PokeBeach’s May 2019 PTCGO Tournament, Sponsored by TCGplayer.com!


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Table 156
@lukas2aces won 2-1 against @ICEdaddy

Great games against a very friendly opponent. Game 2 I hope he missed twice but he didn't, game 3 he prayed for the right card and missed, and from there on I had it.

Good luck in your next rounds!


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I played a pretty terrible game 1 myself, and I think I could've played game 2 better (if nothing else, took wayyyy too long to recognize the double prized Lusamine, and probably could've been more careful with conserving my shuffle-draw) but I'm glad I was able to pounce. Good luck to you too if you're staying in.


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Round 5 Results, Table 149

@Holden Sheeks 2-1 over @Serperior
G1 - Seperior
G2 - Holden
G3 - Holden

Wow.....that was like, the most unfortunate match I've ever seen of all the PokeBeach sets I've played. G1 I lead with a bad pokemon to lead with, then my opponent caught on to prizes, G2 he led with one pokemon and never drew out of an answer or any other pokemon for that matter, and G3 pretty much the exact same thing happened. Yikes! I'm sorry you had to witness that, good luck i- no. Actually, I hope you have the perfect opening hand and so much more and dominate whoever's your next opponent 2-0 in the next round. Arceus knows you deserve it. :)


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Table 153

@Kalnhobbs wins 2-0 against @uncleyuri

Bad matchup for you, but I was on my toes regarding the comeback potential of your deck. My tech options proved the variable in my win conditions both games. Good luck in future matches. Thanks for the games!


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Round 5
Table 136

Arneboy11 wins vs @Robert Fuchs with 2-1

Great opponents, great games, it was a pleasure to play with you!!
Good luck in the future rounds!!