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Pokémon TCG Online Trade Thread

Discussion in 'Buy, Trade, & Sell' started by Brave Vesperia, May 3, 2015.

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    Brave Vesperia

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    Pokémon TCG Online Trade Thread

    Welcome to PokeBeach’s Pokémon TCG Online trade thread! In this thread, you may trade cards or other items through Pokémon’s official online TCG simulator, Trading Card Game Online.

    To trade in this thread, make a post in this thread with the following form and provide the information specified:

    [*]GO HERE
    [B]PTCGO Trades:[/B]

    If you want to trade with another member who has posted in this thread...
    • PM them the in-game offer you’re looking to make, and continue discussing the trade with them through PM. Do not discuss your trades with members in this thread.
    • Once you have decided what you are trading with another member, use the in-game private trade function to exchange items. When you have completed a successful trade, do not leave a positive rep. Positive reps may only be given when tangible items have been traded through the mail. Info on leaving negative and neutral reps can be found below.

    Please note that you may only trade in-game content through this thread. No items should be sent through the mail, no unused codes may be sent through PM, and no real money should be involved in any trade in this thread. This thread is only used for organizing in-game trades.

    You may also “bump” your post in this thread. Bumping it will make it the last post in the thread, potentially giving it more attention. Rules for bumping your post in this thread are different than standard trading threads.
    • You may only make a bump after 30 days have passed since your last post in this thread. (You may still edit your post at any time.)
    • When you bump your post, all you have to do is copy your existing post in this thread and post it again. You must also PM @Brave Vesperia when you bump your post, who will remove the oldest of your 2 posts.
    • If your most recent bump was made over 90 days ago, your post will be removed. To restart your post after it has been removed, simply post it again. You may also PM @Brave Vesperia at any time to remove your post if you are not interested in using it anymore.

    Ripping and scamming members is absolutely not allowed. Even though you are not trading tangible items in this thread, you are still expected to follow all Marketplace rules. We have zero tolerance for members that deliberately trick others or trade the incorrect items, and so do our members.
    • If someone you are trading with has received their end of the trade but refuses to give you yours, has tricked you out of some of your items, or has not accepted the trade offer you sent them on PTCGO (only if both of you have agreed to make the trade) after 1 week, post in the Disputes forum as if you had a standard trading dispute. Info on how to post in that forum can be found here.
    • Members who have agreed to do a trade, have been offered said trade on PTCGO, then not accepted the trade for 1 week will receive a neutral rep. Members are expecting their end of the trade within a few days of you both agreeing to do the trade. Keeping them waiting for that long could cause them problems, so it’s best to complete your transaction as soon as possible.
    • Members who have scammed another member will receive a negative rep, a week long ban from the forums, and all other consequences that come with receiving a standard negative rep. Receiving 3 total negative reps results in a permanent ban from the Marketplace forums.

    Make sure to read all of the Marketplace rules too before making a post in this thread. A lot of the rules in those threads are very important for trading in this thread. Once you have read and reviewed all the information in this post and the Marketplace rules, make your post and start trading!

  2. DevinTheWelf A Mach Punch User


    PTCGO Username: cold246

    • Don't try to give me BS deals, I know what the cards are worth.
    • When I ask for packs (unless stated otherwise) it will be of the most recent one. I will not sub for other expansions.


    Roaring Skies Packs
    Gengar EX
    Mew EX
    Shaymin EX (Legendary Treasures)
    Mega Aggron EX
    Mega Aggron EX FA
    Victini EX
    Trevenant EX
    Team Plasma Lugia EX
    Keldeo EX
    Jirachi EX FA
    Hawlucha EX
    Charizard EX (Stoke)
    Dragonite EX
    Wally FA
    Prof Birch FA
    Korinna FA


    Shiftry (Flash Fire)
    Shaymin EX (Roaring Skies)
    Level Ball (Next Destinies or Ancient Origins)

    I'll accept trades of equal value if you do not have these cards and want something from my list.

    PTCGO Trades:

    I have traded with no members on this site as of now.

    Side note, if anyone wants to battle just shoot me a pm, I'd be happy to!
  3. Chipadat Garchomp Lover


    PTCGO Username: chipadat

    None in specific.

    Too much to list. Mainly Commons/Uncommons/Rares/Reverse Foil/League Promo Cards.
    I'm trying to collect 4 of every card from BLW-On. I have many more cards from the newer sets such as XY-On. I'm interested in anything you have that I don't. I'm not really interested in Full Arts and Secret Rares at the moment but if you have them and are willing to trade them, I'll consider it.

    PM me and let me know what you want and what you're willing to trade. I'll let you know if I have/need them.

