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  • Hey! What's up? I'm Lewis(Luis, but whatever... XD) Would you mind if I add some of the decks I told you about to the Unlimited Thread?
    Thanks a lot DNA I really appreciate it this can be locked now
    Threads aren't usually locked like that on principle. We just leave it there unlocked and nobody posts in it anymore. Same effect, it just takes less effort.
    I appreciate the thought, though.
    1.5 cents? That seems really low...
    I would offer you like 500 bulk and a bunch of silver/gold name cards for 2 Darkrai, since that seems pretty fair to me, but that isn't really fair according to your bulk rate. Feel free to counter.
    So I looked through my cards and I have 4 Mystical Space Typhoon, 6 Monster Reborn, and 6 dark hole, none shiny. Do you need those/anything else?
    I know i have tons of dark hole, monster reborn, and mts. Dunno if any are shiny. I also know i have a solemn judgement that might be shiny. Ill get back to you soon.
    What unlimited lock? The one with Holon circle?
    It takes a lot of set up though
    I see your showing interest in BW-on battles. Awesome, I've been having difficulties finding people to play lol. Anyway, I'd be glad to do one sometime.
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