main character, the show is called RWBY, so it is nice to see Yang and Blake get some more of the limelight.
    I am happy that Ren received more characterization, as I have said before I feel he was an inconsistent character which was a shame as he had one of my favourite designs. Juane is also good, I am glad he isn't Vomit Boy anymore, though I would like to see him step up a little more in combat. Nora is still cool, still like her even though for some reason I didn't when I first watched this on release.

    Yang is definitely my favourite of the namesake team, with her weapons also being my favourite as well as her personality, I would like to see more of her as always, though I don't want her to meet up with Ruby.
    I still don't like Weiss very much, she is too insufferable of a character to me but even then it was disappointing for her to basically do nothing at all this season so far.
    Blake could do with a little more everything (especially ditching Sun, seriously he is just annoying now). I feel like they wanted to do more with her this season so we will just have to see this next episode.

    As for Oscar, I had to search him up, I genuinely could not remember who he was. I don't think highly of him, but I don't mind seeing a character arc that he could very well go through. I would rather that he didn't join, especially since that name not only sucks (ORNJ), there is also no way he would become the leader of the team as I think the leader of the team is the first initial, though I am not 100% sure on that.
  7. mirdo Seagull Overlord and Business Entrepreneur


    So RWBY is an interesting story for me. I absolutely love it. But i mostly do not like anime. Good thing RWBY does everything i don´t like about anime better. For example no Japenese, Not extremly over the top characters and no sexuality or "Horny People Bait" ( You guys know what i mean)
    I never knew that bothered me actually. Because i havent really watched "Real" anime. (and yes i know RWBY isnt considered an anime because its made in the states but its really Anime-Esque so shut up :p)
    Any way. After i started to enjoy RWBY i thought i can watch some other anime aswell because why not. And watched a few episodes of Izetta. And goddamnit there is so much just nuditiy and panty shots PER EPISODE. The most sexual thing RWBY has is that Yang posseses some clevage.

    But im getting off track.
    I just love the VA in RWBY, love the Characters , the Universe is interesting even if it's really "Standard" if you know what i mean.
    Most Characters i like equaly as much because they all contribute in their own way. But my Favorite has to be Nora. She is just the best.
    Jaune i really like because 1. Im really similar to him in the earlier Seasons and 2 i love how he developed in the later ones.

    Season 4 i´m really enjoying so far. Because all the characters improved a lot. Or got more adult. Some Episodes felt a bit like filler but eh. They can't all be hits.

    But if they dare to hurt my Girl. Imma be pissed :^)
    Really pumped for the Season final
  8. Vracken Just a Ghost of the Past


    Nora is great, Jaune has really improved, he has had a solid Arc, though I would like to see him step up even more.
    If you don't mind me asking, could you expand on what you like about Nora so much? This is just me being curious

    I find it interesting that you love the VA (which I assume is voice acting) because as far as I am concerned, it is the weakest thing in the whole series.

    As for Izzetta, yes, that anime is, saucy to say the least, but while I haven't seen it all (and I don't really intend on finishing it currently), that is the image it is going with. I wouldn't judge all anime by one ecchi, but this isn't an anime thread so I wont continue that here.

    I hope you will join for the hopefully plenty of discussion that will go down after the finale drops
  9. mirdo Seagull Overlord and Business Entrepreneur


    Nora is just. Great. It´s her Attitude. Her Energy. The Humor she provides aswell. She got a badass weapon (i mean. A grenade launcher AND a big bad hammer? Hard to beat that if you ask me) Her design is cute and it´s kinda interessting seeing these "Strong" Characters starting to crack a bit. You get to know them and their flaws and backstory. See that she is much deeper then what it seemed. Ep. 4 /10 cemented that as we finally got some back story.

    Yeah i meant the Voice Acting. Maybe not the Acting it self (as i can´t really tell you much about that field as i am inexperienced) it´s more of the voices it self. They fit so well and are all unique and distingishable. Like i said. Im usually very very annoied by Japanese Dubs. And many english ones are "meh" at best.
    So i was happy with how this turned out.

    And im always happy to contribute to the discussion. Sadly i will be watching the final a bit late on sunday but else. Sure
  10. Meganate13 Don't mess with the best there is.


