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    I just watched the Volume 5 Finale. I'll be posting my thoughts here sometime today, though it won't be for a while. Just know that I enjoyed it a lot and that it might be my favourite Volume Finale to come out of the entire series.

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    Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.

    The White Fang's divided, Adam was forced to retreat because he knew he'd lost, and so he did. The White Fang lost, and any members of it there have been arrested. Ilia's officially redeemed herself because now she's preventing violence from happening. I still don't like how quickly she changed, but it was good regardless.

    Then there's honestly one of my favorite scenes (if not my absolute favorite) scene in the series, which was Yang confronting Raven. I was scared they'd end up fighting or the vault door would close and Yang would be stuck there, but neither happened. Yang and Raven had one of the most powerful dialogues I've ever seen in any show, and it left Raven crying at the end of it. She was sorry, sorry for the way she's left her family, sorry for what she's done with her life in the last few years. It was amazing. I have more to say about this a bit later, but that's it for now.

    Leo trying to get out of the situation (they were obviously losing), so he tried to escape and gather his things to do so. Wasn't happening, Salem killed him. And even as he did this he tried to plea with her that he "could be useful", and Salem killed him with that creepy Grimm of hers. Leo lived as he died, a little b*tch.

    Then there's Yang actually bringing the Relic back up to the main hall. Much to the baddies' dismay (mostly Emerald's) they all believe Cinder (and possibly Raven) to be dead. Emerald flips out and lets her semblance go crazy and freak everyone out with a giant Salem attacking them, allowing for her, Hazel, and Mercury to escape (though she passes out).

    There're a few things later that I love about this episode. RWBY finally gets a proper reunion, with Blake officially reuniting with the rest of the team. Also, remember when Weiss reacted to her almost dying with "that's annoying..." then when Ruby simply falls down because she's tired, Weiss looks terrified (White Rose, anyone)?

    And then Qrow talks to Oscar who's about to pass out, and we get our destination and where we'll be for V6 (and probably half of V7 as well), Atlas. It was either that or Vacuo, and we still no absolutely nothing about Vacuo, but now a lot of the Weiss arc from V4 makes sense. It was a teaser of what an Atlas setting could mean for later. Vacuo probably won't be until much later down the line (like second half of V7/V8).

    Lastly was the teaser for V6. If we're following the trend for teasers, the teaser will be answered in Chapter 1 of the Volume 6. But it was basically just Tai gardening then one of Raven's feathers falls on the ground for Tai to see. It seems like the argument between them gave Raven a change of heart, and makes sense given that I thought I heard the portal sound when Raven left. She must have used it to go to Tai, and she wants to try and start over.

    Best finale in the series for the best volume of the series. Absolutely amazing.
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  3. VioletValkyrie [ I'm Not Dead // 紫咲 ]


    I'll admit. Found this pretty dead thread just from looking through some of my old posts, so let's give it a little bit of life again. To start discussion, what are some of your hopes for Volume 6?

    I already stated previously months ago that I think Volume 6 leads into the perfect set-up for an angsty scene or three to happen between Blake and Yang, so really, if I had to wish for anything, it'd be for them to work out their issues and kiss.
    I know RWBY is by no means a romance show at all, but come on. We've had confirmation of LGBT+ characters existing in Remnant, as well as blessings from both Arryn Zech (VA for Blake Belladonna) and Barbara Dunkelman (VA for Yang Xiao Long) on this ship, and I just need it to make my life complete.

    From a plot perspective, I'd love to see another interesting character that's mainly only important for a single season. The thing is, they have to be written better. I really did like Vernal in Volume 5 but it felt weird to just suddenly introduce her in the volume for one specific reason and then throw her away when she was done with her task. She was barely even a character.
  4. VioletValkyrie [ I'm Not Dead // 紫咲 ]


    This is also a fun little post I made in January, I'll post my thoughts on the finale eventually along with a shipping analysis (of course, you know me) but this'll probably come quite a bit later. If I rewatch the old volumes I'll be sure to follow up on this.
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    Yes it's back! \o/

    Volume 5 had plenty of focus on Yang as a character. And good reason, she needed to grow. But now that we're going to Atlas, I want to see more of Weiss. I mean, she was kinda just there in V5. She killed a Queen Lancer and I can't think of much else. She deserves a ton more development and I'm fairly certain she'll get exactly that. No doubt Ruby needs development here, as I still think she's a poor main protagonist as there's always more focus on Weiss, Blake, and Yang (hell even JN_R at times) than there is on her.

