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Pokémon TCG Online Trade Thread

Discussion in 'Buy, Trade, & Sell' started by Brave Vesperia, May 3, 2015.

  1. Loof6 Aspiring Trainer


    PTCGO Username: Loof6


    I dont have any rule. I only would like to get the cards I`m looking for. ;-)


    about 20 ULP, 50 CRI, 50 BSH and over 2500 Guardian Rising Packs
    Also, I can / will try to get what you want.


    - Gem Fossil Set (Amaura, Aurorus, Tyrunt, Tyrantrum and Fossil Researcher)
    - It does not have to be the complete set. I also take any of them individually.

  2. F4H_Jay Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    Hi, I believe I have all of the stuff you are looking for if your willing to trade still. Let me know which Amaura, Aurorus, Tyrunt, Tyrandtrum. I have a fossil Reseracher FA as well.
  3. Igor Pivomar Aspiring Trainer
    Igor Pivomar


  4. NightOfYuyuko Next station: Brick City!


    PTCGO Username superabsol098

    Rules: nothing really, but I do know my values


    FA supporters (Mars,Pokemon Breeder,Gardenia,Pokemon fan club)

    All Ultra Prism's Prism cards

    gold Solgaleo

    Rainbow rare Gardevorir gx, Mewtwo gx and Kartana gx

    2x Sylveon gx

    2x Dialga gx

    3x FA Dusk Mane Necrozma gx

    FA Salazzle gx

    Dawn Wings Necrozma gx

    Entei gx promo

    Tapu Fini gx

    Secret rare unit energy (grass,water,fire)


    Buzzwole gx

    Golisopod gx

    Lucario gx

    FA Acerola

    FA Mallow
  5. Se7enthSun Aspiring Trainer




    Darkrai Prism Star
    Dialga GX Dragon Type
    Flygon EX Dragon Type
    MGardevoir EX
    Glaceon EX

    Toxapex GX
  6. one_man_jam Aspiring Trainer


    PTCGO Username: one_man_jam

    just trying to build sharpedo/alolan dugtrio deck on PTCGO,
    looking for help, not alot to trade or offer unfortunately.


    x2 M pidgeot
    x1 Dragonite EX: pull up ability
    x1 M alakazam

    x1 sophocles
    x1 looker whistle

    From S&M base set

    x3 carvana
    x4 sharpedo
    x2 alolan dugtrio: tangling hair ability

    anything helps, thanks!
  7. Mr.GX Aspiring Trainer


    PTCGO Username:
    • Mr_GX
    • I use ou7c4st for card values, and thus expect to arrange trades in such a way that its fair for both parties involved.
    • Feel free to counter my trade offers so we can work something out.
    • If you are interested in any of the cards/packs I have, feel free to PM me.

    Pokemon GX Cards:

    • 1 RR Alolan Muk-GX (SM Burning Shadows)
    • 1 SR FA Gumshoos-GX (SM Sun & Moon)
    • 1 SR FA Lunala-GX (SM Sun & Moon)
    • 1 RR Snorlax-GX (SM Promo)
    • 1 RR Solgaleo-GX (SM Black Star Promo)
    • 1 SR FA Tauros-GX (SM Sun & Moon)
    • 1 SR FA Vikavolt-GX (SM Guardians Rising)
    Pokemon EX Cards:
    • 2 Aegislash-EX (XY Phantom Forces)
    • 1 RR Altaria-EX (XY Fates Collide)
    • 1 FA Charizard-EX (XY Black Star Promo)
    • 1 R Cobalion-EX (BW Plasma Storm)
    • 2 Dialga-EX (XY Phantom Forces)
    • 1 SR FA Dragonite-EX (XY Evolutions)
    • 1 RR Florges-EX (XY Phantom Forces)
    • 1 FA Gardevoir-EX (BW Generations)
    • 1 R Giratina-EX (BW Dragons Exalted)
    • 1 SR FA Gyarados-EX (XY BREAKpoint 26)
    • 1 RR Kingdra-EX (XY Fates Collide)
    • 1 SR FA Kingdra-EX (XY Fates Collide)
    • 1 RR M Charizard-EX (XY Evolutions)
    • 1 RR FA M Gardevoir-EX (XY Generations)
    • 1 SR FA M Gardevoir-EX (XY Primal Clash)
    • 1 M Mawile-EX (XY Black Star Promo)
    • 1 RR M Pidgeot-EX (XY Evolutions)
    • 1 RR M Tyranitar-EX (XY Ancient Origins)
    • 1 RR Magearna-EX (XY Steam Siege)
    • 1 Magearna-EX (XY Black Star Promo)
    • 1 Mawile-EX (XY Black Star Promo)
    • 1 Pikachu-EX (XY Black Star Promo)
    • 1 R Rayquaza-EX (BW Dragons Exalted)
    • 1 SR FA Sharpedo-EX (XY Primal Clash)
    • 1 SR FA Shaymin-EX (BW Legendary Treasures)
    • 1 R Thundurus-EX (BW Plasma Freeze)
    Packs for Trade:
    • 3 Sun & Moon
    • 10 Burning Shadows
    • 5 Crimson Invasion
    • 86 Forbidden Light
    • 5 Steam Siege
    • RR Tapu Lele-GX (Guardians Rising)
    • Guardians Rising
    PTCGO Trades:
    • N/A
  8. arulz THE SEEKER