    PTCGO Trades:
    As of right now no one.
  4. kui Aspiring Trainer


    updated: nov. 16 2015

    ptcgo username:

    • you can easily and instantly find me on irc @ irc.synirc.net (send a pm via /query) as sid to let me know to check back here
    • i'm usually available past 17:30 edt (gmt -4) on weekdays and most of the time on weekends
    • try sending me a pm with your offer first to expedite things and i'll check it when i'm available

    • 5x shaymin-ex (ros #77 / regular art)
    • 4x lysandre (flf #104 / full art)
    • 4x skyla (bcr #149 / full art)
    • 1x pokemon fan club (flf #106 / full art)
    • 4x super scoop up (hs unleashed)
    • 6x fighting energy (bw, league foil)
    • 4x fire energy (bw, league foil)
    • 6x grass energy (bw, league foil)
    • 4x lightning energy (bw, league foil)
    • 6x metal energy (bw, league foil)
    • 4x psychic energy (bw, league foil)
    a combination of 215+ packs consisting of:
    • ancient origins packs
    • roaring skies packs
    • breakthrough packs
    • ultra ball (secret rare)
    • roaring skies packs; will accept ancient origins or breakthrough packs as secondary offers
    • 4x super scoop up (hs unleashed, reverse holo)
    • 4x rare candy (hs unleashed, reverse holo)
    • 3x darkness energy (call of legends)
    • 2x fighting energy (call of legends)
    • 4x fire energy (call of legends)
    • 3x grass energy (call of legends)
    • 1x lightning energy (call of legends)
    • 2x metal energy (call of legends)
    • 3x psychic energy (call of legends)
    • 3x water energy (call of legends)
    ptcgo trades:
    • n/a
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2015
  5. Frost Mage Pegasususus
    Frost Mage


    PTCGO Username: The-Frosty-Mage

    I open an ungodly amount of packs on my account, so I have pretty much anything you need, so just ask.


    Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick FA
    Gold Ultra Balls
    FA Staples
    Gold Trainers Mails

    PTCGO Trades:

    None on here yet.
  6. MorioRex Aspiring Trainer


    PTCGO Username: MorioRex


    -If you want to trade you must send photos (possibly video).
    -Depending on your reputation you must send first.


    -Giratina EX full art: Ancient Origins 93/98 mint
    -Kyurem EX full art: Ancient Origins 86/98 mint
    -Rayquaza EX full art: Roaring Skies 104/108 mint
    -Latios EX full art: Roaring Skies 101/108 mint
    -Mew EX: Dragons Exalted 46/124 mint
    -Metric ton of other cards up for trade


    -Pretty much any Black & White EX (preferably full art)
  7. arulz THE SEEKER


    Hey guys!

    PCTGO Username: arulz

    Looking for:
    - 3 Gengar (Breakthrough with "Creep Show" attack) and the rest of his evolutionary line
    - 3 Chandelure (noble victories or the shiny one from next destinies, must have the "Cursed Drop" ability)
    - 1 Rare Candy

    - 1 Wailord EX FA
    - 1 Mew EX
    - 4 battle compressor
    - will update with more later. But I have some decent stuff :)
  8. CPMurat Aspiring Trainer


    for trade:
    • 1x Archie's Ace in the Hole FA
    • 1x Bridgette FA
    • 1x Giovanni's Scheme FA
    • 1x Pokemon Center Lady FA
    • 2x Wally FA
    • 1x Winona FA
    • 1x Ampharos EX
    • 1x Florges EX FA
    • 2x Florges EX
    • 1x Gallade EX FA
    • 2x Glalie EX
    • 2x Glalie EX FA
    • 1x Hoopa EX FA
    • 1x Hoopa EX Promo
    • 2x Hoopa EX
    • 2x Kyurem EX (Frozen Wings)
    • 1x Latios EX
    • 1x Lugia EX (Overflow)
    • 1x M Ampharos EX
    • 2x M Gallade EX
    • 2x M Glalie EX
    • 3x M Houndoom EX
    • 3x M Houndoom EX FA
    • 1x M Latios eX
    • 1x M Rayquaza EX COL (ROS) SR
    • 4x M Rayquaza EX COL (ROS)
    • 1x M Rayquaza EX (Drag) (ROS)
    • 1x M Tyranitar EX
    • 3x Mewtwo EX (Photon Wave)
    • 1x Metwto EX FA (Shatter Stock)
    • 1x Primal Groudon EX
    • 3x Rayquaza EX FA COL
    • 2x Reshiram EX
    • 1x Skaromry EX
    • 1x Thundurus EX FA
    • 5x Chesnaught Break
    • 4x Florges Break
    • 3x Marowak Break
    • 3x Noivern Break
    • 1x Zoroark Break