    I've actually got little to spectate on for V6 so far, I'm excited don't get me wrong but... I'm kinda just not speculating much at all and I'm just waiting for it to come out. Because I have no idea what CRWBY is doing for this one.

    Also, for anyone who hasn't seen this (no excuses >:U), you should go check out the V6 Adam Short. Adam's a prick but this "short" is worth it I guarantee.
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    i came to watch RWBY again. but i don't know which season is the best to begin with.
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    If you're watching RWBY again, and not for the first time, just pick things up from where you want to watch. If you haven't seen it before, start with Volume 1, since it's a series that progresses with each episode.
  8. VioletValkyrie [ I'm Not Dead // 紫咲 ]


    Wow, so we find ourselves back here again, after the month-long hiatus with the premiere of Volume 6! Standard stuff here, my general thoughts on the episode, potential theories for the future, and everyone's favourite, shipping!

    This isn't a spoiler, but I do want to say I'm in absolute love with the opening theme for Volume 6, titled "Rising". Before getting the chance to watch the first episode, I watched the opening about eight times on top of showing all my friends who I knew watched the show.

    To absolutely no one's surprise, the gang makes their way to Atlas, through a new location in the continent which we briefly hear of, Argus. I like how we actually get a little bit of name-dropping at the train station, even if the characters never say the names themselves and they only show up on signs. We've only heard of the big cities for the most part.

    I think this new Grimm design is my favourite, especially when we see the largest version of this new species with what seems to look like a snake's tail. It's very reminiscent of a Chimera, fire-breathing included. I like how over the past three volumes we've gone from things like Grimm based on mammals, arachnids(?) and birds (Ursa, Deathstalker, and Nevermore respectively) into things like mythical creatures like the sea dragon of Volume 4 and now these chimera-like Grimm of Volume 6. Yes, we've had the Lancers which were roughly based off wasps, but Lancers are too cool for me to dislike them.

    Easily one of my favourite things to come out of this episode is Team RWBY's interactions with each other and the way they treat each other after splitting. This is especially shown during the first fight scene of the episode, with Weiss having Ruby's back and saying "Thank me later!" and Ruby swinging in a little later to save Weiss and throwing back with "Thank you later!", I love those characters that joke around during fight scenes (Hell that was one of the first reasons I really started to like Yang) and on top of that, we see what I think could actually be an enhanced version of Ice Flower from Volume 2. We then see Blake shout an "Incoming!" and Yang is quick to pull off an attack together. They group together and Yang says "Good to see you're not rusty!" with a smile. Weiss is picked up from Ruby's semblance and they fly along the train in a twist of red and white. Maybe it's the shipper in me, but man is this cool. Weiss in the first couple volumes would just scold Ruby for leaving her back open and having to save her and Ruby would probably yell at her back (Just like in the forest) but in our first full fight scene with the four of them together we see them working together great.

    (This isn't related to the rest of the episode, but Ilia's new outfit is awesome! As a lesbian myself I totally laughed way harder than I should when Neptune went to hit on her, and Blake immediately went "Wrong tree..."
    Oh yeah, Neptune is back too I guess. Does this mean we'll see more of SSSN?)

    And Blake and Yang! I'm so happy the bees are back together. I can totally relate to that scene of Blake trying to help Yang get her bag down, before they talk about how "We're gonna be fine." I think one of the strongest, but most subtle parts of this interaction is Yang's next line, "It's just gonna be a bit before things are back to normal."
    The reason I say this is because it immediately reminds me of the scene in Volume 4 of Port asking Yang why she hasn't put on her prosthetic arm yet. She says that being without her arm is what's normal now, and she only just has to get used to it. She's come a long way since the attack of Beacon and she's using her experiences in Volume 4 to not only help pick herself back up, but reassure Blake that things are okay and she doesn't need to worry.
    And come on. Blake's ears falling and rising, plus her little "Yeah. ...Okay." at the end of the interaction is so cute.
    Eventually later in the episode, we get to see a team attack from Blake and Yang in order to ground a Grimm to the train and god, just seeing them fight together makes me so happy.