    You guys talking about RWBY? I love that show!
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  11. Reshiwott swamp gang


    That was kind of the idea of the thread, yeah. What did everyone think of the finale? (In spoiler tags!)
    I thought the finale was extremely well executed. The fight scene was awesome, the jokes were hilarious, Ruby's monologue really portrayed her emotions well and RENORA IS CANON! I'm so excited for Volume 5.
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  12. VioletValkyrie [ I'm Not Dead // 紫咲 ]


    Okay, can we just point out how badass Ren is? I think that's probably one of the coolest ways to kill a Grimm.
    ReNora is canon! Yay! Although I'm really not quite sure who thought it wouldn't be by the end of this volume. (I still say everyone who thought Ren would die owes me a dollar.)
    I love the fact that ORNJ is not a thing (or at least, not yet) because I still don't care about Oscar and honestly don't want him to get involved.
    We didn't get much out of Weiss and Blake in the finale, but I honestly don't think we needed to. It still makes things kind of awkward with how little they're involved as a whole this volume.
    Ruby's character development is extremely cool, I didn't point this out last time, but she's changed so much and I really like Ruby a lot more now, and I really liked her before. The letter to Yang really ties everything together and makes Ruby such a well-written character.
    The death of Pyrrha was probably really good for the series in all honesty, almost everything with RNJR in this entire volume happened because Pyrrha died, and everything Jaune does in this entire volume really shows that. Jaune's so much more likeable in my opinion now.
    While Nora got her backstory along with Ren, I still feel like she's more of a support character to Ren than what she could be. Maybe we'll get more of her and that'll change, but right now, Nora doesn't seem too important besides making Ren look good.
    But damn, does Ren look good. We got a lot more out of him during 10 and 11, but now, that slap from Nora just brought it all together and I think he's easily my second place pick for best character of the volume.
    Which brings me to the fact that Yang is back! I'd say I called it when I said she was going to go to Mistral, but I really don't think this surprised anyone. It's still good to see that Yang and Ruby (And Weiss? Please?) are getting back together, and getting Blake in there too.

    So, now that Volume 4 is done, what are my thoughts on what happens in Volume 5?
    Well, we know for sure that RNJR + Yang are going to Haven Academy next, which also seems to be where Oscar is going. This ties back into my theory about ORNJ, and from what it seems, Oscar is getting involved with our current group. But there's no reason for Ruby to leave RNJR when she doesn't have the rest of RWBY to go back to.
    I'd say that this is where we get Weiss and Blake back in to reform RWBY, but there really seems to be no reason to get Blake back in. And while it seems likely that Weiss would go to Mistral, we don't have good evidence to say that she's gone there. Really, what I think will end up happening is we just get RNJR + Yang for the time being.
    Unfortunately, this is where my theories end for now. I don't really have much evidence to support anything that comes to mind.

    Okay seriously though are the villains just going to show up ominously and then just not do anything else, or..?
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  13. mirdo Seagull Overlord and Business Entrepreneur


    what do you guys mean Renora is canon? It really really isnt. As my friends i watch the episode with pointed out. It seems more like an "Brother/Sister Type love then it is a romantic one. I know everything points to it. And i really really hope it is more then that. But right now it isnt 100% it actually is.
    And yes i agree. It was a really good episode and season final. Everybody except for Blake seems to go to Mistral so we prob habe a big 'ol reunion which is like. Imma just say. Man was i relieved when nobody died to Creepony
  14. VioletValkyrie [ I'm Not Dead // 紫咲 ]


    It's okay, we just wait for them to kiss in canon.
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  15. Vracken Just a Ghost of the Past


    I don't support Ren and Nora >:|
    It is too forced, and they are like childhood friends. That kind of stuff happening is always really weird to me, so I am hoping Mirdo is right with this one.

    For the death comment, yes, deaths make shows like this better, especially if it is a well liked character.

    I want to see more of mistral for purely selfish reasons, Violet is aware why.

    I felt like Ren was the most underdeveloped character from the major groups, Nora at least had personality, but it is nice seeing Ren coming into his own, because he has always had a pretty cool design.

    I don't mind the Villans showing up and not really doing a lot, for one that was just a reveal that things will probably not be as they seem. I hope this guy is a major over arching villain for the entire season, or even this one and the next one as I think the Villains have been handled a little more poorly than they could have been.

