Finished Reggie's Racing Cup Season 4: Team Championship! [CANCELLED] [NOT THE REAL RRC SEASON 4]

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  1. Welcome to Reggie's Racing Cup: Season 4


    How Do I Play/Quick Summary of the Game

    This game is a simulated season played on a Nascar game that I own where people who enter get to choose what their car looks like and "race" in simulated races where I post video recaps of each race. After each race, each driver will be able to give 5 points to any of the four stats they can upgrade: Agression, Qualifying, Reliability, or Pit Crew to customize their cars even further. For this edition of Reggie's Racing Cup, you must pick a legendary or ultra beast to represent your car! The rules and how to win will be explained below.


    For the second time this year, we are using a points system to determine the winner. It is slightly different from last season's system. Here is how the schedule and points system will look like:

    Regular Season: 10 races

    1st place - 8 points
    2nd and 3rd place - 6 points
    4th and 5th place - 5 points
    6th to 10th place - 3 points
    11th to 16th place - 2 points
    16th place onward - 1 point

    The person with the most points at the end of the regular season gets a bye from round 1 of the playoffs.


    Post Season:

    All race winners enter round 1 of the playoffs as well as the next 3 highest ranking drivers in the regular season points standing who HAVEN'T won a race.

    We have a last chance race among the people who haven't met the criteria of the playoffs, the top 3 will enter the playoffs. So the first round we start with maybe 15 drivers plus our bye guy gives us around a 16 driver playoff.


    Playoff Race 1: This race features only the cars in the playoffs and the top 3 drivers advance to Playoff Race 2. This gives us a "final four" among the driver with a bye and the top 3 from this race.


    Playoff Race 2: This race features all drivers, even those that aren't in the playoffs. The highest finishing driver from the final four becomes THE CHAMPION of Reggie's Racing Cup

    Also new to Reggie's Racing Cup: Drivers will get 200 points to start with and will be able to choose what stats they want to invest it in: agression, qualifying, reliability, and pit crew.

    People who want to enter only need to post information about their car in this format:

    An example would be like this:
    A new, optional addition to Reggie's Racing Cup is teams! When you make a car, feel free to invite other people to make a team with you! Team Cars will have similar designs and the same font for their numbers. Teams will participate in the first ever Team Championship where the best team takes home the title. Teams consist of 2 to 3 cars and will recieve points during a race depending on how well they finish (ex: if one team member of a three car team finishes 3rd (6 points) and another finishes 12th (2 points) and another 18th (1 point) then that team would get 9 points that race). Two car teams will get an automatic +2 points per race as a handicap so they can keep up with three car teams.


    How can we see who wins each race?
    I'll be posting video highlights on here hosted on youtube for you all to see as well as having race results imported from the game. I'm equipped with OBS recording software and Sony Vegas 13, so the production values of the recap videos will be pretty good. I will make your own Nascar and it will appear in each race.

    You Said that We Can Change our Cars' Settings.
    Indeed I did. In between races, you may choose to improve your car. Each car will start out with 200 points that you can use toward a stat (except you can't devote more than 80 points to 1 stat) and after every race you can put 5 points into 1 stat. Notice: If you don't say how you want to align your stats, I'll automatically put 60 into aggression and qualifying and 40 into reliability and pit crew.

    Aggression: Increasing aggression will allow your car to make riskier moves in order to notch the top spot but can result in crashes.

    Qualifying: With a higher qualifying stat, your car has a higher chance of starting near the front at the beginning of a race. Note this does not guarantee that you will start towards the front/at the front every race.

    Reliability: Increased reliability will decrease the chances of your car blowing a tire or engine blowing
    (the odds of this are low in the first place, however it can happen)

    Pit Crew: A better pit crew means faster pit stops. There will usually be only 1-2 pitstops per race but a quick and reliable pit team can really help a car.

