Finished Reggie's Racing Cup 3: Final Race Up! Craziest Finish to a Season Ever??

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Wait, I actually won a race..? I have so many people to thank! First of all, I want to thank myself, I want to thank @Reggie McGigas for holding this competition, I want to thank Wormadam for being my sponsor, I want to thank @Reinforce for letting me pass him and finally thank you @Athena for not involving me in the crash! Also I'll update Pit Crew

Also, Reggie, since Athena's on holiday, I'm not sure how much she'll be participating, just fyi :)


Man, I really was close to winning though, just faltered on that last lap somehow. Going to upgrade Aggression since that's the only category I've yet to upgrade this season :p


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I don't think I've updated Pit Crew at all. Better get around to that. :p

Pit Crew. :L

Reggie McGigas

1 7 98 Rainyman123 75.793 12 6* Running
2 1 73 TheFlyingPidove -1.09 12 6* Running
3 3 03 King Xerneas -1.37 12 0 Running
4 2 38 Lord O Da Rings -1.91 12 0 Running
5 10 64 PikaMasterJesi -3.69 12 0 Running
6 8 07 Mudkipfan12 -3.84 12 0 Running
7 9 1 SceptileMaster -3.95 12 0 Running
8 11 22 NinjaPenguin -4.51 12 0 Running
9 4 52 TheGrovyleKid -9.08 12 0 Running
10 12 95 QuakingPunch73 -9.79 12 0 Running
11 13 3 Tempest -13.25 12 0 Running
12 14 18 Celty -14.00 12 0 Running
13 5 46 Skyleaf2000 -9L 3 0 Retired
14 6 71 Anthony Orosco -10L 2 0 Accident
15 15 47 NightofYuyuko -10L 2 0 Accident

Cars headed to the playoff:
* = bye
italics = clinched via last chance race
03, 04, 2, 6, 8, 16, 17, 19, 21, 42, 48, 73, 74, 78, 98, 99*

Congrats to everyone who got in! And to those who didn't, there's always next year. Speaking of next year...

Yes, there will be a RRC Season 4. And to shake things up, it will be a legendary only tournament - drivers may only pick from legendaries or mega/primal legendaries in RRC Season 4, so stay tuned for a post on that following the end of RRC season 3.
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Legendary-only tournament?! Sign me up for next year! :D

Thanks for letting me in late Reggie, I'll be sure to sign up to RRC4. Good game everyone, and good luck to everyone going to the playoffs! :)


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Breaking News
Team Ninja Penguin racing has decided to fire their "Malacar" after its recent disappointing performance in the last chance race. The Malacar, a car based on Malamar, was the second car for Team Ninja Penguin, after last season's 2nd place Empoleon car. This season, the Malacar struggled, unable to achieve a result greater than 8th place (or even make the broadcasts) for the majority of the season, even though it appeared to have a similar skill set to the Seel car, which earned the only bye.
Experts believe the Malacar may have been brought down by its lack of Pit Crew, although that is uncertain. Others have noted that the car tended to play it safe, never displaying the trademark aggression of Team Ninja Penguin.
Whatever the problem was, the Malacar never lived up to expectations. It constantly qualified poorly, even with training for the majority of the season, and stayed in the back of the pack for the majority of races, although it was good at avoiding crashes. It appeared it may have had a breakthrough in Race 8, where it finished third, but it never was able to capitalize on that performance. Even with a last-second playoff expansion, it could not finish well in the last chance race.
After this final defeat, Team Ninja Penguin decided to fire the Malacar, saying they "had higher standards, especially after we finished second overall last season." NP, the owner of Team Ninja Penguin, declined to comment.

Reggie McGigas

WOOHOO! Can I call Nihilego right now, or do I wait for the next signups?
Nah, I want to keep everything related to signing up for season 4 in that thread, but you should have the right to pick it. There's what, 70 eligible Pokemon including forms? And I'm allowing multiple forms. If draclord wants to keep using mega rayquaza but someone wants to use regular rayquaza that's okay


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Let's go! It's time to make bank. The Playoffs are here; and it's time to race for the Championship!

I can't wait.


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Ayy Season 4 hype! now if only i would get notifications this time lmao.

For the sake of my IRL friends i'll have to try to claim buzzwole for those bulky gainzz
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