    Looking for:
    • Standard Format Packs
    • 1x Shaymin EX (Set Up)
    • 2x Gengar EX
    • 2x Seismitoad EX
    • 3x Head Ringer
    • other playable EX/Cards
    just make me a good offer :)
  9. IVENHOE Aspiring Trainer


  10. Jimmy315 Aspiring Trainer


    Username: GMC315


    1. Gardevoire Ex
    2. M Scizor Ex
    3. Mew Ex
    4. Raticate Break


    1. 2 Gabites from Breakpoint
    2. 2 Korinas
  11. Empoleon_master I can stop watching Anime any time I don't want to


    PTCGO Username: emp493dsa

    None really asides from PMing me here is best if you want to contact me soon.

    LOTS of booster packs from nearly every XY + set and 7 dragons exalted packs. You name the set that's not ROS and I have at least 15 of it.
    2 FA darkrai EX breakpoint
    2 Palkia EX Breakpoint
    1 FA ho-oh EX Breakpoint
    1 secret rare Gyrados EX
    1 FA Primal Groudon
    2 promo Hoopa EX
    1 Ampharos EX half art

    To find out how to use the freaking search feature on TCGO so I can search if someone is offering a card for booster packs. *angry*

    4 trainer's mail non secret rare
    3 sceptile spirit link
    1 manaphy EX
    3 Sceptile EX AOR
    2 Mega sceptile EX AOR
    2-3 Shaymin EX ROS
    1 jirachi XY promo/someone tell me how I get these on TCGO
    3 Float stone
    3 mega turbo
    4 Max elixir
    3 fighting fury belt
    1 super rod
    3 maintenance

    PTCGO Trades:
    None asides from some I found on the public trades list.
  12. Spitzkopf Larry Aspiring Trainer
    Spitzkopf Larry


    PTCGO Username: Jost1999 (but better pm me here)

    • No special rules, I just want fair trades :)


    Zoroark BREAK
    Mega Sceptile EX (AOR)
    Gardevoir EX (PCL)
    Some basic cards and trainers


    Cards for night march (especially Joltik etc.)

    PTCGO Trades:

    Last edited: Apr 1, 2016
  13. Pikajew1213 Ultimate Winner


    Username: Peepsmarsmallow

    Looking for
    4: Garchomp DEX (Or the reprint)
    3 Gabite DEX (Ability)
    3 Altaria (Fight Song)
  14. PingChoong Aspiring Trainer


    PTCGO Username: choong1992 or ign: pingchoong i not sure which 1 needed to pm me

    Just wanna have fair trade, currently plan on making greninja break deck since im just started not long, so im not really good in offering

    Espeon EX
    Gyrados EX FULL ART
    HO-OH EX normal and FULL ART
    2x Luxray Break
    M scizor EX

    Glalie EX full art
    M Glalie EX
    Houndoom EX
    M mewtwo EX
    mewtwo EX FULL ART


    2x octillery Breakthrough
    3x greninja Break
    1x greninja XY

    and some trainer card ^^ thanks, can pm me in game

    PTCGO Trades:

  15. xTITAN Training Aspirer


    PTCGO Username: Ace-fighter



    Jirachi-EX Normal Art
    FA Fossil Collector
    Fates Collide Packs
    VS Seeker


    Shaymin-EX Normal Art
    Stardust Jirachi Promo

    PTCGO Trades:

    Last edited: May 9, 2016
  16. Butterfly719 Aspiring Trainer


    PTCGO Username: Butterfly719


    booster packs from BW and XY sets

    FA Reshiram (BW)
    Black Kyurem EX
    Venusaur EX (XY28 promo)
    Mewtwo EX (X Ball)
    Palkia EX (Pearl Hurricane)
    FA Rayquaza EX (Dragon Burst)
    Xerneas EX (X Blast)

    ask about un/commons


    Flareon EX x4
    staple trainers like Puzzle of Time, Fighting Fury Belt, Ultra Ball, Sycamore, Trainer's Mail, etc

    PTCGO Trades:
  17. Chip Thrasher Aspiring Trainer
    Chip Thrasher


    I have Ultra Ball, FFB, Sycamore, and Trainer's Mail that I can trade you. I mostly want the Mewtwo and Phantom Forces packs, and my TCGO username is Chipstork if you want to send me a message/offer.
  18. caccialli Aspiring Trainer


