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Hello dear American pokemon fans,
We got the info that Pokemon center arrives on Paris in France. If you have the opportunity to France during the month of June you may be able to find exclusive lots.

Source (in french):

For now, the store should take a month for those who have the chance to come and it will be an opportunity to make your criticism.

Sorry my english is really bad.
RE: Pokemon center in Paris

I'm actually planning to go on a weekend trip to France, Paris once I get back from Japan! Do you have any details about the location? Are they opening a permanent shop there or is it something short/temporarily?

Paris isn't too hard to reach from the Netherlands (my home country). It would be awesome to have a Pokémon Center there!
A Pokémon Center in Paris would officially double my desire to go there (since right now the only desire I have to go there is to visit Disneyland Paris :p), so this is very exciting. :D Taking a train for a day trip isn't such a far journey from Amsterdam, so this is definitely tempting to go see. Shame that it's only temporary, though. Here's a translation of the article:

Google Translation of the Article because I don't speak French said:
Paris will host from June 4 to 21 a Pokémon Center, a space entirely dedicated to famous monsters far unreleased video game in France.

Besides the usual derivatives, lovers of Pikachu mouse will discover a retrospective of this series of games started in 1996, and drawings used in the preparation of the final chapters set in a world based on France.

Other Pokémon Centers, which are themselves permanent, have so far only been open in Japan and the United States. That of Paris will be open seven days a week, in the district of Les Halles.

As one of the most popular video game sagas, available in the form of cartoon Pokémon totals some 245 million games sold to date.
What a shame that it's only temporary. I wouldn't have anything against a PokéCenter in Vienna. :D
pfft put one in London or something so I have somewhere to go shopping when I drop down there on a Japanese intensive QQ
I hope this is some sort of trial run, and that they are planning to open Pokémon Centers elsewhere too! :3
I wish they could have some down under in Australia. Maybe? I really hope so.