    PTCGO Username: arulzTM

    I won't let go of any of my packs if there's not a Zoroark GX in the mix


    10 Celestial Storm
    4 Guardians Rising
    1 Sun and Moon
    1 Forbidden Light

    Gold Trainers Mail Secret Rare
    3x Battle Compressor
    Winoana Full Art
    choice band Reverse Holo
    Mew EX (Full art generations)
    Ho-Oh GX Rainbow Rare
    Latios EX (Raid)
    Ho-Oh EX (Purifying Fire)
    2x M Gardevoir EX
    Magearna EX
    M Mewtwo EX Full Art
    Volcaneon EX Promo

    Umbreon GX
    M Latios EX
    Xernias GX
    M Gengar EX
    M Tyranitar EX
    Pikachu EX
    M Charizard EX (X Version)
    Alakazam EX Secret Rare
    Charizard Holo (evolutions)
    Charizard EX (evolutions)
    Gyarados Holo (evolutions)

    Wants (in order of importance):

    1x Zoroark GX (any rarity)
    1x Zorua (shining Legends
    4x Shrine of Punishments
    3x Aqua Patch
    1x Gardevoir GX
    3x Greninja GX FL (any rarity)
    3x Frogadier FL
    4x Froakie FL

    PTCGO Trades:

    None yet
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2018
  9. pokemon64 Semi-Ace Trainer



    • Don't be a dick
    • No trade-backs

    Machamp GX
    Noivern GX
    Metagross GX (Rainbow Rare)
    Gumshoose GX
    2x Blastoise EX (Evolutions)
    M Blastoise (Evolutions)
    Slowbro EX
    M Slowbro EX
    Mewtwo EX (Evolutions)
    Dragonite EX (Evolutions)
    Kingdra EX (Full Art)
    Flareon EX (Radiant Collection)
    Thunderous EX 98/108 (Full Art)
    Meloetta EX RC25/25 (Full Art)


    HGSS Booster Packs
    HGSS Double Colorless Energy
    Shaymin EX
    Marshadow GX
    Night March Cards
    Lost March Cards (When availible)

    PTCGO Trades:

  10. Shiny Misty Aspiring Trainer
    Shiny Misty


    PTCGO Username: Mistchan


    • I don't have any rules, really.
    • I will look up if a trade is reasonable or not.
    • Not a rule, but the evolution line can be added to the trade, free of charge.
    Ho-Oh-GX (SM80) (Promo)
    Lycanroc-GX (156/145)
    Celesteela-GX (162/156)
    Dialga-GX (164/156)
    Articuno-GX (171/168)
    Tornadus (98/98)
    Terrakion (99/101)
    Zekrom-EX (97/99)
    Regigigas-EX (99/99)
    White Kyurem-EX (146/149)
    Shaymin-EX (RC21/RC25)
    Reshiram (RC22/RC25)
    Xerneas-EX (146/146)
    Toxicroak-EX (102/106)
    M Gyarados-EX (115/122)
    Articuno (25/83)
    Altaria-EX (123//124)
    Mew (XY110) (Promo)
    Celebi (XY111) (Promo)
    Jirachi (XY112) (Promo)
    Meloetta (XY120) (Promo)
    Charizard-EX (XY121) (Promo)
    M Steelix-EX (109/114)

    Battle Reporter (109/111)
    Umbreon-GX (142/149)
    Gumshoos-GX (145/149)
    Necrozma-GX (134/147)
    Entei-GX (71/73)