    PTCGO Username: caccialli

    • Be respectful, we're here to have fun.
    • If you are offering me something that is not on my wants list, I will expect a fair amount of overpay (somewhere in the 20% range).
    • At the moment, I am more interested in competitive deck building than card collecting, so bear that in mind when offering,
    • PM me to work out a deal.
    • I take advantage of the Public Trading section of PTCGO daily, so my inventory will change drastically and often. If you see something you are interested in, do not hestitate.
    • If there is a particular card that falls under the "various" category, feel free to ask if I have it.
    In-Demand Haves:

    EX Cards
    • Emolga EX Full Art (XY 143)
    • Sylveon EX Full Art (Generations RC32)
    • Charizard EX (Flashfire 12)
    • SECRET RARE Alakazam EX Full Art (Fates Collide 125)
    • Alakazam EX Full Art (Fates Collide 117)
    • Camerupt EX (Primal Clash 29)
    • Regirock EX (Fates Collide 43)
    • Aggron EX Full Art (Primal Clash 153)
    Break Cards
    • Carbink BREAK (Fates Collide 51)
    • Delphox BREAK
    Rare Supporters
    • Lysandre Full Art (Flashfire 104)
    • Team Rocket's Handiwork Full Art (Fates Collide 124)
    Rare Items
    • Head Ringer Team Flare Hyper Gear (Phantom Forces 97)
    Rare Reverse Holos
    • Forretress (Flashfire 60)
    • Gengar (BREAKthrough 60)
    Miscellaneous Extras
    • Cobalion Full Art (Noble Victories 100)
    • Kyurem (Plasma Freeze 31)
    Other Notable Haves:
    • Houndoom EX (BREAKthrough 22)
    • Kyogre EX (Primal Clash 55)
    • Ninetales EX (Generations 13)
    • Florges BREAK (BREAKthrough 104)
    • Luxray BREAK (BREAKpoint 47)
    • Raticate BREAK (BREAKpoint 89)
    • Excadrill Ancient Trait (Primal Clash 97)
    • Medicham Ancient Trait (Primal Clash 80)
    • Pikachu Full Art (Generations RC29)
    • Various Rare, Uncommons, and Commons
    • Various Reverse Holos and Holos
    • Various Stadiums, Supporters, Items and Tools
    • Any and all offers, including packs, PayPal, and PTCGO-exclusive gear (such as avatars outfits)!
    • 2x Mew (Fates Collide 29)
    • 3x Joltik (Phantom Forces 26)
    • 4x Lampent (Phantom Forces 42)
    • 4x Pumpkaboo (Phantom Forces 44)
    • 2x Shaymin-EX (Roaring Skies 77)
    • 1x Professor Sycamore
    • 1x Lysandre
    • 3x VS Seeker
    • 3x Trainers' Mail
    • 3x Ultra Ball
    • 2x Dimension Valley
    • 3x Puzzle of Time
    • 1x Escape Rope
    • 4x Battle Compressor Team Flare Hyper Gear
    • 2x Fighting Fury Belt
    • 1x Town Whistle
    • 4x Double Colorless Energy
    • 2x Psychic Energy
    PTCGO Trades:

    None yet.
  19. yrkomm16 Aspiring Trainer


    PTCGO Username: yrkomm


    Shaymin EX (Regular Art)

    2x Sceptile EX (RA an FA)

    Flareon EX

    Xernaes EX

    Sylveon EX

    Uncommon Chest

    M Sceptile EX

    Sceptile Spirit Link


    3x Greninja BREAK

    2x Trevenant BREAK

    2x Trevenant (Ability: Forest Curse)

    2x Special psychics energy

    1x Greninja (Water Shuriken)

    1x Dive Ball

    Some boosters (RS, BP, FC)

    It pays to trade Shaymin - EX for 4xGreninja BREAK , 2x Trevenant BREAK and cards needed to create them on the decks ? Please reply , and yes, I would like to mention for Shaymin if i ensures that pays off.
  20. Ntanel TPCi Sanctioned League & Tournament Organizer


    PTCGO Player Name:
    • NtanelRPS

    • I have a basic system for what I equate as a fair trade is based upon a combination of rarity and, less so, the market price.
    • I am open to discussing other trade arrangements that may lead to me achieving my goals.
    • If you are interested, please let me know. Thanks.

    • BW/XY series booster packs and BW/XY singles

    • HGSS, BW & XY series booster packs
    • Pokemon League TCGO code for the Closure season or the items that make up the downloadable content.
      • It seems that the Alakazam and Closure items are listed in the Gameplay tab. So the codes may be able to be redeemed.
    PTCGO Trades:
    • Yakkov
    • The-Kaiser

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