    Signups (At Least 12 Cars) (* = rookie driver)
    Celever - 66 Regice
    2. Lord O Da Rings - 38 Nihilego
    3. Tempest - 28 Celesteela
    4. Blakers -48 Raikou
    5. QuakingPunch73 - 07 Cosmog
    6. Double O Squirtle - 26 Cosmomen
    7. Pikamasterjesi - 64 Meloletta
    8. Mudkipfan07 - 24 Suicune
    9. Skyleaf2000- 46 Dialga
    10. Rainyman123 - 81 Tapu Lele
    11. GM Draclord - 16 Mega Rayquaza
    12. Steffenka - 42 Reshiram
    13. TheDivingSeel - 76 Lugia
    14. TheFlyingPidove - 77 Ho-Oh
    15. NinjaPenguin - 22 Phermosa
    16. ScatteredMind - 23 Latios
    17. TheSceptileMaster - 43 Azelf
    18. Professor Pateluna - 67 Marshadow*
    19. Tails - 78 Magearna
    20. TheGrovyleKid - 15 Mewtwo
    21. Reinforce - 21 Tapu Fini
    22. EeveeTheFishy - 05 Victini*
    23. normanc - 04 Registeel*

    (max is 40 cars)

    Big Dog Racing - (MudkipFan07 and Blakers)
    Johto's Rivalry - (TheDivingSeel and TheFlyingPidove)
    unnamed team - (QuakingPunch73 and Double O Squirtle)
    Ultra Racing - (Tempest, NinjaPenguin and Lord o Da Rings)
    Melody of the Victory of Willpower - (PikaMasterJesi, SceptileMaster, EeveeTheFishey)

    coming soon

    1. Daytona:
    2. Charlotte:
    3. Dover:
    4. Michigan:
    5. Watkins Glen:
    6. Martinsville:
    7. Texas:
    8. California:
    9. Richmond:
    10. Talledega:
    11. - Last Chance Race.
    12. - Playoff Race 1.
    13. - Playoff Race 2.

    Season 1 Winner: NameBlank - #7 Feraligatr Car
    Season 1 2nd Place: Celever - #93 Altaria Car
    Season 2 Winner: bbninjas - #8 Cacturne Car
    Season 2 2nd Place: NinjaPenguin - #22 Empoleon Car
    Season 3 Winner: Celever - #99 Seel Car
    Season 3 Regular Season Winner: Celever - #99 Seel Car
    Season 3 2nd Place: Reinforce - #21 Galvantula Car
    Season 3 3rd Place: Tails - #78 Primarina Car
    Season 3 4th Place: Blakers - #48 Talonflame Car
    Season 4 Winner:
    Season 4 Team Champion:

    Season 4 Regular Season Winner:
    Season 4 2nd Place:
    Season 4 3rd Place:
    Season 4 4th Place:

    1. Celever : 4 Wins
    T2. NameBlank : 3 Wins
    T2. Ice Espeon: 3 Wins
    T2. bbninjas: 3 Wins
    T3. GM Draclord: 2 Wins
    T3. NinjaPengiun: 2 Wins
    T3. Tails: 2 Wins
    T3. Blakers: 2 Wins
    T3. Jabberwock: 2 Wins
    T4. GadgetJax: 1 Win
    T4. Raichulover11: 1 Win
    T4. Machamp The Champion: 1 Win
    T4. Jeremy1026: 1 Win
    T4. King Xerneas: 1 Win
    T4. Double O Squirtle: 1 Win
    T4. Athena: 1 Win
    T4. TheDivingSeel: 1 Win
    T4. Steffenka - 1 Win
    T4. Rainyman123- 1 Win
    T4. Lord o Da Rings - 1 Win

    Races begin 15 days after this post is published on midnight EST. You're allowed to sign up after but you'll have less opportunities to win the championship, so the earlier the better. Good luck and may the best driver win!​
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  2. Celever Wheeeee~


    Car #66
    Pokemon Sponsor Regice
    Colors Neon Orange, Neon Green, Hot Pink (make a monster :p)

    Qualifying: 80
    Pit Crew: 40
    Reliability: 0

    Super excited for this season; I'm here to defend my crown! :D
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  3. Blakers Holder of the Holy Diamond!


    RIP Talonflame car... for now

    Will TDS be helping you out again?:p
  4. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    Car: #38
    Pokemon Sponsor: Nihilego
    Colors: Vibrant Purple, Light Beige (colors of Nihilego's types)
    Extra Info: I'd love white lines that could look like Nihilego's tentacles all over the car, like it's making the car it's host.

    Aggression: 50
    Qualifying: 80
    Pit Crew: 20
    Reliability: 50

    EDIT: Sorry Skyleaf, but like Lusamine, I've kinda fallen in love with the beauty of Nihilego!
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2016
  5. 丅ᗴᗰᑭᗴᔕ丅 ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。


    Car #: 28
    Pokémon Sponsor: Celesteela
    Colors: Silver, light green, white, teal
    Extra Info: Throw in streaks of light green and teal everywhere!
    Qualifying: 50
    Pit Crew: 20
    Reliability: 60

    Time to shine.
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  6. Blakers Holder of the Holy Diamond!


