Quad Landorus EX

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creeper FTW!
I would try landorus/landorus EX/Terrakion EX
Since you discard energy, you need terra EX.
I think that this is going to be sooo good I'll try playing it.


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This is surely an excellent Deck! Hammerhead lets you deal 30 damage to the active, and a snipe of 30 damage to the bench. This will obviously beat down Eels Decks to a pulp, and a lone Deino in Darkreigon is outright donked after 2 Pluspower.

This Deck will always give pressure to evolution Decks, especially on turn 1. {C} "Normal" Pokemon can often be donked as well. Land's Judgement is practically a KO on everything in the format by the time you've pumped Landorus-EX enough to use it! And don't forget, giving him 1 off-type energy for the {C} part of the attack cost will let you build up another Land's Judgement 1 turn earlier.

Landorus-EX partners great with Garbador in order to shut off opponents with Abilities, especially his main counter-foe, Keldeo-EX and Blastoise.

Alternatively, you could try Klinklang BLW with some {M} or Blend {W}{F}{L}{M} Energy and utilize Max Potion, but NOT with Garbodor!


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Recently I've tested out Landorus EX with Darkrai EX and Terrakion and found it to work. Hammerhead+Land's Judgement can kill just about any EX.
VS Darkrai/Hydreigon, you now almost basically have a autowin because Land's Judgement OHKO's Hydreigon, Terrakion OHKO's Darkrai, and recently, in playtesting, I've been 5-0 vs Hydreigon, 3 terrible starts with no Landorus in front; only Mewtwo.
Keldeo/Blastoise is the only problem I face because Keldeo murders Landorus EX, but the deck is inconsistent, normally allowing me to set up first. 3-2 against it :p

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I was actually contemplating playing that deck do you run sableye/hammers in it or no

could you maybe post a list


I've been playing Terra EX/Mewtwo/Terra/Garbo for a long time, and it gets even better with Lando EX. Hammerhead gives the deck one thing it really likes, which is early game pressure, and it can also hit for a surprise KO with a 150 dmg Land's Judgement, and DCE allows you to set up another one much quicker, since it isn't discarded.