    Bill's Maintenance (162/168)
    Leafeon-GX (SM146) (Promo)
    Glaceon-GX (SM147)
    Espeon-GX (61/146)
    Metagross-GX (85/145)
    Kommo-O-GX (100/145)
    Charizard-GX (20/147)
    Tapu Fini-GX (39/147)
    Noivern-GX (99/147)
    Entei-GX (10/73)
    Raichu-GX (29/73)
    Mewtwo-GX (39/73)
    Kartana-GX (79/111)
    Leafeon-GX (13/156)
    Palkia-GX (101/156)
    Palkia-GX (20/131)
    Xerneas-GX (90/131)
    Reshiram-GX (11/70)
    Lugia-GX (159/214)
    Lunala (62/156)
    Lusamine (182/214)
    Shining Ho-Oh (SM70) (Promo)
    Shining Volcanion (27/73)
    Shining Jirachi (42/73)
    Shaymin-EX (5/99)
    Reshiram-EX (22/99)
    Kyurem-EX (BW37) (Promo)
    Mewtwo-EX (BW45 (Promo)
    Darkrai-EX (BW46) (Promo)
    Black Kyurem-EX (BW64) (Promo)
    White Kyurem-EX (BW63) (Promo)
    White Kyurem-EX (103/149)
    Articuno-EX (25/135)
    Palkia-EX (66/101)
    Kyurem-EX (44/113)
    Keldeo-EX (45/113)
    Zekrom-EX (52/113) (LEAGUE Stamp)
    White Kyurem-EX (101/113)
    Meloetta-EX (RC11/RC25)
    Venusaur-EX (1/146)
    Skarmory-EX (80/146)
    M Charizard-EX (13/106)
    Toxicroak-EX (41/106)
    Lucario-EX (54/111)
    Dragonite-EX (74/111)
    Manectric-EX (23/119)
    M Gengar-EX (35/119)
    Aggron-EX (93/160)
    Latios-EX (58/108)
    Hoopa-EX (36/98)
    Mewtwo-EX (61/162)
    Ninetales-EX (13/83)
    Blastoise-EX (17/83)
    Diancie-EX (72/124)
    Xerneas-EX (XY07) (Promo)
    Yveltal-EX (XY08) (Promo)
    Charizard-EX (Xy17) (Promo)
    Krookodile-EX (XY25) (Promo)
    Blastoise (XY30) (Promo)
    Steelix-EX (67/114)
    M Steelix-EX (68/114)
    Magearna-EX (75/114)
    Dragonite-EX (72/108)
    Zoroark BREAK (92/162)
    Luxray BREAK (47/122)
    Espeon (81/90)

    Generations Celebi Card Sleeves
    Generations Charizard Card Sleeves
    World Championships 2015 Card Sleeves
    Generations Charizard Deck Box
    World Championship 2015 Deck Box
    Blue Ice Black Kyurem Coin
    Blue Popplio Coin
    Gold Reshiram & Zekrom Coin
    Green Unova Parters Coin
    Red Arceus Coin
    Red Sparkle Victini Coin
    Red Unova Partners Coin
    Red Worlds 2015 Pikachu Coin
    Silver Ice Dialga Coin
    Silver Ice Palkia Coin
    Silver Ice Zoroark Coin
    Silver Munna Pink Coin
    Silver Pixel Metagross Coin
    White Reshiram & Zekrom Coin

    Because I don't really know what is playable and not wanting to list over 100 more names of Rares alone, just ask me if I have something that isn't listed above, and I'll answer as soon as I can.

    Wants: or rather, my wish list
    Keldeo-EX (BW61) x1
    Jirachi-EX (98/101) x2
    Aromatisse (93/146) x1
    Shaymin-EX (77/108) x2 (though, 77a/108 would be amazing)
    Flareon-EX (RC28/RC32) x2
    Delphox BREAK 14/124) x1
    Volcanion (25/114) x1 (XY145 is also on the wish list, but the normal card is fine, too)
    Volcanion-EX (107/114) x1
    Eevee (101a/149) x3
    Tapu Lele-GX (60/145) x2 (60a/145 is preferred, but I am not being picky with this one)
    Gardevoir-GX 93/147 x3
    Jumpluff (14/214) x3
    Magccargo-GX (44/214) x2

    Rare Candy (HGSS) (82/95) x4
    Colress (135/135) x3
    Fairy Garden (117/146) x3
    Blacksmith (88a/106) x3
    Archie's Ace in the Hole (157/160) x2
    Professor Sycamore (114/114) x2
    Guzma (143/147) x3
    Kiawe (144/147) x1
    Gladion (109/111) x1
    Lusamine (153/156) x2
    Diantha (130/131) x1
    Apricorn Maker (161/168) x1
    Lisia (164/168) x1
    Copycat (163/168) x3
    Tate & Liza (166/168) x3
    Professor Elm's Lecture (213/214) x4

    Double Colorless Energy (HGSS) x4
    Darkness Energy (HGSS) x4
    Double Dragon Energy x2
    Rainbow Energy (151/168) x3
    Wonder Energy x2
    These Energy have no numbers below them, so I can't easily explain what it is I really want.
    The Energies that the Holo goes from Left to right, and the Energy art is from SM.
    And no, I am not looking for the Golden Border Energies. Just the Holo ones.
    Holo Darkness Energy (SM) x10
    Holo Fairy Energy (SM) x4
    Holo Fighting Energy (SM) x10
    Holo Fire Energy (SM) x6
    Holo Grass Energy (SM) x4
    Holo Lightning Energy (SM) x10
    Holo Metal Energy (SM) x10
    Holo Psychic Energy (SM) x10
    Holo Water Energy (SM) x4

    I do have some some energies for trade, but I am unsure how to write them down.

