PokeBeach’s May 2019 PTCGO Tournament, Sponsored by TCGplayer.com!

Round 7 Results, Table 213

@Holden Sheeks over @ProfPineTCG As he did not show up within 15 minutes of the scheduled time. I actually gave him much more time than usual but he wasn't there, so I'll just take the win.

See you next tournament :)
Table 214

@ICEdaddy over @DaLoc, 2-0. Rapid fast games with lots of KOs. Thanks for being so flexible with your time slots, good luck at NAIC, and maybe see you at next months's tournament.
I spoke with JGB earlier this weekend and asked him to drop me. I apologize I was in an accident this weekend and have been dealing with all of that. Sorry for the lack of communication.
Table 210:

@Zehuun defeats @Arneboy11 2-0

GG, that second game was absolutely crazy, and I was this close to giving up multiple times. Really unfortunate number of tails, and believe me when I say I know your pain.
It seems that Quag Beast will be able to have their last regret after all
I win 2-0 over Ken Truong, who was rocking a very interesting deck
I somehow brought game one back and game 2 was a strangefest.
Good luck for the rest mate, hopefully you refine that list into a power house
Top Cut is ready to go! https://challonge.com/MayCup2019_TopCut

To anyone who did not make Top Cut, again, I thank you for your participation. It's been a pleasure hosting these events for you over the last year. Many of you have already informed me that you want to hear about what I'm doing next. For those who haven't, if you are interested in more tournaments after Pokebeach is no longer hosting them, I will be doing my own, starting in July. PM me with a message titled "July Tournament" and I will send you info when I can definitively say more.

For those of you who did make Top Cut: Please play your matches within 3 days. As soon as you and your opponents are ready, you can play follow up rounds (or I'll harass you after 3 days).

Due to the bugs introduced with the latest update on PTCGO, I am issuing a one week extension for top cut, in hopes that everything is working properly by that point in time. If all the same problems still exist in a week, then we will adjust at that point.