    There isn't too much else I'm excited to cover on the episode, and I honestly can't really think of any theories to pull out. Obviously we have a new character, this old woman with the blue goggles we see in the opening, but I think the common belief (and one I agree with) is really just that she'll be another one-Volume-only character to serve one purpose, like Vernal was last Volume, this one being that she'll just act as an escort to Argus now that the train has crashed. I honestly expect this Volume to be a lot like 4 in that it'll just be one long stretched out road to reach a destination that they'll get to at the end of the Volume, this one being Argus. I'd like to be proven wrong on that, and see a lot of the actual important cities and make travelling a lot faster. Get to the good parts please.

    Shipping time!
    White Rose gets a huge boost in this episode. It might be speculation but I think the opening hints at it a lot with scenes like them running through the train car smiling, and the final shot of Ruby with Weiss right behind her. In the episode, we get these scenes between Ruby and Weiss that honestly just really make me smile and think "Shipping these too totally works." A lot of it isn't that big, the combat scenes are where I think a lot of it comes from, but it's just a lot of small things and I'm quite okay with that. White Rose looks great this volume. It's undeniable that White Rose is both the best Ruby ship and the best Weiss ship to currently exist.
    Bumbleby also looks fantastic, and that makes me very happy! The bees get a scene to themselves this episode and I've already gushed about it before. It's the biggest scene shipping-wise Yang has had in a long time, you can argue the recent Freezerburn scene rivals it, but Freezerburn has a lot less going for it than the bees do, and it was a focused part of this episode, seeing Blake and Yang back together and honestly, enjoying themselves. Bumbleby is sailing very hard, probably the hardest it's been since V2C6, my favourite episode for the ship.
    The "Blakesexual" phase of Volume 5 is gone, but I think I'm happy with the significant closure we get on Changing Colors and Black Sun. Blake says her goodbyes to both Ilia and Sun and starts putting focus back onto Yang now that she's back. (You know, the way it should be.) You could make a case for Ilia x Neptune as a joke ship, but I highly doubt we're ever going to see the two in the same frame again. Just something funny I thought of.

    I don't think there are any other characters I'd ship together or existing ships I'd comment on. Though I did have a joking thought of Nora with that electric club-wielding Huntsman. Again, as a joke, but at the very least he can slap her with the club and she'll get more powerful, right?
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    Wow, we're only on Chapter 2 and I think I can speak for a lot of people and say this is one we've been waiting for for a long time. It's 1AM as I write this and I have to get up early tomorrow, but I honestly need to get this out.

    No more lies, no more half-truths. I think honestly that we've all been getting sick of the lying Ozpin's been doing this entire time, and it's really satisfying in a way to see that secrecy taken away from him. Jinn (The proper spelling) is... interesting so far? I doubt she'll be showing up a lot more after the first half of this volume, seeing as she's only got one more question to answer before going dormant for another hundred years. I'm so glad that after this while we (more or less) have a full explanation of the power of the Relics, or at least the Relic of Knowledge.

    I think the team pointing their weapons at Qrow is a really cool scene that they drew emphasis towards, Qrow has always been faithful to Ozpin for whatever reasons, but when the team turns on them, he stands down and just goes "Do what you think is best." and his look of confusion and disbelief towards Ozpin at Jinn's appearance shows that he's been lied to as well. Qrow doesn't know everything like Oz does.

    I don't have a lot else to write right now just because this episode leaves on a big cliffhanger and we're forced to see what this leads into next week, but wow is this crazy. Is that human Salem? She's actually incredibly pretty...

    As for shipping, there isn't too much I have to point out in this episode, but I'm going to say one thing.
    When the team enters this... void from getting an answer from Djinn, Ruby's first response is to call for Weiss, and then for her sister. Weiss also calls for Ruby. Some more White Rose fuel to keep the ship afloat.
    This also happens between Blake and Yang, who call for each other and not for the rest of the team. And as we all know, I love Bumbleby.

    ...God I'm excited to see next episode already. Wow.
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