    I am...so sorry for asking for so much.

    PTCGO Trades:

    I'm sorry, this is my first time asking here for trades.
  11. Haunter24 Aspiring Trainer


    Hey does anyone have a charmander and charizard I will Trade most anything
  12. LCG_Ace Aspiring Trainer


    PTCGO Name- LCG_Ace


    nothing in particular

    Blacephalon GX (Full Art)
    Ho-Oh GX
    Mimikyu GX (Full Art)

    Lost Thunder Packs
    Burning Shadows packs
  13. PlasmaSim Aspiring Trainer


    PTCGO Username: PlasmaSim


    I dont have any rule. I only would like to get the cards I`m looking for. ;-)


    Zoroak GX


  14. j2y8n2x Aspiring Trainer


    PTCGO Username: j2y8n2x


    I dont have any rules, but please teach me how to do trades. I'm a noob for the online simulator as of now.


    Mr. Mime GX
    Ho-Oh GX (full art)
    Golisopod GX
    Toxapex GX
    And other non GX cards


    Alolan Ninetales (baby)
    Sylveon Gardevoir tag team GX
    Honchrow GX
    Gardevoir (baby)
    Pokemon Communication
    Ultra Ball
    Mysterious Treasure
    Tate Liza

    PTCGO Trades:
    I'm sorry, this is my first time asking here for trades.
  15. NaganadelIsBeast Pun Intended


    PTCGO Username: SKBellmore

    Rules: Don’t make unfair offers, and I don’t trade back.

    Notable Haves: (Or at least what I want to trade, but not trading all of it)

    -1x Alolan Ninetales GX (Fairy Type)
    -2x Metagross GX
    -1x Metagross GX FA
    -2 Solgaleo GX (SUM Base Print)
    -3x Alolan Exeggutor GX
    -2x Kingdra GX
    -2x Meltan (Promo Version)
    -2x Melmetal GX
    -2x Kingdra GX
    -1x Honchkrow GX
    -1x Bewear GX
    -1x UNB Mismagius
    -1x CES Swampert
    -1x GUR Orricorio (Supernatural Dance)
    -1x LOT Granbull
    -1x UNB Zeraora
    -1x LOT Xerneas Prism Star
    -2x DRM Packs
    -7x UNB Packs
    -1x Uncommon Chest
    -1x Counter Catcher
    -1x Dana
    -3x Electromagnetic Radar
    -1x Fire Crystal
    -1x Molayne
    -2x Nita
    -1x Pokegear 3.0
    -2x Power Plant
    -1x Stealthy Hood
    -1x Welder
    -4x Double Dragon Energy
    -2x Triple Acceleration Energy

    This is just stuff that is actually played. I might have some other stuff not on here, feel free to ask.

    1-2x Dedenne GX
    2-3x Regirock EX
    4x Korrina

    I prefer messages before offers are made, if that’s ok.
    Last edited: May 5, 2019
  16. Wechselbalg


    Looking for:

    1x Buzzwole&Pheromosa TTGX

    For trade:

    - Celebi&Venusaur TTGX
    - Gengar&Mimikyu TTGX
    - Solgaleo-GX promo (the no-weakness one)
    - Naganadel-GX
    - Shining Celebi
    - Pheromosa-GX
    - Zygarde-GX

    I'm willing to trade 2, or in some cases even 3 of these for the Buzzmosa TTGX. I don't have any specific rules, except for no tradeback. My username on PTCGO is Toklopo.
    Last edited: May 3, 2019
  17. Kevin ZHou As thin as Paper
    Kevin ZHou


    think i have a cottonee with lost march available
  18. Kevin ZHou As thin as Paper
    Kevin ZHou


    PTCGO Username: PKMN_Kartana35

    Rules: N/A

    Mega blastoise EX
    Volcanion EX
    FA Espeon GX
    FA Ilima
    FA Dhelmise V

    Detective pikachu version of Greninja
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2020
  19. I like pokemon Aspiring Trainer
    I like pokemon


    I actually have two but I can't find your screen name while trying to private trade. I am very interested in trading them away.
  20. Kevin ZHou As thin as Paper
    Kevin ZHou


    I really want the shining Celebi, but I don't have the card u want

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