Project Pokémon Card Maker II [Last Update: Ver 1.3.4, Mar 13, 2015]

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  1. Nod3 her majesty


    Allo allo allo! I've made a post for PCM before, but it was too cluttered and has generally extremely outdated stuff on it, so I've decided to make a new post.

    Pokémon Card Maker II has been cleaned up once more, and is actually usable now.

    Pokémon Card Maker II
    Latest release: 1.3.4, on March 13, 2015

    I'm by no means the best faker, but that looks preeeeeeety damn close to a card made using Photoshop. It's not perfect. But it's on its way. Every single component was placed using the card maker. No Photoshop involved

    This entire project is 100% web based: no need to install any plugins or extensions like unity, flash, or java. All you need is an up to date browser. The website does everything with JavaScript and HTML5. It's pretty neat.

    Here's what's left to do:

    • Set symbol and related information.
    • Possibly drag and drop images. At the moment you specify coordinates and stuff. It's not too friendly.
    • Inline text editing -- italicising text, inserting energy symbols, etc.
    • Saving cards.
    • Lv. X Pokémon.
    • Maybe trainer cards and energy cards.
    • More blanks for others eras such as HG/SS or B/W or X/Y. I don't know. I haven't bought a single card since like HG/SS, and as such I didn't go into making fakes for eras outside of that. It will be much more difficult to progress into further eras. Maybe I'll get back into faking some day when I have more time. ...And I seem to have gone off on a tangent. Nice.

    † Obviously to create the artwork and blanks and such, external programs were involved, but that's not what is being talked about. The card - that is, all its components, like text and such - was done via the cardmaker.

    You can reach the cardmaker here:

    Please note, that this has been primarily tested on Firefox, with some general testing done on Chrome. Please report any errors that you come across. You can find a chart on general browser compatibility here.
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  2. RE: Pokémon Card Maker II [Last Update: Nov 10, 2014]

    An easy way to move around and resize your artwork on the card would be nice.
  3. CMP Now with 400% more Neo!


    RE: Pokémon Card Maker II [Last Update: Nov 10, 2014]

    As someone who makes his own cards, I'm surprised you've invested so much time into creating a card maker. Granted, it does look great compared to many others out there, but I can't help but feel that it cheapens the hobby for you and everyone else who uses image editing programs.
  4. Nod3 her majesty


    RE: Pokémon Card Maker II [Last Update: Nov 10, 2014]

    This card maker is intended to be an introductory rite, I suppose, to the world of faking, and/or for little kids to play around with during their free time (which is infinite).

    I definitely wouldn't be making fake cards if it weren't for the original Pokémon Card Maker.

    There are some other advantages too, like making quick mockups and such. Photoshop is lags my mac and eats my battery too much for me to just open it up anywhere, so by having this, I can make cards wherever (eg. finished exam early, so got a free session). When I have time and want to create a serious card for submission to my dA, that's when I pull out Fangking's blanks and photoshop :)

    Like some of the stuff that is done on Photoshop (or GIMP) by all of us is too much for web technologies to handle. I don't think this hobby will become cheap any time soon :D

    There are also some subtle inaccuracies, such as the font width of some of the text boxes.

    I will be hopefully implementing a better version of art movement in the future, but do you have any specific ideas in mind?

    † cubism, anybody?
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  5. Auride Periodic Visitor


    RE: Pokémon Card Maker II [Last Update: Nov 10, 2014]

    I haven't used your program myself, but in my experience, the best tools for layer movement are the combination of pixel-by-pixel using the arrow keys, 10-pixel using shift+arrow keys, and general mouse dragging. Having that graduation from fine to rough adjustment is great.
  6. Nod3 her majesty


    RE: Pokémon Card Maker II [Last Update: Nov 10, 2014]

    I've found a great new method to let the user resize things that most people don't know about, I found it by accident. Gonna test it out and release it soon hopefully.

    Anyway, I've updated to v1.3.0:


    The cardmaker is available at a new URL,

    If that doesn't work, try
  7. Nod3 her majesty


    RE: Pokémon Card Maker II [Last Update: Mar 9, 2015]

    In the past few days I've implemented a lot of stuff! PCMII is closer and closer to real looking cards! Well, as real looking as you can get with a web-based program.

    Full site:
  8. Nod3 her majesty


    RE: Pokémon Card Maker II [Last Update: Mar 9, 2015]

    Compare these. There are only some minor differences. Some are simply because it's text based, and others are because the original card has errors.

    After I made these, I updated the cardmaker to 1.3.3
  9. Kangaflora Aspiring Trainer


    The right-hand side of the writing needs to be alligned with the damage, the +, -, and x filters are needed, and there needs to be an option to make certain wording italics. Otherwise, it's good.
  10. Nod3 her majesty


    The alignment is done that way to allow for longest descriptions. The empty space is to account for +, -, and times, which have not yet been implemented.
  11. Nod3 her majesty


    Well, we had some hosting problems, but these are now resolved, hopefully permanently. The new PCMII site can be found here:

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