    I am against ORNJ for reasons stated before, otherwise I don't really have much to add, while I usually like speculating on things, I don't find RWBY that kind of compelling to me
  16. VioletValkyrie [ I'm Not Dead // 紫咲 ]


    Vracken doesn't support my ships!~

    So apparently there was a clip at the end of the finale where Qrow meets with Oscar and hands him Ozpin's cane. I actually found out about this from a fanpage a few days after the finale aired.
    This in my opinion makes it seem like we have two options for where Oscar goes. One is Oscar joins Qrow and becomes part of the Maiden Protection group (does it have a name?) with Glynda, Ironwood, etc. and learns to fight from them and Ozpin, and possibly launches an attack to take back Beacon at the end of this arc with Salem, which I expect to be around the end of Volume 6.
    The second is the one I don't want. At the very end of Volume 2 there's a clip after the credits where Raven meets Yang in person, telling her she's got a lot to tell her. Now it's been two entire volumes and Yang's been pretty beat up over the course of these volumes, and while this could happen at this point, it's very likely that this scene will either never happen in canon, or take a long time to happen in canon. (My thoughts are possibly late into Volume 6, as Raven would meet with Yang to discuss how to bring down Salem, leading to the remaining members of STRQ to assist RWBY in killing Salem.)
    So why am I talking about Raven? Well, I don't expect this scene to ever happen in canon, meaning there's the possibility this scene with Qrow and Oscar won't happen in the future. (Yes, it may seem like a stretch.) However, if we go with this path, I can only assume that if Qrow doesn't pick up Oscar into his group, Oscar will join our main heroes, and unfortunately (in my opinion), end up forming ORNJ.

    Is it too early to call anything yet?
    ...Yeah, probably.
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  17. Vracken Just a Ghost of the Past


    I can see what you are thinking, though I will be annoyed if Oscar, someone with literally 0 training can suddenly start fighting by the end of the arc, even with people teaching him. That would just be stupid, and would be throwing character progression out the window which is a serious negative point in anything it is in for me.
    I hope that they would rather have him be taught, and then introduce a new team of mostly newbies to go with him

    I also think they should have killed Qrow off. Tyrion looks like a shitty henchman now, not one of Salems elite. At least if he killed Qrow the organization would look like a threat, cause despite was Cinder did, she really isn't looking very threatening right now. I am left thinking Emerald is the most competent member of the group, even though I don't like as a character, she is kinda Mary Sue feeling.

    I am not sure what you mean about cannon though, isn't it cannon cause it happens? But yea, I kinda forgot about that, it hasn't come to fruition yet has it?
  18. VioletValkyrie [ I'm Not Dead // 紫咲 ]


    I totally agree with all of that. Although, I really would have liked more character development or screen time on Qrow, possibly to act as a driving force for Ruby or Yang, as we know that Qrow taught Ruby how to fight. So while killing off Qrow would affect Ruby and Yang heavily, the audience wouldn't really care as much unless Qrow got a lot more screen time and character development than just being "spooky guy no one knows about" in Volume 2.

    Ugh, I really don't like Emerald. Maybe it's how absolutely overpowered I think her Semblance is, but I just can't stand her. But I do have to agree with how you're left thinking Emerald is the most competent member of the group.

    Speaking of which, when is Salem going to actually do something? She's done literally nothing in the entirety of Volume 4. We can't have a Salem Arc with Salem as the main villain when she doesn't do anything!

    Yeah, by canon I mean it's what directly happens in an episode, usually tied into plot. The Raven clip from V2 isn't canon because we know for a fact that Yang has still not met Raven up to this point in Volume 4, and meeting Raven isn't her biggest concern right now, as shown by her riding Bumblebee to Mistral in order to search for Ruby.

    Omg though seriously can the villains do things please
    Literally the only thing Hazel did was punch a ticket machine
    There are memes of him, guys.
    There are memes of Hazel punching ticket machines.
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  19. Vracken Just a Ghost of the Past


    Once again I find myself having to look up that name. As I said in the past, I don't mind the Villains not doing a whole lot, though I understand the frustration. You are right about Qrow dying, what they would have needed is skill showing fight between Qrow and Tyrion to have the desired effect I guess. Personally I feel like RWBY as a show does a little too much rushing, I mean, there are several characters who are treated as meaningful, but don't really have those moments, or are just getting them now in this last volume. That being said, seeing the effect on RWBY could work out pretty well if we hadn't just dealt with a largely depressed yang for most of the Volume.

    I see what you mean about the cannon comment though, I just assumed that was a flash forward.