    Car: 48
    Pokémon: Raikou
    Color: Black
    Extra Info: Lightning on the sides, please!

    Aggression: 60
    Qualifying: 80
    Pit Crew: 20
    Reliability: 40

    Let's see how this goes!

    Edit: Yeah, this is basically my old car, but with Raikou instead!

    Oh yeah, teams! Would anyone be interested in Johto-dog teaming with me?
  7. quakingpunch73 At The Beach


    Car #07
    Pokemon Sponsor: Cosmog
    Colors: Assorted Blues, Purples, Blacks, Yellows, and Whites
    Extra Info: Try to make it look like a galaxy, or at least like space.

    Stat Distribution-
    Aggression: 70
    Qualifying: 60
    Pit Crew: 10
    Reliability: 60
  8. double o squirtle Sweet Summer Child
    double o squirtle


    Car #: 26
    Pokémon Sponsor: Cosmoem
    Colors: Dark purple
    Extra Info: If you could add in streaks of yellow on the front and streaks of navy on the sides that would be great. :)

    Qualifying: 30
    Pit Crew: 50
    Reliability: 40
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2016
  9. quakingpunch73 At The Beach


    You can't add more than 80 to a stat. :p
  10. PikaMasterJesi Relic from the Past


    Car #: 64
    Pokemon Sponsor: Meloetta
    Colors Bright Teal; Light Black; Magenta (Shiny colours––Light Black means not an absolute pitch-black as that looks a bit tacky)
    Extra Info: If you could include the pattern on Aria Meloetta's hair on the sides, that would be awesome. Also include the bunny-ears-treble-clef thing on the front, if you can. Thank you in advance! :D

    Stat Distribution-
    Aggression: 8
    0 points
    Qualifying: 20 points
    Pit Crew: 20 points
    Reliability: 80 points
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2016
  11. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    80+80+30+30=220. The maximum is 200 :p
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  12. All in. Not exactly the legendaries I anticipated (I was kinda hoping for more of a lugia/mewtwo kinda vibe) but I'm sure we'll see some of those in the future.
  13. Mudkipfan12 Mudbray!


    car: #24
    pokemon: suicune
    colors: blue, light blue, with purple on top.
    extra info: none.

    Aggression: 80
    Qualifying: 40
    Pit Crew: 40
    Reliability: 40
    if teams are allowed, sure!
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  14. PikaMasterJesi Relic from the Past


    Oh, you're right. Thanks for reminding me! I'll fix it. :p
  15. It's great cause the 24 and 48 are a real life team in NASCAR. First team - Big Dog Racing? Or something like that
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  16. double o squirtle Sweet Summer Child
    double o squirtle


    Oops, forgot about that. ^^; Thanks.
  17. Skyleaf2000 Resident UB Enthusiast


    Car #: 46
    Pokemon Sponsor: Dialga

    If removing the actual image of Dialga is possible:
    Colors: Dialga's dark blue with accents in the color of its diamond markings. gray right next to the wheels.
    Extra Info: Can you put Dialga's chest diamond on the front and its back-frill thing on the back hood?
    If this is not possible:
    Extra Info: Adamant Orb somewhere on the car.

    Stat Distribution-
    60 points
    Qualifying: 40 points
    Pit Crew: 50 points
    Reliability: 50 points

  18. The image doesn't work but I'll try to do my best.
  19. Nyora A Cat


    Car # 81
    Pokemon Sponsor: Tapu Lele?
    Colors: The pinkiest of pinks, white.
    Extra Info:
    SWIRLS EVERYWHERE THAT ARE WHITE AND PINK! (Well, maybe only on the side of the car.)
    Stat Distribution-
    Aggression: 80
    Pit Crew: 40
    Reliability: 80

    Uh, wait a minute..

    Beats @quakingpunch73 down to ground and takes his nice hat.

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! The only 2 I wanted to do taken.

    Slaps @double o squirtle
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  20. If someone wants to sign up as Entei that would be very convenient as I have a plan for the Raikou and Suicune teams right now (Blakers and Mudkipfan, I'll PM you two when I get around to painting your cars)
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