    I don't expect Salem to do anything, in my opinion the best leaders of evil organizations are like The Emperor. He did very little, but a few key moments and you new he was dangerous, and a big shot despite his low activity. This is ignoring the Prequels because his character is not so well written there. Maybe it is just me, but I like those kinds of characters, then again I also like the Torchwick character and they completely squandered him.
    Emerald is just a boring character, I could see it happening right from when she stole Torchies lighter. They probably did it to make her seem competent, but all it did was make him look incompetent. Now with her Semblance she certainly could be one of the strongest characters in the show. With that being said, I don't mind there being really strong semblances, I think Pyrrha's was also quite strong, though she didn't use it to the fullest extent (seriously the food fight was the greatest display of the capabilities from memory). Yang's could get to broken levels as well, depending on whether they let it progress which we haven't really seen much of lately in general.

    I was going to write more, but skype distracted me, and now I am busy :/
  20. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    This needs to be revived. With Volume 5 already 2 episodes in, could we? Season 5 is great so far! The animation once again receive a noticeable improvement and I'm thankful for it (Nora still looks like she's always blushing, but I can live with that).

    V5C1 did an amazing job at hyping me up. Ruby made it to Haven Academy, found Professor Ozpin (well, yeah...), and is on her way to avenging the fall of Beacon. Weiss is finally headed towards Mistral, and is out of Atlas. Yang is almost completely recovered (she's still a bit traumatized, evident when trying to grip the water she was given). Blake is another story, and it leaves me confused. I really want to see more of Ilia's relationship with her, but at the same time I want to know what she's going to be doing this time around. We know what the others are doing, Ruby is planning to avenge the fall of Beacon, Weiss is trying to get to Ruby, Yang is looking for Raven. We know all of this. Blake's goal, though likely having something to do with the White Fang, is still uncertain.

    The chapter revealed other things, such as Professor Lionheart's cowardice and submission to Salem's Faction. Honestly that makes me laugh, it seems to be a play on the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz. Problem is, with Qrow's trust in him he's a very important piece since he can act as an insider, learning all of Ozpin and Qrow's plans. Overall, I loved the episode and it left me wanting to see more.
    V5C2 was everywhere, and I loved every second of it. Starting with more confirmation that Lionheart had sided with Salem, along with some interesting dialogue, it confirmed that RNJR and Qrow were vulnerable. However, I want to mention something a bit less indirect, and that's Cinder's potential. I wasn't the biggest fan of Cinder since a lot about her made no sense until Volume 4 rolled around, but after the fall of Beacon there is a plethora of routes for her to take, leaving her as my character of interest, at least for the time being.

    Next, which was totally epic, Weiss and the pilot were soaring through a lake with tons of floating islands. One problem, they're full of Lancers (Grimm that are basically hornets), which caused them tons of trouble. Throughout the battle scene with them trying to get to the other side of the lake, Weiss and the pilot were collaborating really well on getting around those Lancers. They were almost completely set, then a Queen Lancer came outta nowhere and decided to mess with them. This was where it got awesome, Weiss summoned her summon, and it was doing some crazy acrobatic stuff before it destroyed the Queen Lancer. Not before the Queen Lancer tore through the carrier with some sort of projectile spike, sending the craft crashing down into the forest.

    Then, there's the scene with Adam I hate him so much, he's such a good villain though and the high leader of the White Fang, Sienna Khan. It starts off with High Leader Khan telling him he should seek forgiveness, which leads to Hazel (remember, one of Salem's Faction) showing up and attempting to negotiate with her. However, when Adam couldn't get his way, he ambushed her with her guards and killed her (though I DO understand why it was done). Sienna looked to be a very promising character, and I wished she could have lived longer. She really did interest me, and I wish that (at least temporarily) CRWBY would have taken a different route where we get to learn a bit more about her.

    Lastly, we cut back to the wreckage from the carrier Weiss and the pilot were in, which resulted in the Branwen tribe taking her captive. That gave a pretty clear idea as to either the midseason or final climax would take place. Raven Branwen's place. Think about it Yang is looking for Raven (she'll probably find her at some point), Weiss is their captive, Qrow knows who has the Spring Maiden (Raven Branwen) and they need her, and Salem's faction is trying to get there first. Whether or not it's sooner or later, something huge is likely to go down wherever the Brawnwen tribe is keeping the Spring Maiden.

    Any of you guys seen the latest episodes? What're your thoughts, I'm curious.

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